As I was researching for my article on the best gigs to sell on Fiverr, I came across some weird Fiverr gigs too. To my surprise, these weird gigs on Fiverr sell just as well compared to the professional Fiverr gigs like writing, web design, etc. Which is amazing!

So, I decided to come up with a list of some of the craziest gigs you can sell on Fiverr right now. Forget the bestselling gigs on Fiverr. These are the next best thing.

If you have not signed up on Fiverr yet, you can go to Fiverr and create an account.

Here are 22 of the weirdest gigs on Fiverr I could find.

1. Cast love spells

I just had to put this one at the top of my list. Someone is making money as a sorcerer in 2020! Think you have the magic to rival her? She has over 1090 5-star reviews so that’s saying something. It’s real, no kidding.

Maedan will perform love spells for you if you ever need help in your love life. She claims to have years of experience doing it. The reviews don’t lie. She’s got some happy customers. 

She offers three packages, a standard love spell package to increase your attractiveness, an expert one to rekindle an old flame with more potent spells and a master package if you’re looking for something more long-term. 

However, this is not the weirdest gig you’ll see on Fiverr.

2. I will scream your name into a bush

I’ve always thought of Fiverr as the place to go when I needed some content for my blog or my documents proofread. Everything changed when I saw this one.

Someone offering to scream my name into a bush. Of all the services I pay for on Fiverr, this one has never crossed my mind. 

It’s not just your name that he can scream into a bush. You can get e_russett to scream other things like song lyrics, bird calls, birthday wishes.

He can even advertise your blog, YouTube channel, or any other product you may have in mind. He has more than 60 5-star reviews, meaning people are willing to pay for these services.

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3. Become a Prankster

Do you fancy yourself a bit of a prankster? If so, then why not sell your services on Fiverr. They are in high demand. People will pay you to play tricks on their friends or just do something crazy and fun.

Just go to Fiverr. It’s all there. Why not go further? You can even make this into a fulltime career and upload your prank videos to YouTube and make yourself a prank channel.

I don’t know what is wrong with us, but this is the kind of thing we love. 

4. Tinder profile makeover expert

People are clearly willing to pay good money for this service. Stcylace charges $145 to create a Tinder account for you.

She can also rewrite Tinder bios. Her customers seem to like her services. You can see this in their generous reviews. Come to think of it, this is something you can do to make money. 

5. Get an exclusive message from The Boatman

The Boatman is something of a Fiverr sensation. You can get him to deliver any message you like. Just don’t use him to abuse people, ask for credit card numbers, request for email passwords. 

He doesn’t do that kind of thing. His is a legitimate service that boasts hundreds of 5-star reviews(292 to be exact). He can also sing and dance! He takes videos in different angles and will add subtitles or some fun editing at your request. Check him out.

6. Cast money spells for Financial Freedom

Love spells, money spells… the same thing really. If you can do one, why not the other? Misscrystal has been doing this for the past seven years on Fiverr. She has cast over 12,000 spells and has over 4500 5-star reviews. 

7. Trace people’s family trees

Isn’t it amazing? Someone offering to find your long lost ancestors. This one realized just how important family lineages are.

We don’t pay much attention to our family ancestry, but I think we should. So that you can know who you take after and so on. You can offer this gig on Fiverr too. 

8.Have Jesus deliver customized video messages

You have to see this one to believe it. You open your email to find Jesus with a video message for you. Well, it’s not the real Jesus if you were beginning to wonder.

But you can check it out for yourself.

9. Create personalized Hogwarts Acceptance Letters

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then you might have wanted to get invited to Hogwarts. The castle, the magical creatures and most of all the magic. I sometimes wish it was all real. Someone is making the effort to bring it all to life. 

These people will make you personalised Harry Potter universe documents like the Hogwarts Acceptance letter, List of Requirements for Hogwarts, a Letter from the Ministry of Magic.

You will even get your very own Hogwarts Express ticket and a customized Knight Bus Ticket. All these come in a customized envelope. 

If you are an artist or illustrator, you can probably do this. You don’t necessarily need to do Harry Potter documents. What universe will you choose?

10. Send stuff from your home country

If you live somewhere people have a hard time getting items from home, you can do this. Or maybe you have access to items that people may want but can’t be easily found online.

You can offer to buy for people things they treasure from their home countries and ship them for them. This is a potentially lucrative gig.

Many people love these items because of the sentimental value they have for them. And you can’t put a price on deep emotions like these. I have seen this gig only on Fiverr. Now you know. It can be done, so start thinking of starting something similar to this.

11. Do voice messages as a famous wrestler

Are you ready to rumble? There are many WWE fans out there who are looking for a gig like these. Mikeimburgia will make you a personalized message as Macho Man or Hulk Hogan himself.

He also has other voice personas like Road Rash, The Duck Hunter, Lucifer, Dirty Santa, Movie Monster and others. Think you’ve got the voice to rival him? 

