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A to Z List of the Best Unisex Baby Names 2021

Written by Melanie

March 20, 2021


When you become a parent, it hits you like a ton of bricks that you now have to take care of another human being besides yourself.

Your child will always look up to you and it is your responsibility to make sure there is something to look up to. 

Well, one of the first tastes of this responsibility comes way before your baby is born: choosing the perfect name for them.

If you are like many modern parents, you’ve probably considered giving them a unisex name that won’t box them into any gender roles as they grow.

Or perhaps you just like the idea of gender-neutral names.

Well, whatever your reasons may be, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular unisex names this year to help you out.

If you have been looking for the perfect gender-neutral name for your little angel, our list of the best unisex names is where you’ll find it.

unisex baby names 2021

Let’s begin!

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Cute Unisex Baby Names that begin with A

1. Adrian

This lovely Latin name will have your child feeling exotic. It means ‘associated with the sea’.

2. Andy

This is a name that has managed to remain popular for quite a while now for both genders. It means strong and it always makes me think of a hip, smart and lovely young person.

3. Archer

It refers to a person who bows and arrows and will bring an air of courage and boldness in your young champ.

4. Avery

If you are the kind of person that likes to believe in fairy tales or the goodness of people, then this is the perfect name for your little one. It means ruler of elves and as we all know, elves are the little helpers that assist Santa create the magic of Christmas.

5. Alex

The simplicity of this name is just perfect given that it is also a very lovely name for a child. It also has the powerful meaning of defender; thus it is a perfect choice for parents who value simplicity.

Unique Unisex Baby Names Starting with B

5. Bailey

This is a cute and edgy name for your young one to mean a person who enforces the law. It is a thoughtful name for a smart young chap.

6. Blair

This unisex name is just so cute and lovely for a young lad or little girl. It sounds lovely, it is cool and has the thoughtful meaning of path dweller therefore, once your child has chosen a right path, he or she will be more likely to stick to it.

7. Blake

A cute and exotic name just from its pronunciation and it means attractive. It would make a lovely name for an attractive young fellow.

8. Brett

It is mainly of English origin meaning someone who is from Brittany in France. It has grown popular over the years, especially with its cute variations of Britt and Briton. 

Top Unisex Baby Names Starting With C

9. Cameron

This popular name is actually of Scottish origin and it means crooked nose. Like its meaning, it has a fun and whimsical ring to it, making it perfect for a high spirited young one.

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10. Casey

This is a cool name for a cute young child. Your child is going to be proud to be called Casey. It even has a lovely ring to it.

11. Charlie

The reason this name is so popular for both genders is because of how hip and edgy and cool it is. It means one who is independent; such a thoughtful, cute name for your kid.

12. Cassidy

This Irish name has a lovely ring to it and has very many variations to choose from including Cassandra, Cassie, and Cassady among others. It means one who is clever or one with curly hair.

Unisex Baby Names 2021 starting with D

13. Dakota

This is not only a human’s name but also the name of two U.S states and a Native American tribe; from which it originated. It means a friend and would make a great unisex name for your daughter or son.

14. Dallas

This classic name also happens to be the name of a big city in Texas. It is of Scottish origin and has awesome variations like Dalise, Dal or Dalisha. True to its name, it means one who is living in the field.

15. Devon

This is a name of English origin that means poet. You want your child to be a prowess in the English language or a poet, then this is the best name for him or her.

Cool Unisex Baby Names beginning with E

16. Eden

Being of Biblical origin meaning a lovely garden, it tends to be popular among Christians. It is also popular among non-Christians because of its edginess, making it a cool name for a child of either gender.

17. Eli

It can be Eli or Elly, both sound pretty cute and they mean on high. It makes such a cute and simple name for your lovely young one.

18. Emery

While more popular among girls, this name is actually gender neutral and can be used for boys too. It has a melodious sound to it and means someone who is powerful or bold, making it an awesome choice for your little one.

19. Erin

Yet another name that is quickly climbing the popularity charts. It is simple and cute and gender neutral and it means Ireland.

20. Emerson

This is one name that has often been mistaken to be a girl’s name when in reality, it is gender neutral.  It is a German name that means child of Emery.

Unique Unisex Baby Names that begin with F

21. Frankie

This hip and edgy name means freedom or one who is free. The lovely meaning of the name only adds to its loveliness, making it a hip and thoughtful name for your child  

22. Finley

This name means fair hero and has been growing in popularity over the years making it a hit among modern parents..

23. Florian

This is the unisex version of the name Flora and it also means blooming.

Top Unisex Baby Names Starting With G

24. Glenn

Having originated from old England,  it is more popular among the English. It means one from the secluded valley.

25. Grayson

This is a classic English name that means one who is born to someone who has grey hair.

Cool Unisex Baby Names 2021 Starting With H

26. Hadley

It’s a current and edgy which means originating from the meadow.

27. Harley

This is yet another beautiful name for your young one.

28. Hunter

It is of English origin and it originally means provider or one who hunts.

29. Harper

It originated from the English. It means harp player, just like its English noun.

30. Hayden

This is the gender-neutral version of Jayden. It means one who comes from the hedged valley.

