Survey Junkie Review 2020: Is Survey Junkie a scam?

Looking for an easy way to make money online fast? Great!

Taking surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Granted, you won’t get rich taking surveys, but you can make a quick $50 as you wait in line at the store or as you wait for your next class if you are a student.

That’s better than nothing, right?

So, which survey sites are legit?

Survey junkie , MyPoints, and Swagbucks are some of the legit survey sites. The only difference between the two is that survey junkie has a limited number of ways to make money online. But its surveys pay better. So it balances out.

Survey junkie only offers surveys while with MyPoints, you can earn from shopping online, watching videos, playing games, and discovering stuff online.

If you enjoy taking surveys, you should consider using BOTH Survey Junkie and MyPoints to make money online doing surveys.

Want to make money online with Survey Junkie? Read this Survey Junkie review to find out how.

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Survey Junkie is a survey site that pays people for their opinion. It then delivers this feedback to companies for market research.

Consequently, this feedback is used to increase the quality of products and services that are sold to consumers.

Survey Junkie has over 3 million members. It has its roots in Glendale, California, and has been running since 2013.

Basically you get rewarded for voicing your opinions and thoughts on a particular product or service.


Getting started with Survey Junkie is very simple. All you need is a few minutes.

You will be required to create your profile and then answer a few basic questions about yourself and your household.

Always give accurate information about yourself because the surveys you will be receiving will be based entirely on that information.

If by any chance you provide answers that may fail to be in line with the information on your profile, or you answer the same questions differently, the site is very likely to notice this.

You will stop receiving surveys or even be suspended from participating in surveys at the site.

Apart from that, you need to ensure that your profile is filled out to the last question. This will secure more survey opportunities for you since the site will have a more detailed description of you.

The types of questions include your age, household income, and level of education.

Moreover, there exists an entire section that specifically asks about your medical history.

Once you sign up, a confirmation link will be sent directly to the email address that you have provided.

Click on that link and you immediately get started, with 25 points being deposited to your account.

Fill out your profile and you will receive an extra 50 points.

That’s 75 points in just less than 2 minutes.


You make money by participating in surveys. You get points each time you complete a survey.

You can earn anywhere between $2 and $5 per completed survey.

The longer the survey, the more the points. And joining focus groups will pay you even more.

Survey Junkie is great because you are still legible to earn points even if you did not qualify for a survey.

This is unlike other survey sites that do not award you any points if you don’t qualify for a particular survey.

This is frustrating because sometimes you spend a good amount of time answering these surveys only to get kicked out with nothing.


The amount of money you will make from Survey Junkie will depend on how long the survey is and how many surveys you take.

But you can expect to make between $1 to $5 per survey at Survey Junkie.

You earn points for every survey you take. And 100 points equal $1. This means if you have 1500 points, it translates to $15. You then redeem these points for cash.


MyPointsRewards and surveysClaim your $10 sign up bonus
RakutenCashback siteClaim your $10 sign up bonus
SwagbucksRewards and surveysClaim your 300 free SBs
DoshCashback Click here to sign up


Survey Junkie has a minimum threshold of $10. This means that you can only request a payout once you have $10 and above in your Survey Junkie account.

And you can redeem any amount as long as it is above the $10 threshold. It doesn’t have to be a round number.

Cashing out requires you to have a PayPal account.

However, if you are not a member of PayPal you can convert your points into e-gift cards, but this option is only applicable to you if you are in the United States.

If your wish is to redeem for money, then you have to cash out all of your earned points at once.

If you want to redeem both in cash and in gift card but partly, you are required to first redeem for the gift card, and then redeem the remaining points for cash.

Redemption of gift cards can be done in $5 increments, beginning from $10. Using these gift cards is not only free of charge but also they do not have an expiry date.

You, therefore, have the privilege of using them at whatever time you wish.

When you’re ready to redeem points, go ahead and click “My Points”, which can be found on the navigation bar’s drop-down menu.

You may also use “Current Points” on your dashboard if you wish. Choose your preferred method of payment, PayPal, or gift card. Lastly, you need to put in the e-mail address where you wish the payment to be sent.


The sign-up process was very quick, so that was great. I provided my email address, zip code, gender, date of birth, and password. I then got awarded 25 points just for doing that.

I then completed my profile by answering 16 questions about my family and demographics and got awarded 50 points.

I got an additional 25 points for confirming my email and 5 points for taking a tour of how Survey Junkie works.

I loved the free points. They were an incentive to encourage me to keep going.

Survey Junkie kept sending me emails from time to time, to inform me about the surveys I can take. This was great because it kept me updated so that I didn’t miss out on anything.


This is what works for me and helps me make even more money at Survey Junkie:

1. I set up a separate email from the one I usually use. I didn’t want the notifications from Survey Junkie to flood my emails and bring about confusion. Plus it’s easy to miss these updates if you mix your emails.

2. I installed the Survey Junkie Pulse browser extension. It helps me qualify for more surveys. And more surveys means more money.

3. I use the Survey Junkie refer a friend program. I get points whenever people join Survey Junkie using my link.



  • Survey Junkie is completely free to join
  • Survey Junkie has a straightforward system of converting points into cash
  • You get free points for simple tasks like signing up and verifying your email address
  • Time allocated for filling out surveys is fairly short.
  • You have the choice to redeem your points for cash or a gift card
  • The Survey Junkie site is very easy to navigate.
  • You earn points even if you don’t qualify for certain surveys
  •  Some of the questions asked in the surveys are optional if you feel like they are a bit too intrusive.
  • Your answers are anonymous


  • Survey Junkie only offers surveys unlike other sites like MyPoints or Swagbucks that offer other opportunities to make cash.
  • You are required to have a minimum of $10 before you can cash out.
  • Very few surveys
  • Limit to who can join Survey Junkie. They only accept people from the US, Australia, and Canada.


So, is Survey Junkie worth it?

Yes, it is. It won’t replace your day job, but, it is a great way to earn extra cash. Many love it for its simplicity and the fact that it is legit.

You can take a survey and make extra cash while you wait in line for something. It is also a great way for students to make money online.


If you take very few surveys, Survey Junkie will not send you the more surveys. On the other hand, doing very many surveys will show that you are making very little money for the amount of time that you spend answering surveys.

This may prompt Survey Junkie to mark you as one of those participants that give inaccurate feedback, and you don’t want that to happen.

It is, therefore, advisable that you take about 6 or 7 surveys a day, and take an hour or so to complete them. This will earn you about $5-$12 an hour every day, meaning that you can cash out even after a day if you are truly committed to your cause.

And don’t be discouraged if you fail to hit that mark within the first two or three days. Consistency is key. The more consistent you are, the more Survey Junkie will send you lucrative online surveys.

Finally, please note that taking surveys will not make you rich. Neither will you achieve any kind of economic independence.

However, if you want to give your opinion in the marketplace and, at the same time, earn a little money on the side, then Survey Junkie is the best way to go!

Ready to get started?


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