when to hang halloween decorations

One of the highlights of Halloween is the home decorations. As the Holiday approaches, everyone is looking forward to decorating their homes with spooky Halloween decor. The decorations range from vampires, zombies, and ghosts to spider webs and pumpkins, with each one of them standing out.  

If you are a major Halloween fan, you don’t need an excuse to start celebrating. You don’t have to wait until October to show your enthusiasm for the holiday. The actual Halloween holiday is on October 31. However, you can start planning for the Holiday much earlier.

Halloween requires pacific decorations. As such, you want to decorate your house at the right time, not too early and not too late. The following article is a guideline on how soon you can start to hang your Halloween decorations. 

When can I put up Halloween decorations?

So, when can I put up Halloween decorations? The best time to start decorating for Halloween depends on your personal preference. Most people start hanging their Halloween decorations within the first two weeks of October. However, some people start decorating their houses as early as before Labor Day. 

When trying to decide on how soon you should start hanging your Halloween decorations, you should also consider the scale of your Halloween decorations.

If you are planning something major this Halloween, then you should probably start decorating much earlier. If you are transforming your home into a house of unimaginable horrors, then you’ll want to start decorating in mid-September to get a head start. By starting early, you’ll have enough time to execute the intricate Halloween set-ups.

However, if you plan to keep it simple this Halloween, then there’s no need to start decorating early. You can wait till early October before putting up your Halloween decorations.  Some people usually wait until the second half of October before they start hanging their decorations, with some even waiting until the actual day before putting out the decorations. 

when to hang halloween decorations

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Decorating for Halloween is a fun activity that gets you psyched up for the Halloween festivities. However, most people are usually faced with a dilemma when thinking of Halloween decoration ideas.

When it comes to decorating your Home for Halloween, there are several ways you can achieve the look you have in mind. You can decide your Halloween home decorations to be sophisticated or downright spooky. There are people who decide they will only use Halloween decorations made from palettes.

No matter the path you choose to decorate your home this Halloween, the following tips will make it possible for you to make your home picture-worthy during Halloween.  

Consider a Halloween decorations theme

When you decide to put up Halloween decorations, you should try to tie your decoration items and props with a common theme. There are several Halloween themes to choose from. From witches and scary clowns to vampires and mummies, to even Halloween squishmallows! Having a cohesive theme will make it easier for you to shop for Halloween decorations.

Incorporate easy crafts

If you are an artsy or crafty person, you should add a few craft projects to your Halloween decoration plans. Having DIY projects in preparation for Halloween is a great way of getting your kids excited for the holiday. In addition, making some of the decorations on your own will save you some money that would otherwise have been spent on store-bought decorations. Getting your kids on board when making Halloween crafts makes the experience better and more memorable.  

Scare factor 

Another important factor to consider when decorating your home for Halloween is the scare factor. If you intend for your decorations to be downright spooky and dramatic, you should not forget the staple Halloween items that will make your decorations stand out and scary. This ranges from skeletons, spiders, scarecrows, etc. Your Halloween decoration should bring about the  scare factor. 

Take down your normal decorations before decorating

Before you start decorating your home for Halloween, take down the normal decorations off all surfaces including shelves, counters, wine cabinets, and tables, and take your normal pictures off the walls. When decorating your house, the theme you have in mind should be the main focus of attention. Having your normal decorations together with your Halloween decor results in a confused and cluttered look. Once all the family pictures are off the walls, fill the spaces with spooky decorations. 

Have one color scheme

You should also focus on one color scheme when decorating your home for Halloween. You could go for the classic orange and black color scheme which always looks good on Halloween. You could also go for the sophisticated orange and silver color scheme or you could go with a creepy green and black scheme. However, you should not mix more than one color scheme. These colors are bold and mixing them will result in a confused look. Sticking to one color scheme will leave your decorations looking sophisticated and put together. 

Decorate with pumpkins

Jack-o-lanterns are a Halloween classic and a staple in Halloween traditions. Pumpkins can also be used in different ways as Halloween decorations. You could try painting the pumpkins into your favorite Halloween characters using glue and buttons. Pumpkins can also be used as a welcome sign into your home after being painted and left on the porch. 

Use candles

Candles do a perfect job setting a creepy mood on the night of a Halloween party. White candles are easy to find and they look the spookiest, especially with dripping wax. Mix and match candles of different sizes and heights and have them as a centerpiece on a table. Dim the lights and let the candles work their Halloween magic. We did a compilation of the best Halloween floating candles and Halloween Yankee candles.

When to take down Halloween decorations

Are you asking yourself, ”when should I take down Halloween decorations?”

First of all, it totally depends on you. But if we have to narrow it down to a specific time then this is our breakdown.

  1. After doing a survey, we finally concluded that most people start taking down their Halloween decorations the following day. That’s Novemver 1st. Some even start as early as the moment the children come back from Trick or Treating.
  2. Majority of the people we asked take down their Halloween decorations during the first week of November. That’s mostly between November 1st and November 7th. Most people like to keep the holidays separate so they take down the Halloween decoratins and wait for Thanksgiving and put up Thanksgiving decor and later take them don. They they put up their Christmas decorations later.
  3. The latest we got were those that leave their decorations up all year. They simply add the appropriate props from other Holidays. For example, just add Christmas decorations to your already existing Halloween decor or dress up your decorations in that particular Holiday’s outfits.

Halloween FAQs

What time do children collect candy?

Children usually go out to collect candy just after it becomes dark. However, this varies depending on the communities. In some neighborhoods, the children have to go out during daylight hours. The children walk from house to house shouting “trick-or-treat” while holding out their bags and wait for someone to drop candy inside. After they receive candy, they usually say thank you and move on to the next house.  

Is there an age limit for collecting Halloween candy?

There is no official age limit for collecting candy. However, most people think that there should be a limit. 

So, when should you put up Halloween decorations?

The best time to set up Halloween decorations is within the first two weeks of October. This time is perfect because it is not too early or too late. It is just perfect.

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