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Storybooks For Kids: 37 Interesting Storytime Books Your Child Should Read

Written by Melanie

March 26, 2021

37 Interesting Story Books For Kids Your Child Should Read

There are a lot of great storybooks for kids out there – some work best for lapsit reading, others are great for bedtime, others are seasonal reads, and so on.

Additionally, the suitability of these books for kids varies depending on your child’s age – some are made for babies, others for toddlers, and some for older kids.

With so many options and considerations to keep in mind, it can be difficult to find what suits your child best. Read on to discover some of the best storytime books online.

  1. Mothering heights (Dog Man #10)

Reading age: 7 years and up

Grade Level: 2 and up

This is the 10th Dog Man book from renowned bestselling author and illustrator Dav Pilkey. This is Dog Man’s new book.

This storybook for kids follows Dog Man and Petey as they face their biggest challenges – Dog Man is down on his luck, Petey confronts his past, and Grampa is up to his usual shenanigans.

New villains are confronted, and everything seems full of despair. Can the power of love save the day?

Mothering heights is one of the best storytime online books for topics such as empathy, persistence, kindness, and the importance of doing good. It’s a great storybook for kids, full of color pages throughout.

If you haven’t checked out any of the Dog man books, here is a list of all of them.

  1. This Little Trailblazer: A Girl Power Primer

Reading age: 3-5 years

Grade level: Preschool – Kindergarten

Introduce your little one to influential women who changed history in this colorful and engaging board book by Joan Holub and Daniel Roode.

This storybook for kids highlights ten outstanding women leaders who paved the way, plus it’s filled with fun, bold illustrations as well as age-appropriate facts.

This is one of the more unique toddler storytime books online. It can be read as a bedtime story for toddlers or even as part of virtual storytime when spending time away from your little one.

  1. Mae Among the Stars

Reading age: 4 – 8 years

Grade level: Preschool – 3

This is a beautifully illustrated picture book that is inspired by the life of the first African American woman to travel in space, Mae Jemison.

Little Mae’s intelligence, curiosity, and determination, coupled with her parents’ support and encouragement, allowed her to achieve incredible success at NASA.

Mae Among the Stars is an ideal storybook for kids who have big dreams and even bigger hearts.

In addition to being a great classroom and bedtime read-aloud, it can also be read out as part of storytime at the library.

  1. Marjory Saves the Everglades: The Story of Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Reading age: 4 – 8 years

Grade level: Preschool – 3

Written by acclaimed children’s book biographer Sandra Neil Wallace, this book follows the story of Marjory Stoneman Douglas, a journalist who saved the Florida Everglades construction from devastation and ruin.

This vibrant biography highlights Douglas’s determination to gain knowledge and use her voice to implement change, as well as her commitment to environmental activism.

The watercolor illustrations by Rebecca Gibbon shine, aptly evoking the richness of Florida wildlife.

Available on Kindle, this book makes for a great online storytime for kids aged 4-8 years.

  1. Hair Love

Reading age: 4 – 8 years

Grade level: Preschool – 3

Hair Love is a New York Times Bestseller by Matthew A. Cherry and illustrator Vashti Harrison.

As the book title suggests, it’s an ode to loving your natural hair: Zuri’s hair kinks, coils, and curls every which way, and when her father steps in to style it for a special occasion, he finds that he has a lot to learn.

This is a storybook kids aged 4-8 years will enjoy, plus it makes a great gift for special occasions such as Father’s Day, baby shower, birthdays, and more.

  1. The Ickabog

Reading age: 8 years and up

Grade level: 3 and up

From renowned author J.K Rowling, this is a fast-paced, humorous fairytale of a fearsome monster known as the Ickabog.

The unlikely heroes are two kids – best friends Daisy and Bert – who embark on an adventure to unravel the truth and discover where the real monster lies, bringing happiness and hope to their tiny kingdom.

