Written by Melanie

April 20, 2020

Stuck at home with literally nothing to do? Surrounded by kids who don’t seem to motivate you to do anything? Well, it is common knowledge that handling children can be such a challenging task, especially if there is nothing else in the house to do. This is especially so with the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many parents have no other option than to work from home, in the company of their children.

Therefore this article looks at ways in which you can cope with boredom at home with kids. Here are some activities you can engage in:

Create a routine

This is very important because it helps maintain an order in which things are done around the house. Create a timetable of tasks or activities to be undertaken, each with its own time.

Play chess

If you want to help your children to sharpen their thinking, decision-making and planning skills, then chess is the game for you. If you also have no idea how it is played, there are many websites and apps on the internet that can teach you to do this. Once you all know how to play it, you can all have fun and beat boredom.

Play board games

Examples of games in this category are Monopoly and Scrabble. They are super fun to play and even help your children build their vocabulary. You can buy these games at your local store or even online. Board games are a good way to sharpen the mind 

Play cards

There is a saying by Francis Quarles that goes, “Has fortune dealt you some bad cards? Then let wisdom make you a good gamester.” Do you feel stuck at home with kids that you are obliged to entertain? Then be wise and play cards with them. Cards can be really fun to play, especially with a large crowd. It also makes you sharper.

Work out

Nothing keeps you active and kills laziness than working out. It also helps you to keep fit, especially when on lockdown as is the case at the moment. You and your children can do this by using some YouTube tutorials or even apps that facilitate this. Create a workout plan like that of 28 days, for example, with 30 minutes each day.

Clean out closets

Not a very fun activity to undertake, but it helps pass time greatly. Have the kids each refresh their closets by removing all clothes and folding them afresh. This helps to air the closet and make it fresh. It also helps kids learn to be responsible.

Fold clothes

Take some time to rearrange and iron clothes with the kids as a way of passing extra time. Learn new styles of folding these clothes, and teach them how to separate different types and arrange them differently. It helps keep them neat and teaches the children to be responsible.


Organize movie nights for you and the kids, where you can all spend time together and have fun. Ensure the movies you watch are child-friendly and even have a life lesson. The kids will enjoy the movie keeping in mind that their parent is actually feeling the moment with them.

Do a puzzle

Purchase jigsaw puzzles from the nearest store, and sit down with the kids to solve the same over some two or three days.

Skype family

Use this opportunity to get in touch with distant family, friends and relatives through video calls like that of Skype, Zoom and the like. Find out how they are doing from so far away from you.

New languages

Everyone ought to learn a new language and there are numerous apps for this, such as Duolingo, which offers literally any language there is to learn. Learning a new language can be very exciting, helps to pass time, and jogs your memory.

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Make, practice or listen to music

You can never go wrong with music, whether you are making it or listening to it. The internet is a very useful place if you need to stream millions of songs online. You can also practice playing musical instruments such as violin, piano, guitar or flute in the house, to help nurture a musical gift in your children. Hey, quick tip: learning to play a musical instrument actually helps to boost memory and increase the sharpness of the mind.


You and your children can sing along to recorded music as a way of having silly fun and bonding together. Try this, it is never boring!


Your children are probably continuing with their schoolwork online, with the help of their professors. You can pass time by assisting them with homework or assignment given to them.


This is a perfect time to restore the house into a perfect condition. Divide the house chores among the kids, and give each one a specific role to play in making sure that the home is in the best state possible. Supervise them and encourage them into keeping up this good behavior.

Solve crosswords

You can get access to crosswords and coded puzzles online or even at some bookshops in the form of whole books. Also, daily newspapers and magazines come with crosswords among the last pages. You can fill these with the kids for fun as a way of passing time.


Baking is a good way to test your children’s creativity and to nurture any skills they may be having and, as a result, unleashing their potential. Guide them on how to bake goodies such as cakes, biscuits, cookies, brownies and chocolates. Be there to instruct them and ensure safety in case of any cuts or burns.

Another way baking can come in handy is by selling your baked goods to the neighborhood and make a few pennies for your pocket. This way, the children will learn how to make money on their own, to be self-reliant and also to save.