Unique Unisex Baby Names 2021 beginning with I

31. Indiana

Doesn’t this name remind you of the popular action actor Indiana Jones? Your child may grow up to be just as brave. It means one from the Indian lands.

Top Unisex Baby Names 2021 Starting With J

32. Jayden

The name is of Hebrew origin to mean gratefulness to God.

33. Jaime

This name, meaning one who replaces, has origins in both English and Spanish.

34. Jo

This is a popular American name that has cute variations of Joey or Jojo like the popular singer Jojo.

35. Jordan

It is of Hebrew origin and it means flowing down.

Cute Unisex Baby Names 2021 Starting With K

36. Kai

It means ‘associated with the sea’. It is beautiful and melodious and the perfect match for an exotic young boy or girl.

37. Keaton

This gender-neutral name has its origins in England and it means a shed town. It has, however, grown popular due to its constant use among modern folks.

38. Keegan

This powerful Irish name meaning fiery one has become trendy and stylish among many modern parents today.

39. Kelsey

This hip unisex baby name is actually of Irish origin and it means one who is from a fierce island.

Cool Unisex Baby Names Starting With L

40. Logan

It is a cool unisex name that’ll fit your little girl just as good. 

41. Lucian

It means bringer of light.

42. Lee

This name has outgrown its Chinese origin and is now a popularly used unisex name.

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43. Lane

True to its English origins, it means narrow country road.

44. Lumi

It is pretty and unique, right? It means bringer of light.

Best Gender Neutral Names Starting With M

45. Mackenzie

It is a popular name with a vintage charm to it. It means fair one.

46. Marley

It means one who is from the lake meadow. 

47. Morgan 

It tends to be more popular for boys than girls. It means bright sea.

48. Moriah

Since it is pretty uncommon, it comes with a unique charm. It is of Hebrew origin and it means taught by God.

Cute Unisex Baby Names 2021 Starting With N

49. Nico

This one is trending right now. It would be a cool pick for your child. It means one who is victorious.

50. Noel

It can also be spelt as Noelle. It is a perfect name for a Christmas baby of either gender.

51. Nevada

It means snow.

Cool Gender Neutral Names Starting With O

52. Oakley

This is yet another trending name. It reminds you of the hardwood oak tree; so strong and has versatile uses. 

53. Ode

It means rich.

Unique Unisex Baby Names Starting With P

54. Parker

If you are a fan of the Spiderman movies, then you are already familiar with this name since these movies feature Peter parker, a.k.a Spiderman. The name is super cool because of this.

55. Phoenix

This name reminds me of the legendary bird which is born from its ashes. 

56. Piper

This is a vintage name that means pipe player.

57. Perry

It is cute and stylish, just like your little one will one day be.  

Top Gender Neutral Names Starting With Q

58. Quinn 

This one tends to be more popular for girls than boys. It means fifth.

Cool Unisex Baby Names 2021 Beginning With R

59. Raphael

This is the gender-neutral form of Raphael. It is of Hebrew origin and it means God has enabled.

60. Reese

This unique name can be traced back to old England. It means ardor.

61. Robin

It means shining bright or famous.

62. Riley

It means one who dwells by the rye field.

63. Rory

This one is also trending at the moment. It means red king.

Cute Gender-Neutral Baby Names Starting S

64. Sunny

This one will have your child shinning as bright as the sun in what they do. It means bright and cheerful.

65. Sam

It has outgrown its Biblical origin as a short form of Samuel and has become the cool unisex name we know today. It originally means God has heard.

66. Scout

This is a famous unisex name. It means one who searches and gathers. 

Best Unisex Baby Names Starting With T

67. Taylor 

This one is pretty popular. We probably all have heard of someone that goes by Taylor. It means tailor.

68. Terry

You can alter this spelling to Teri. It means smooth.

69. Toni

Spelt as Toni or Tony; it is pretty popular among all the cool parents. It means praiseworthy 

70. Tori

It means one who is victorious. It is the unisex version of Victoria.

Unique Unisex Baby Names Starting With U

71. Umber 

This one is very rarely used. It means shade.

Cute Unisex Baby Names 2021 Starting With V

72. Val

It means strong and it’s a popular nickname for Valentina, Valentine, Valary, among others. It can also be used as a stand-alone unisex name.

73. Vesper

It means evening prayer and would be quite unique for your child.

Popular Unisex Baby Names Starting With W

74. West

It is popular among the Americans of today. It means one who is from the West.

75. Wyatt

This name tends to be more popular for boys as compared to girls.  It means guide.

76. Wallis 

Cute and unique, also spelt as Wallace; it is used to refer to one who comes from Wales.

Cute Gender Neutral Names Starting With X

77. Xen 

This name is derived from the word Zen.

Unique Unisex Baby Names 2021 Starting With Y

78. Yael 

It means mountain goat. It is quite the hilarious name, isn’t it?

Top Unisex Baby Names 2021 Starting With Z

79. Zion

Rooted in the Bible, it means one who has been raised above the rest. It is perfect for you if you want to raise your child the Christian way.

Final Thoughts

The modern trend of parents choosing unisex baby names for their children is right on track with all the debates currently going on focusing on redefining gender roles in society and allowing people to choose their genders according to who they are.

It wouldn’t be surprising if unisex names dominated the future for this very reason.

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