Featuring full-color illustrations, this storybook for kids will captivate readers of all ages, and with a Kindle version available, it allows you to take your routine storytime online.

  1. Dog Man For Whom the Ball Rolls: From the Creator of Captain Underpants (Dog Man #7)

Reading age: 7 years and up

Grade level: 2 – 4

This is another one of the Dog Man books where The Supa Buddies work hard to help Dog Man overcome his bad habits.

However, his obsessions morph into fears, which cause the title character to become the target of an all-new supervillain.

Meanwhile, Petey is released from jail and starts over with Li’l Petey, but when his father arrives, he’s forced to confront his past.

Although this book tackles several mature themes – stoicism, parental abandonment, and cognitive-behavioral therapy – it isn’t preachy or heavy at all, successfully retaining the usual silliness of a Dav Pilkey book.

  1. Dog Man: From the Creator of Captain Underpants (Dog Man #1)

Reading age: 7 – 9 years

Grade level: 2 – 3

This is the first book in the Dog Man series. George and Harold have created a new hero. With the body of a human and the head of a dog, this crime-fighting sensation sniffs out wrongdoing as well as battles his doglike tendencies.

Dog Man’s nemesis is Petey, a cat who concocts evil plans in his secret lab.

The pages of this delightful Dog Man book are filled with colorful illustrations that have a childlike feel to them that will make storybook online time much more appealing to kids.

  1. Dog Man: Grime and Punishment: From the Creator of Captain Underpants (Dog Man #9)

Reading age: 7 years and up

Grade level: 2 and up

Dog Man is out of a job in this ninth book of the Dog Man books, but he’s not yet out of hope. With his friends along for the ride, can Dog Man find his way back onto the force?

Grime and Punishment is a story with the message that hurt, hate, and resentment about the past imprisons the victim, not the perpetrator. It subtly teaches that only forgiveness and a loving response allow you to move on.

This is a great book for storytime kids will be engrossed in, and you’ll find yourself enjoying the story just as much (or even more!)

  1. Charlotte’s Web

Reading age: 8 – 12 years

Grade level: 3 – 7

This beloved book by E. B. White is a classic that follows the story of Wilbur, an affectionate, sometimes shy pig who befriends Charlotte, a spider who lives in the rafters of his pen.

Wilbur is rescued from a cruel fate by Charlotte in this story of friendship, hardship, life, and death.

This storybook for kids can be enjoyed as part of storybook online reading for kids, whether in the classroom or for independent reading.

  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Reading age: 2 – 5 years

This is one of the best storybooks for kids. It is an all-time classic picture book that features interactive die-cut pages.

The storybook follows a ravenous caterpillar as he eats his way through one apple on Monday, two pears on Tuesday, three plums on Friday, and so on. It effortlessly teaches counting as well as the days of the week.

This delightful storybook for kids makes for a great addition to your toddler’s storytime.

  1. The Day the Crayons Quit

Reading age: 3 – 7 years

Grade level: Preschool – 2

This New York Times bestseller by author Drew Daywalt and illustrator Oliver Jeffers is downright hilarious and colorful.

Duncan’s crayons are on strike. When he opens his box of crayons, he finds a pack of letters detailing their complaints, one crayon at a time.

What ensues is colorful creativity, and kids who already attribute feelings to their possessions will never look at crayons the same way again.

  1. And Tango Makes Three

Reading age: 2 – 5 years

Grade level: Preschool – Kindergarten

This is a bestselling true story authored by Justin Richardson that follows two penguins named Roy and Silo who create a nontraditional family with the help of a kindly zookeeper.

The eye-catching illustrations set the tone of this joyful story that is all about the meaning of family.

  1. Me & Mama

Reading age: 4 – 8 years

Grade level: Preschool – 3

Me & Mama is one of the most unique books for children to read. Written by Cozbi A. Cabrera in lyrical prose, this book is an ode to the bond between a daughter and a mother as they go about their daily activities on a rainy day.

