time saving tips for working mums

As a working mom, getting enough time to get everything done can be pretty hard. Days usually seem shorter because we can’t fit everything within a short time – that’s why time saving tips for moms come in handy.

Working moms or pretty much moms, in general, know that things can sometimes get a little hectic or even chaotic. These time saving tips for moms will make your life a little less stressful.

So, exactly how do some working moms or busy moms get the time to go to work, come back home, clean, cook, shop for groceries, volunteer, run errands, arrange playdates, help the kids with their homework, and basically manage to raise a normal family, all without going crazy?

Well, the answer is pretty simple: those busy moms have learned to make the most effective use of their time.

They have come up with time saving methods that make their work a million times better.

Want to do the same? Read on to find these time saving tips for moms.

The Best Time Saving Tips for Moms

1. Plan a week ahead

Moms have routines. That’s how they survive because routines make life so much easier.

If you have already established your routine, why not use it to plan ahead?

If you know what meal you have on what days, then you can decide to prepare several days’ meals in one day.

Chop up your veggies neatly and store them in the fridge so that it gets easier whenever you cook.

I discovered that meal planning helps me save a lot of time and makes my life really easy. I discovered a great meal planning service called $5 Meal Plan.

It is a weekly meal planning service that sends me budget-friendly meal planning recipes for $5 a month! They also send you well organized and detailed grocery lists to make your shopping easier.

You can check out my $5 Meal Plan review here.

Another great way to save time is by picking out outfits a week or several days earlier so that you don’t waste time deciding on what to wear on that morning before work.

Take advantage of that Sunday afternoon to plan your entire week.

All these little things are great tips for working moms to save time.

2. Wake up a little early

‘Wake up early’ doesn’t mean don’t get enough sleep.

Mothers are supposed to have enough sleep otherwise they’ll lose their minds with all the things they get to do to ensure that everyone is well taken care of.

Waking up a few minutes earlier than everyone else gives you time to organize everything before kick-starting the day.

You can take a shower, get ready, and prepare breakfast so that when everyone is up, you can help them get ready without any pressure.

3. Don’t waste time getting up in the morning

Do you find yourself snoozing the alarm countless times before deciding to wake up? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone.

Getting out of bed in the morning can be tough. We all want to sleep in every morning but we can’t. We have to get up and grind because bills have to get paid, right?

So what can you do to make the getting up process quick?

This is what works for me: I place my alarm across the room so that I actually have to get up from bed to turn it off.

Placing my clothes next to my bed where I can actually see them also reminds me that I need to wake up.

4. Prepare breakfast for the week

Preparing breakfast when you are already running late can be a tough task.

You’re already pressed for time but need to eat a healthy breakfast.

To avoid the hassle, always prepare breakfast beforehand.

I like preparing whole wheat banana nut muffins, sandwiches, pancakes, vegetables, blueberry scones, different proteins, granola bars, and vegetable and egg muffins on Sundays so that I only have to heat them up in the microwave and be good to go.

I got my recipes from $5 meal plan.

You get to enjoy a healthy breakfast with no hassle.

I also never forget to preset my coffee so that I simply have to brew it in the morning. Great time saving tips for moms, huh?

time saving tips for moms

5. Pack lunches the previous night

Packing lunches can be time-consuming. To save you those few minutes and to make your mornings easier, pack lunches during dinner.

I usually find that cutting up extra veggies and cooking extra protein during dinner allows me to have extra food that I can use to whip up the kids’ lunches.

These extras are great for whipping up quesadillas and sandwiches.

You can also use leftovers to make salads or different wraps that the kids can enjoy as their lunch.

Also, don’t forget the kids’ drinks. Remember to pack their water, juice, yogurt or milk the night before.

6. Put everything within reach

There are things that kids can’t leave the house without. These include backpacks, shoes, and jackets.

Imagine running late and having no idea where your child’s backpack is? Or have no idea where one of her shoes is?

Even just thinking about it makes me nervous.

So to avoid this from happening, ensure that everything is placed at a particular place.

