Which Halloween movie is the best?

Halloween is a popular horror film franchise that spans four decades. The franchise has a couple good movies and some that were just quite poor. The best Halloween movie, without a doubt, has to be the original Halloween movie. The terror in the original film is timeless. The movie is as scary now as it was in 1978. 

Which Halloween is Michael Myers a kid?

Michael Myers is a Kid in the Halloween remake which was released in 2007. The movie is a remake of the original Halloween film which was released in 1978. Michael Myers is admitted to a mental hospital after murdering his sister on Halloween. He escapes from the mental hospital 15 years later and returns to his hometown with murderous intentions. 

How many Halloween movies is Jamie Lee Curtis in?

Jamie Lee Curtis is an American actress who made her acting debut in the original Halloween movie in 1978. She has since appeared in 5 Halloween movies and two more in the making. Halloween II in 1981, Halloween III: Season of the Witch in 1982, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later in 1998, Halloween: Resurrection in 2002, Halloween in 2018, Halloween Kills to be released in 2021, and Halloween is Dead to be released in 2022.  

What Halloween movies are on Hulu?

There are plenty of Halloween classics available on Hulu for streaming. This includes horror films that will straight up send a chill down your spine and family friendly Halloween movies. Popular Halloween movies available on Hulu include; Parasite, The Addams Family, Children of the Corn, A Quiet Place, Evil Dead, among others. 

We also did a collection of Halloween movies on Netflix. You can check these out to see if there’s something you’ll like.

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