  1. We Are Water Protectors

Reading age: 3 – 6 years

Grade level: Preschool – 1

Inspired by the numerous indigenous-led movements across North America, this book for children to read tells the story of a young water protector who takes a stand to defend the earth’s most precious resource.

This bold and lyrical picture book for children to read was authored by Carole Lindstrom and colorfully illustrated by Michaela Goade.

  1. I Am Love: A Book of Compassion

Reading age: 3 – 7 years

Grade level: Preschool – 2

This is one of the best books for children to read. Written by Susan Verde, the renowned author of the “I Am” series of books, I Am Love compels readers to search inward when they feel angry, sad, hurt, or afraid.

The I am series of books for children to read consists of I Am YogaI Am PeaceI Am Human, and I Am One.

  1. How to Catch a Unicorn

Reading age: 4 – 10 years

Grade level: Preschool – 6

This is a cute engaging story filled with zany traps and plenty of rainbow unicorn fun matched with wonderfully colorful illustrations. It was written by Adam Wallace and illustrated by Andy Elkerton.

This is one of the best storybooks for kids who love colors, rainbows, and unicorns.

Other storybooks for kids in this series include: How to Catch a Mermaid, How to Catch a Dragon, How to Catch a Dinosaur, How to Catch a Leprechaun, How to Catch the Easter Bunny., How to Catch an Elf, How to Catch a Monster, and How to Catch the Tooth Fairy

  1. Celebrate Your Body (and Its Changes, Too!): The Ultimate Puberty Book for Girls

Reading age: 13 years and up

This book is intended to be a body-positive guide that helps girls ages 13 and up navigate the changes that come with puberty.

In addition to advice on managing intense feelings, making friends, developing social skills, and more, the book also offers guidance on what to eat and how to exercise so your body is healthy, happy, and ready for the changes set to come.

It was authored by Sonya Renee Taylor and includes a foreword by Bianca I. Laureano.

  1. What Pet Should I Get?

Reading age: 3 – 7 years

Grade level: Preschool – 2

This is another one of Dr. Seuss’s storybooks for kids that depicts a trip to the pet store that turns into a humorous struggle when two kids must choose one pet – among all the appealing options – to take home.

  1. If Animals Kissed Good Night

Reading age: 3 – 6 years

Grade level: Preschool – 1

This adorable storybook for kids by author Ann Whitford Paul and illustrator David Walker details the hypothetical smooches between animal parents and offspring.

The imaginative possibilities of this book make it ideal for storytime for babies and toddlers just before they drift off to slumberland.

  1. Fox in Socks (Beginner Books)

Reading age: 3 – 7 years

Grade level: Preschool – 2

This is another one of Dr. Seuss’s books for children to read. Illustrated in full color, this beginners reading book by Dr. Seuss is a collection of tongue twisters to help your little ones test their grasp of words.

  1. The Giving Tree

Reading age: 1 – 8 years

Grade level: Preschool – 3

This is a story beautifully written and illustrated by the versatile Shel Silverstein. This moving parable will captivate readers of all ages thanks to its affecting interpretation of the gift of giving and acceptance of another’s capacity to love in return.

  1. P is for Potty! (Sesame Street)

Reading age: Baby – 3 years

This is a perfect mix of learning and fun for little boys and girls especially as they practice sitting on the potty. Sesame Street’s Elmo serves as a guide.

The book is authored by Naomi Kleinberg and illustrated by Christopher Moroney. It is one of the best storybooks for kids who are being potty trained.

  1. Where’s Spot?

Reading age: 1 – 3 years

This classic book for children to read by Eric Hill features Spot, an adorable puppy that will help introduce the youngest readers to the world around them.

  1. The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Reading age: 3 – 7 years

Grade level: Preschool – 2

Introduce your little ones to the enchantment of Beatrix Potter’s renowned tale of Peter Rabbit’s naughty adventures in Mr. McGregor’s garden. Read one of the best baby storytime books online free on Kindle.

