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Are you searching for “Walmart with hair salon near me”? We have compiled a list of Walmart hair salon services and their prices.

Walmart is a popular retail corporation that runs a chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores, and discount stores. But did you know that there are salons inside these stores? That’s right – after your grocery run, you can pop in and get a haircut – just try googling “Walmart with hair salon near me”, and you’ll likely find one in or near your area. Hair salons inside Walmart stores offer convenience that you won’t find in many other places. Read on to find out all about Walmart hair salons.

Walmart hair salon services and their prices

Most of the salons that you’ll find inside Walmarts across the country include SmartStyle and a couple of CostCutter salons. These salons offer a wide range of hair services, just like your typical full-range salon. They offer services to everyone – women, men, and kids. Here is what you can expect to get as a customer:

1. Haircuts and trims

Whether you want a simple trim or a whole new look, Walmart hair salons have got you covered. Each of these services comes with a variety of add-ons included unless otherwise stated. The variations include:

  • Express haircut

This is just a simple haircut.

  • Haircut and shampoo

In addition to a haircut, this service also comprises shampoo, basic conditioner, and scalp massage.

  • Haircuts, shampoo, and basic style

In addition to the services offered in the haircut and shampoo package, this package also includes a blow-dry basic style.

  • Haircuts, shampoo, and full style

On top of the service provided in the basic style package, this option also includes a flat iron or curling iron style.

  • Kids haircut

Children 10 and under get an express haircut.

  • Kids haircuts and shampoo

This package comprises shampoo, basic conditioner, scalp massage, and a haircut for children 10 and under.

  • Bang or beard trim

Offers trims only. 

2. Color and chemical treatments

Walmart salons offer all kinds of color and chemical treatments, ranging from foil highlights to full relaxer and all-over colors. Keep in mind that color and chemical treatments have an extra charge if your hair falls past your shoulders. Here is a list of these services:

  • All-over color

Changing your hair color, even if you want it just a shade darker or lighter, can transform your look by complementing your skin tone and bringing out your best features. If you want to try out a new striking shade, consider the all-over color package comprising shampoo, basic conditioner, all-over permanent color, and blow-dry.

  • Specialty color

Services in this package are similar to those offered in the all-over color package, but instead of an all-over permanent color application, you get a specialty mixed or specialty application color. 

  • Semi-permanent color

This is also similar to the all-over color package, but instead of permanent color, you get the semi-permanent color option.

  • Full highlights

Highlights are a great way to brighten and add dimension to your look. Options range from chocolate to platinum, and everything in between. The full highlights package includes shampoo, basic conditioner, full foil highlights, and blowdry.

  • Partial highlights

If you don’t want to commit to a full head of highlights, consider the partial highlight package (shampoo, basic conditioner, up to 15 foils, and blow-dry.)

  • Mini highlights

If partial highlights are a tad too much, choose the mini highlights package instead, which includes the same services, except for the number of foil highlights – you only get up to 5. 

  • Full perm

Perms have evolved immensely since they were first introduced. Today, perms are permanent texturizing treatments that can be fine-tuned to add a bit of volume to boost limp hair or create a head full of tight curls. A full perm service at a Walmart hair salon includes shampoo, basic conditioner, full perm, and express blow-dry. 

  • Partial perm

The only difference between a partial perm package and a full one is the former offers a partial perm with up to 10 rods.

  • Specialty perm

In addition to shampoo, basic conditioner, and express blow-dry, this service also includes a full specialty perm wrap (such as spiral)

  • Full relaxer

The full relaxer package comprises shampoo, basic conditioner, full relaxer, and express blow-dry. 

  • Retouch relaxer

This is similar to the full relaxer package, but instead of a full relaxer, you get a relaxer retouch of up to 1 inch of regrowth.

3. Styling

There is a range of styling options to choose from, including specialty styles for events such as prom and weddings and basic blow-dry. 

  • Basic style

No hot tools are used in this package.

  • Full style

Flat iron or curling iron hot tool hairstyling.

  • Luxury style

Hot tools are used for thick, long hair or complex styles.

  • Thermasmooth  

This package includes the Thermasmooth treatment system used for curly hair, and then a curling/flat iron is used. 

4. Hair treatments and waxing

You can also get conditioning treatments and facial waxing in these salons.

  • Basic conditioning

Hair products, styling tools, and the elements can have detrimental effects on your hair, causing it to feel dry and brittle, leading to split ends, frizz, and breakage. Walmart hair salons offer conditioning treatment services that can replenish and repair damaged hair. The basic conditioning includes protein-fortified basic conditioning treatment after shampoo.

  • Specialty conditioning

This package includes a customizable conditioning treatment that is based on the customer’s hair texture and moisture needs.

  • Malibu conditioning

If you choose the Malibu conditioning package, you’ll get a two-step clarifying and conditioning process that’s intended to get rid of products and oil buildup, followed up by deep hair moisturization with an intense repair treatment. 

  • Eyebrow wax

Get an eyebrow wax and a soothing treatment with this package.

  • Chin wax

This package comprises a chin wax and a soothing treatment. 

  • Lip wax

This comprises an upper lip wax and a soothing treatment.

Prices at Walmart hair salon

If you are looking for the cheapest haircut near me, a Walmart hair salon can be a great option.

As previously mentioned, Walmart hair salon prices are quite affordable – an Express Haircut will only set you back $15.50! Here is a list of prices at Walmart hair salons in the East, Midwest, and South parts of the country:

  • Adult cut and Express Dry – $18.50 in all parts
  • Kid’s Cut – $10.95 in all parts 
  • Kids Cut & Express Dry – $13.95 in all parts
  • Color – $49.95 in the East and $44.95 in the Midwest and South
  • Foil Highlights – $44.95 in all parts
  • Perm – $44.95 in all parts
  • Relaxer – $49.95 in all parts
  • Basic Style – $14.95 in all parts
  • Specialty Style – $26.95 in all parts
  • Conditioning Treatment – vary widely 
  • Waxing- vary widely 

To check the prices for Walmart salon services in your area, try searching “Walmart hair salon prices near me” for more accurate results.

Some points worth noting regarding services and pricing include:

  • All haircut packages except the Express Haircut include a free shampoo, basic conditioner, and scalp massage.
  • If your hair falls past your shoulder, expect to pay more for services like perms, hair styling, and colors.
  • Not all Walmart salons offer the services included in this list, and some may offer additional services not included.

Walmart hair salon hours

You’ll be happy to know that Walmart salon hours are extensive – they are typically open 7 days a week, from 9 AM through 8 PM Monday through Saturdays. On Sundays, they’re open from 10 AM to 6 PM

Final thoughts on Walmart with hair salon near me

With over 2,000 locations in the U.S and Canada, there’s a high chance that you’ll find one near you. The simplest way to do this is by going online and searching “Walmart hair salon near me”, or “Walmart near me hair salon”.

The prices are some of the most affordable, with a majority of the locations offering charging lower than competitors such as Supercuts, Sport Clips, Great Clips, and Fantastic Sams. They can also be cheaper than your local barber or beautician.

With their full range of services as well as the convenience of their locations, they’re worth a try.

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