Create one spot for everyone’s backpacks, jackets, and shoes.

When you place things at the same place, everyone knows exactly where their stuff is and this makes it hard for things to get lost. Plus it makes everything run smoothly.

Just ensure that everyone drops these things right back at the same spot so that they’re available again the following day.

Once the kids are done with their homework, ensure they put it back in their backpacks so that they don’t forget their homework at home.

When you learn to organize things, children also learn this habit from you.

They learn to be organized at an early age. And isn’t this what every parent wants?


7. Order Groceries Online

Grocery shopping with my toddler is the hardest thing I usually have to do.

This might sound a little harsh, but it is true. All the tantrums, the running around, grabbing everything, and throwing things around really gets to me and makes it super hard to shop.

You end up running around like a maniac, trying to pick out things as fast as possible.

I can’t count the number of times I have had to forget or leave out some things simply because I have no time to choose between two flavors, two brands, or two sizes.

The solution to this? Online grocery shopping.

Once again, thank goodness for technology. Shopping online is very convenient.

You can order groceries online and have them delivered to your doorstep at a fee, or you can choose to order online and pick your groceries up at the store where someone brings them out to your car free of charge.

I absolutely love shopping with Shipt and Instacart. Walmart Grocery is great as well.

Also incase you haven’t heard, you can save money while shopping online using sites like MyPoints, Dosh., or Swagbucks.

If you aren’t doing this then you are seriously missing out on amazing cashback deals! Whenever you use MyPoints or Dosh, you earn cash back when you shop, dine, or travel. And who doesn’t want free money?

MyPoints even offers you $10 for signing up.

Related: MyPoints Review

8. If you don’t like shopping for groceries online, shop just once a week

Not everyone likes shopping for groceries online. Some people prefer to pick out their groceries themselves.

If this is you, there are still ways you can save time and make grocery shopping a bit easier.

First of all, start by designating one day a week for grocery shopping.

You can’t be running to the grocery store near me every single time you run out of something.

You can also keep making your shopping list throughout the week so that by the time you go shopping, you’ll be having an exhaustive list.

Also, let everyone know which day is grocery shopping day so that they can let you know whatever they need before then.

9. Put your bills on auto-pay

Busy moms have a lot on their plates. If you have the opportunity to get one thing off the list, say paying bills, then you should grab this opportunity as fast as you can.

Writing checks, mailing the checks, ensuring they cleared and all that can be time-consuming.

If you don’t want to deal with this, then you have the option of putting your bills on auto-pay.

With auto-pay, whenever your bill comes through, it takes whatever amount is needed from your bank account.

All you then get is an alert notifying you that your bill has been paid.

Just ensure that you have enough money in your bank account to cover the bill amount.

time saving tips for busy moms

10. Keep track of your to-do list

So technology is not just used when paying bills. There are thousands of apps you can use to make your work so much easier.

There are apps that help you keep track of your to-do lists.

Apps like Remember the milk help you share your to-do list with whoever you want.

I like sharing my lists with the hubbs so that whenever I don’t get time to get something, he does.

If you are the type that likes to write your lists on paper or plan your week or month by writing stuff down, then you should definitely check out daydesigner.com.

It’s your one-stop-shop for everything planners. They have all types of planners that help you plan and organize your life.

Planning ahead and being organized helps busy moms save time.

Amazon prime also makes everything so easy.

Sometimes it’s really easy to forget those little purchases like paper towels or a new razor. Things that are quite important.

Amazon prime usually comes to my rescue when it comes to these things.

11. Figure out what wastes your time

Everyone has those things they do that wastes their time. For me, it’s looking for my phone every time before leaving the house.

For some reason, I never seem to remember where I placed my phone!

That’s why I decided to get a central charging station for all the phones in the house. This way I always know the first place to look whenever I start my frantic search before leaving the house.

Plus we no longer run around the house hunting for cables whenever we want to charge our phones. We also don’t have phones charging in every room.

It’s brought about a lot of sanity.