You can also try out a new recipe you have never done before, and test your kitchen skills. Teach your kids to make a variety of foods and drinks such as juice. Do this for fun to kill boredom and also to sharpen your skills. Provide guidance and safety in the kitchen; teach them how to handle appliances and what to do in case of emergencies.

Indoor picnics

Create a family hangout or picnic within the home compound. All of you need to come together to prepare a variety of delicious dishes and drinks for your own consumption. Hold a barbecue outside and share delightful moments together. I assure you that this goes a long way to strengthen the bond between you and your kids.


Trigger the creativity in the kids, by prompting them to take a few photos of things around the house or even of themselves. They can do this with their phone cameras, if they have them, or of actual cameras. Photography skills are built with time and practice, just like a lot of other activities. Have them research on many other famous photographs and photographers for them to pick a thing or two from them. Be the person to keep them intrigued and inspired.

Play sports

If you have enough ground outside the house or existing sporting facilities, you can use them for some sporting activities such as football, tennis, badminton, table tennis or even swimming. Organize the children into teams and have some healthy competition among yourselves. This helps everyone to not only exercise but to also bond.

Read books

Cultivate a reading culture in your kids, and encourage them to read books. You can get these books in bookstores or libraries near you. Alternatively, you can purchase books online or read them for free on some sites. Books help pass time and also build vocabulary. There is a big difference between children that read books and those that do not.


Identify the kind of things that your children are interested in, and encourage them to make paintings based on these interests. For example, you can assist a child that loves animals to make a drawing or painting of one that they like.

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Help them do their hair

Teach the children how to do their own hair as a way of having fun, or as a way of gaining skills. Create a mini hair parlor or barbers in your home.

Vision board

You can organize for everyone to create some kind of chart of their own, to show their goals and achievements in life. A vision board is a good way for you and your kids to track their progress in life every day and, as a result, do some lifestyle design and develop themselves in terms of academics, health, relationships, finance and personal growth.


Yoga is a great way of relieving stress, relaxing the mind and keeping fit. Encourage the kids to do more of this regularly as a way to also bond with them and to keep the mind alert. They will always look forward to the same.


You and the kids can learn how to do some knitting and sewing to pass time. Who knows? You can even make scarves, socks and sweaters that may come in handy in cold weather.

Make a play

You can organize the kids to create a play and perform it for you just for fun. It will be like everyone is taking part in creating a movie and this will be a lot of fun, I promise.

Make art and craft

Encourage the kids to use old material such as wood, cloth or plastic in the house to create unique and beautiful items that can be of great use in the home. For example, with enough motivation, the kids can create décor or items like bags, cooking sticks, chopping boards and so on.

You can also help the rearrange or redesign items in the house, or even change the color scheme of the house. These little things inspire the little artist in them, and nurture any special skill or talent they may have in them.

Have dinner

Have the kids assist you in organizing a family dinner or luncheon. Prepare something classy and encourage your children to dress up for fun. Then, you can compare outfits and award each person points.

Clean pets

If you and your family own any pets, you can all use this time to clean and groom them. Instruct the kids to wash the family dog or cat, trim its fur

Hold a talent show

You can hold some sort of talent exhibition in the house, and encourage your kids to showcase what they can do, is it singing, dancing and so on.


Help the children to go through their personal effects and identify those that are no longer in use, such as clothes, shoes and books. These can then be given away for charity, teaching your children not to hoard items, but to be generous in giving to those that lack. This way, you all play a part in making the world a better place.

Environmental conservation

Encourage the kids to take care of the environment by watering plants, tending the garden, planting trees and flowers. Collect any kind of rubbish around the compound and trim the grass and hedges. Try to crossbreed different types of flowers and be amazed at the amazing stuff you will create. Of course, everyone wants to live in a clean, green and healthy environment. I assure you that your kids will absolutely love to watch the trees and flowers that they planted grow into some very beautiful creations.


From the above activities, I think it is safe to say that it is almost impossible to be bored whenever you have kids and around because all you need to do is get yourself something to keep you busy. There are countless activities to do together, and I hope that next time, you will not be bored out of your mind.

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