Try doing voice impressions on Fiverr. People love them. You can deliver all sorts of messages this way. It doesn’t have to be ‘happy birthdays’ only. You can do party invites, video intros, podcast promos…and whatever else you can come up with. 

12. Bring people’s exes back

Want him/ her back so bad you’ll do anything for that one chance? No worries. Mystic_Zoe’s got you covered. She is a teacher and practitioner of energy healing and white magic. So, everyone claims. What she does is pray, meditate and cast spells to bring back your ex-girl or man.

Zoe claims that she can not only help you to bring him/ her back but also can help you to get her back forever. How does this even work? Ask her or her fans. They’ve got all the answers. She’s got all of the 5-star reviews to show for it.

13. Create epic videos as a pissed off outlaw biker

Mikeimburgia’s Road Rash is back baby. And he is pissed off more than ever. He is ready to get on his Harley and deliver some messages for you.

You can use his services to send party invites, make special birthday messages, and even introduce your gigs on Fiverr. 

Think you can be a better voice personality than him? I think you have what it takes. There are thousands of voices personae you can create for yourself. So why are you still here? Get started now!

14. Teach people to telepathically communicate with their pets

Animalenergies will teach you to intuitively communicate with your pets.

He is a cat specialist, certified dog trainer, rescue volunteer and author. This guy can teach you to ‘telepathically’ communicate with your pets. Birds, dogs, cats, reptiles…you name it he can get you talking and sharing ideas with them.

You can do this too. If you have a deep love and understanding of animals, why not try it? People are willing to pay on Fiverr.

Clearly, we all need to have a deep connection with our pets and this doesn’t come easy. We need someone to show us how to. I think people will jump at your request to help them ‘talk’ to your pets.

15. Drawing people as mermaids

Have you ever wondered how you would have looked like if you were a mermaid? You don’t have to wonder anymore. Allanterart will draw you as a mermaid so you don’t have to stretch your imagination.

It doesn’t have to be you. You can surprise a friend or a family member on a special occasion with  one of these. 

All you need to do is provide a clear and sharp frontal view of your victim’s headshot and the designer will do the rest.

The finished product will cost you $5 and comes as a full colour 4”x5” mermaid painting JPEG file. What mythical creatures do you fancy? I know…centaurs. Try drawing people as centaurs. Thank me later.

16. Become boatman and deliver exclusive messages to people

This Boatman will say anything you want him to say for up to 50 words. He does this on an inflatable boat inside his house, I presume. How weird is that? Nothing wrong with that. People love him.

He has more than 300 5-star reviews so he must be doing something right. Think of anything you want him to say yet? No rush. I don’t think he’s going anywhere, anytime soon. 

17. I will speak your message in the cartoon voice of your choosing

This guy can do more than fifty cartoon character voices. Rick & Morty, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Looney Tunes…you name it, he can do it.

He has been doing this for quite a while(since 2010)and has more than 2000 5-star reviews. What do you need said? Just get him a 50-word script and he’ll be the man to do the job. 

18. I will dance as a silver statue to your music

Do you want to market your music? This guy will help you with marketing by making a 30-second video dancing to your song in a silver statue costume.

You can use his videos in your social media to promote your music or go straight ahead and make it your music video. He allows you to choose the location and length of the music video.

19. I will make a fly in Google Earth video for your location

Have you ever wondered where those YouTube and travel vloggers get such accurate zoom-ins or fly-ins for their videos? Now you know where they come from.

This gig offers to make you zoom-ins for any location in the world for only $10. He is a GIS expert whose job is to play with maps.

You can use these videos for your business location, restaurant location, company location, house location and much more. These videos come with background music, any images you want to be included, text and so on. 

20. Have your message delivered as a speech from White House

Kikobrad will be your White House spokesperson for $10. Just provide him with a 200-word script and you’ll have your video in full HD quality. This will make a good prank or any kind of invitations or for promoting your business. 

21. I will photoshop you, add muscles and abs to boost your motivation

He knows his way around Adobe Photoshop and will help you look good in photos. I didn’t know there is a ‘professional’ who specializes in this kind of craft. Anyway, cab_design, will help you get that toned body you always wanted.

Maybe you’ll see yourself after the transformation and get motivated to pursue your dreams body.

22. I will make  weird photoshop edits for you

Spenser_max will make weird, meme-y edits of whatever pictures you send him. He can make something totally random or you could give him an idea of what you want. It’s totally up to you. The aim is to make something comedic.

Final Thoughts

What’s not to love about these weird gigs on Fiverr? It just goes to show that you can do almost anything to earn $5 today.

So, If you’ve got some crazy ideas of your own, don’t be afraid to try them out. As crazy as they might seem, I don’t think they are that much crazier than my 22 craziest gigs on Fiverr.

I stand to be corrected.

If you have not signed up on Fiverr yet, you can go to Fiverr and create an account.

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