Although this hasn’t solved the problem 100%, at least 90% of the time I always find my phone at the charging station.

If your problem is finding your keys, then get a hook or a key bowl and place them by the door.

Looking for lost keys when you are running late can drive you crazy.

Some people have a huge problem with screen time.

The internet is so interesting and sometimes we find ourselves going down random rabbit holes.

For example, you might start out watching interesting cooking videos on Youtube. Two hours later you find yourself watching random Indian ASMR videos and have no idea how you got there.

To save time, limit screen time for not only for yourself but for your kids as well.

12. Always pack an emergency bag

Every mom needs an emergency bag whenever they leave the house. It doesn’t matter where they are going because kids are super complicated.

You might be out grocery shopping then baby poops or pukes. That’s why you should have an emergency diaper changing kit in your car. Because you never know when the baby will need changing.

Your emergency bag should have diapers, wipes, a small towel, a spray bottle with water for cleaning, paper towels, a change of clothes, a receiving blanket, a grocery bag for keeping the soiled clothes, and finally some gloves for when they make really big messes.

I also like to carry a thermometer, snacks for when they are hungry, and books and some travel games for when they are bored.

Keeping them preoccupied in the car saves you the trouble of having to pull up to deal with tantrums and having to calm them down.

All these items are really important because imagine having to run to a store to get diapers or wipes or even a change of clothes because you obviously can’t let your kids walk around looking messy and dirty.

the best apps for moms

13. Take advantage of available apps

Apps make everything very convenient. They help save time and bring about some sanity.

As aforementioned, there are grocery apps like Grocery iQ, ShopSavvy, that make our grocery shopping so much easier.

There are also banking apps that help us deposit checks from our phones and basically just make carrying out financial transactions really easy.

There’s no need to go queueing in banking halls.

Bank of Mom is an app that helps you keep track of your children’s allowances. There are also great apps that help moms save money.

Calendar apps help us keep events and appointments organized. A great example of such an app is Cozi.

There are food apps like How to cook everything, that helps us find interesting recipes whenever we feel that our families are tired of eating the same kinds of food.

14. Do not overschedule your family

One of the best tips for working moms to save time is to keep things simple. It is easy for many working moms to fill up their family timetables with activities, leaving no room for simple downtime.

You do not have to join every mom group or volunteer for every committee.

You also don’t have to participate in every event or sign your kids up for each and every activity.

You’ll be running around trying to ensure everyone arrives early to every event and eventually burn out from all that running around.

Sit down with your family and decide which things are truly important and sign up for those.

Keeping things simple and prioritizing the things that are truly important is a great time saving tip for working moms.

15. Have some mom time

Taking care of yourself should always come first. You cannot take care of everyone else if you are not okay.

Have some me-time once in a while to reorganize your thoughts. You can ask for help from your partner or even hire someone to look after the kids while you relax.

You can take a nice relaxing bath, go to the spa, do yoga or pilates, or even meditate.

If you can manage to take 20-30 minutes a day to relax, the better. I did a post about ways moms can relax and unwind during stressful days. You can check that out for more tips on how to relax and unwind.

time saving tips for working moms

Moms need to save time…period. It’s the only way they can do all they need to do and have some mommy time left for themselves. 

16. Come Up A Routine For Yourself

If I were to give one time saving tip that works for every mom, it’d be routines. Morning, afternoon, or evening rituals will help every busy mommy keep their sanity.  

Routines are the simplest thing to add to your life right now. Do this and you’ll have yourself one of the best tips for working moms to save time as a mom.

For example, my morning routine helps me stay productive throughout the day. I wake up and unthinkingly grab a glass of water.

Afterward, I do some quick stretches, read a page or two and then take a look at my schedule for the day. Nothing too complicated for me. 

A routine is supposed to get you up and running like that! And most of all, it should save you time. 

You can have a routine for pretty much anything. 

What does your morning routine look like?

17. Chunk Your Tasks

I like to ‘chunk’ my tasks and to do them when I can. Here’s what I mean. 