  1. Llama Llama Easter Egg

Reading age: Baby – 3 years

This Ana Dewdney’s bestselling Llama Llama books for kids to read series continues with this Easter-themed book, which finds the Easter Bunny bringing lots of treats for Llama Llama – colorful eggs, jelly beans, and a fluffy surprise.

  1. Goodnight Moon

Reading age: 4 – 8 years

In this beloved classic of children’s literature by Margaret Wise Brown, the comforting poetry of the words and the accompanying gentle, lulling illustrations make a perfect bedtime story for toddlers.

  1. The Foot Book: Dr. Seuss’s Wacky Book of Opposites

This is another one of Dr. Seuss’s storybooks for kids.

Explore the world of rhyming opposites with Dr. Seuss in this feet-filled picture book – slow feet/quick feet, well feet/sick feet, and so on.

  1. Island of the Blue Dolphins

Reading age: 8 – 12 years

Grade level: 3 – 7

This is an amazing book for kids to read. It tells an engaging story that is loosely based on the life of a strong independent woman who lived alone on an island, referred to in the book as the Island of the Blue Dolphins.

This is a unique story of survival, natural beauty, and personal discovery.

  1. Calm-Down Time

Reading age: 1 – 3 years

Through rhythmic text and warm illustration, this reassuring book for children to read by author Elizabeth Verdick and illustrator Marieka Heinlen offers toddlers simple, easy-to-follow tools to release strong emotions, express them, and hopefully calm themselves down.

  1. I Love You to the Moon and Back

This storybook for kids by Amelia Hapworth and Tim Warnes creates a cute and calming reading experience. It’s great for parents who want to express their love to their little ones so they feel safe and protected.

  1. Mommy

Reading age: Baby – 3 years

In simple, lilting text, our baby protagonist discusses mom’s superlative traits and describes special time spent with her. Author and illustrator Leslie Patricelli’s signature color-saturated and textured art is instantly recognizable.

  1. Daddy

Reading age: Baby – 3 years

This is another one of Leslie Patricelli’s storybooks for kids.

From everyone’s favorite one-haired baby comes a loving and funny ode to daddy. Leslie Patricelli pays tribute to the special bond between a doting father and a little one.

  1. Guess How Much I Love You

Reading age: Baby – 3 years

Effused with tenderness, this witty storybook for children to read by author Sam McBratney and illustrator Anita Jeram makes for an endearing nursery game matched with calming artwork to create a visually quieting effect that is ideal for bedtime.

  1. Disney Friends – Lion King, Cars, Princess, and More

This is a collection of eight illustrated storybooks for kids featuring characters from beloved Disney movies such as The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Cars, Finding Dory, and more.

  1. The Tower of Nero: The Trials of Apollo

Reading age: 10 – 14 years

Grade level: 5 – 9

This is the last book in the Trials of Apollo series. It’s fast-paced and humorous, and die-hard fans will not be disappointed. 

  1. Duck on a Bike

Reading age: 4 – 8 years

Grade level: Preschool – 3

Author and illustrator David Shannon applies his delightful off-beat humor to the story of a duck who tries riding a bike and ends up loving it. This funny storybook for kids is perfect for reading aloud to young kids.

What Are The Benefits Of Storytime For Kids

Storytime for kids should be an integral part of their development. Reading storybooks for kids with your little one can be beneficial in many ways like:

1. It sparks their imagination

2. Helps them develop the skills of focus, concentration, and communication

3. Reading storybooks for kids helps them learn sounds, words, and language

4. Helps them process new events and strong emotions

5. Reading books for children helps them learn to distinguish between “real” and “make-believe”

Final thoughts on the best books for children to read

In addition to free storytime books online, consider investing in any of the storybooks discussed in this post. Developing a reading culture can be very beneficial to the growth and development of your child.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, when you make a purchase. Please, read my affiliate disclaimer for more details.


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