Nicknames should be fun and playful. That’s why you should not restrict your choices to traditional English pet names only. Use these Spanish nicknames for girls for any lady in your life. You’ll also find their meanings so that you don’t give the wrong nickname to the right lady. Nicknames should please and should at no point be used to insult or offend.

These nicknames also make pretty sick gamertags for girls. Customize them with keyboard characters to come up with badass girl gamertags.

Have fun 😉

Funny Spanish Nicknames for Girls

Choose carefully who you choose to use these on. You don’t want to offend the wrong girl.

  1. Fosfora: short-tempered girl
  2. Gordita: Little fatty
  3. Tonta: Stupid or silly
  4. Flaca: skinny girl
  5. Vieja: Old Woman
  6. Loba: Crazy or party girl
  7. Presentación
  8. Chata: small nose, Pug nose
  9. Mami: Funny slang for a sexy girl
  10. Serpiente: Sneaky people
  11. Caracol: Snail
  12. Idiota: Stupid girl
  13. Maravillas
  14. Griposa: Tissue paper
  15. Lagarta: Lizard
  16. Bola de billar: Bowling bowl
  17. Xiomara: Fighter girl
  18. Tortuga: Turtle
  19. Gata: Who are always active for romance
  20. Lunes: Monday
  21. Guadalupe
  22. Enana: Small girl, Shorter than you
  23. Huracán: Girl who have a lot of energy
  24. Bicho: Small girl but cute in nature
  25. Parienta: Misus
  26. Cuatro Ojos: Four eyes
  27. Al K. Hueta: sounds like the way my grandfathers would say whore.
  28. Tonta: Silly girl
  29. Lengua Larga: No-stop talkers
  30. Dolores D. Parto: which sounds like birth pain.
  31. Gordi: It means fatty
  32. Zorrillo: Fox
  33. Torpe: Clumsy girl
  34. Bandera Pirata: pirate flag
  35. Lagarta: Lir girl
  36. Alen Gualarga: lengua larga, big tongue.

If you’re looking for more funny nicknames for girls, check these out.

Cute Spanish Nicknames for Girls

  1. Nohemi: My delight
  2. Muñeca: Cute lady
  3. Linda: Pretty Girls
  4. Mamacita : Big mama
  5. Edelmira: Famous
  6. Pia: Apple of your eye
  7. Chico/chica: Slang
  8. Caramela: Sweet and candy
  9. Leocadia: Young little girls
  10. Amor: Love
  11. Listo/lista : Smart
  12. Aina: Graceful lady
  13. Queriña: Darling
  14. Nene: Baby
  15. Amada: Darling
  16. Bebé: Baby
  17. Agueda: Good and kind heart
  18. Estrella: star
  19. Querida: Beloved
  20. Bonita: Pretty or attractive girls
  21. Sabrosura: Tastefull girl
  22. Caramelo: Sweet like candy
  23. Amor: love
  24. Bizocho: For the girl who is sweet as a sponge cake
  25. Doncia: Sweet
  26. Conejito: bunny girl
  27. Osito: Little Bear / Teddy
  28. Amante: My Lover
  29. Divertido Chica: my funny girl
  30. Cielo: Sky
  31. Cariño: Caring girl
  32. Bicho: cutie
  33. Marvillosa: Gorgeous
  34. Corazón: sweetheart
  35. Robertina: Bright Fame
  36. Bella: Pretty girl

Spanish Nicknames for Your Girlfriend

  1. Manzanita: It means little apple
  2. Tipazo: Beautiful body
  3. Barbie: My everything
  4. Muñeca: Doll
  5. Barbie: Refers to the brand of doll
  6. Pedacito de cielo: Peice of sky
  7. Gracia: Pleasing personality
  8. Moreno/morena: Brown Skinned
  9. Estrella: Star
  10. Reina: Queen
  11. Bonito/ Bonita: Attractive
  12. Almendra: Beautiful eyes
  13. Enamorado: Mine lover
  14. Ninfa: She is from the woods
  15. Rubio/rubia: Blonde
  16. Mami: Refer to someo
  17. Bizcocho: Sponge Cake
  18. Ana: Decent and graceful girl
  19. Conejito : Little bunny
  20. Alondra: Pretty girl
  21. Dulzura : Adorable person
  22. Empanada Dulce: sweet pie
  23. Chiquito: Little Girl / Baby
  24. Osito: Cuddle bear
  25. Nina : Cute girls
  26. Esposa: wife
  27. Mi Media Naranja: My half orange
  28. Hermoso: Beautiful
  29. Zarita: Noble Lady
  30. Muñequita: Little doll
  31. Alita : Noble lady
  32. Celestina: A girl whom you think is a true blessing
  33. Mariposa: Butterfly

Cool Spanish Nicknames for Girls

Badass nicknames are perfect for badass girls. Here are some cool options for that loca girl.

  1. Beatrice: Beatriz
  2. Madeline: Madina
  3. La Loba: Hot lady
  4. Isaias: awesome.
  5. Leona: Female lion
  6. Morena: Brown hairs
  7. Bonita: Pretty girls
  8. Frances: Francisca
  9. Loba: Wolf
  10. Carmen: I knew a girl name Karmin growing up.
  11. Jane: Juana, Juanita
  12. Katherine: Catalina
  13. Alice: Alicia
  14. Felicia
  15. Ophelia: Ofelia
  16. Araceli
  17. Clementine: Clementina
  18. Richarda: Born to rule
  19. Graciela
  20. Penelope: Penelopa
  21. Evangeline: Evangelina
  22. Crispin: is this Hispanic? I didn’t know.
  23. Rosa: how can anyone not love a rose name?
  24. El Cerebero: The brainiac girl
  25. Naomi: Noemi
  26. Pearl: Perla, Perlita
  27. Blanche: Blanca
  28. Loquita: Little crazy
  29. Jefe: Bossy girls
  30. Angel: I don’t know why but I love the name Angel for a boy. Angelo too.
  31. Iris: Irita
  32. Katherine: Catalina
  33. Olalla: Well speaking girl
  34. Natalie: Navidad
  35. Josephine: Josefina
  36. Adelita: Warrior woman
  37. Mercedes : it use to be a favorite of mine when was about 14
  38. Olivia: Oliva
  39. Sefarina
  40. Millicent: Melisenda
  41. Fe: how do you pronounce this? I’m very curious.
  42. Isabel: Ysabel
  43. Daisy: Margarita
  44. Rose: Rosita
  45. Prima: Cousin
  46. Noemi
  47. Noelle: Novela
  48. China: Curly hair
  49. Elena: I just love this name.
  50. Monica: Always Gives good advice
  51. Zenobia: Senobia
  52. Chica: Cool pet name
  53. Alma
  54. Laura: Laurentia
  55. Loquita: Crazy girl

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