For example, if you get lots of emails during the day, you can set aside some time during the day to respond to them. Kind of like the way you do your laundry on a certain day of the week, but with mail. 

This is one of the best time-saving tips for busy moms I learned recently.

The beauty of chunking your tasks is that it allows you to focus on the task at hand without having to do a couple of things at the same time.

You can use this technique with pretty much any task or chore you have to do! This is golden if you’re looking for busy mom tips to save time.

18. Keep an Ongoing Grocery List

This is one of the best time savers for working moms. All you have to do to pull off this busy mommy hack is to keep a list attached to the fridge.

So, whenever someone opens the last cereal box, cracks the last egg, or cuts up the last cucumber, they should write it down on the shopping list. 

If you make this into a habit in your house, then you’ll have one of the best time savers for moms ever. Why? When the time comes to go out shopping, all you’ll have to do is pick up the list and move.

Keeping things organized this way will save you the trouble of making a last-minute list and will help you save time as a mom.

19. Set Up A Donation Basket

One of these will help you save time as a busy mommy. Having a Donation bin is one of the best decluttering tips for busy moms I’ve ever received.

It’s one of those great time savers for working moms you should try in your home. 

You can put pretty much anything in this bin. Old clothes, toys, collectibles, you name it…except trash.

Then, the next time you think you’ll be going by a thrift store or a donation center, you can quickly drop these items off. 

20. Shop online (whenever possible)

When it comes to buying stuff for the house, this is a great time saver for moms.

Buy your stuff online whenever you need to buy anything. It’s the easiest way to get deals that will save you money.

How? Online shopping platforms like Rakuten will help you earn money on your online purchases. 

This is one of the few time-management tips for working moms that will actually make and save money for you.

It’s also the least hectic way to shop these days.  

21. Tidy Up After Yourself

Whenever you leave any room in your house, always make sure that you make it ready for next use. 

For example, if you’ve just taken a shower, or used the bathroom, wipe down surfaces you think need some tidying up.

This is the easiest way to keep your home neat all the time. The same goes for your living room.  

If you leave the room last, you have to put back items like the remote control, iPads, and pillows where they belong.

This is one of the most precious time-saving tips for busy moms I got from my mom.

22. Keep a Simple Snack Standby

It’s no secret that granola bars are one of the greatest time savers for working moms and busy moms. 

When you have an easy snack like this in your purse, you’ll save yourself a drive-thru run to get something for you and the kids. It’s just enough to get you home. 

23. Have Your Kids Do Some Chores

This is one of the easiest working mom shortcuts to save time. Everyone needs to chip in if you’re to run a household. You can’t do it on your own!

There are so many age-appropriate chores to give your kids. If your kids are old enough to even pick up a spoon, sign them up 🙂

This is one of the easiest tips for working moms everywhere.

24. Cut Screen-time (by half!)

I know. This sounds jarring, but it’s something you can do to save time. Reduce your screen time by a lot, and this will be one of the best time management tips for working moms to add to your productivity arsenal. 

One of the easiest ways to start doing this is to limit your social media time.

Only use social media when you absolutely have to, or you have free time. Switch this up for healthier, more mindful habits like reading or playing with the kids. 

25. Turn clothes inside out while changing

This sounds insignificant, but turning your clothes right side out whenever you change is a busy mom tip to help you work fast when laundry time comes. 

You can even make this into a rule in your house. Whenever someone changes their clothes, they have to turn them inside out.

Every busy mommy needs help wherever they can get it.

Final Thoughts on the Best Time Saving Tips for Moms

Moms are generally really busy people, but if a mom doesn’t know how to manage her time, things can get a bit overwhelming for them.

With these time saving tips for moms, life becomes a bit simple. Try them out and let me know what works for you!

And please share these tips for working moms to save time with any other moms that may need these time saving tips for moms!

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  2. I definitely hit snooze multiples times in the morning, but once I actually get up and get out of the bed I’m fine so I’m for sure moving my phone away from my bed now.

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