17 simple ways to Improve Your Fiverr Gig

What have you done lately to optimize your Fiverr gig? You see, it’s only after optimizing your Fiverr gig that you’ll begin to see a bump in your gig sales and revenue. So quit wishing you had more buyers and do something about your gig’s current situation.

I joined Fiverr a few months ago and have managed to make 5,599.70. You can do it to! My gig sales rose significantly after I tried some of the Fiverr gig optimization techniques I got from the internet.

How much can a beginner earn on Fiverr?

When you’re competing with thousands of similar gigs in your niche, it only makes sense to improve your Fiverr gig to make it stand out from the rest. “How? I’ve tried everything!” No, you haven’t my friend. There are several more techniques I guarantee you haven’t even thought of. 

Here are 11 ways to improve your Fiverr gig for better results every time.

How To Optimize Your Fiverr Gig

1. Offer something unique to improve your Fiverr gig

Every niche on Fiverr has got lots of variations of the same service repeated over and over again. 

Say you want an intro for your YouTube video done. You’ll go to Fiverr and see piles of gigs mostly running the same set of basic templates they’ll plug your logo into. It’s a bit underwhelming to see hundreds of gigs do the same thing. 

So, to give the existing level 2 or level T sellers a run for their money, you’ll need to come up with something more unique. You can design your own templates, add extras for customization options, or offer something more than just the intro video. 

This goes for other niches too. You’ve got to find the edge. A unique selling point very few or no other people are doing. 

To improve your Fiverr gig, think about offering something you can do exceptionally well or something you can produce at a higher quality than the existing sellers. This is where to start if you want to optimize your Fiverr gig properly.

Quite frankly, you won’t succeed in this business if you don’t have something unique to offer and the quality to back it up. 

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2. Choose the right titles to improve your Fiverr gig

The title is the most important aspect of your gig. 

Together with your gig image, the title is your only chance to create a good first impression on the buyer. Your title should tell the buyer exactly what services you offer in the clearest, most concise way. 

Anticipate what a buyer might be looking for and come up with convincing titles that indicate you can meet their demands. 

If you’re looking to improve your Fiverr gig, here are a few pointers to remember when writing your title:

i. Keep your title focused

Since you’re already working in a niche known to you and the buyer, go deeper to exactly define the services you offer. 

For instance, rather than just saying, “I will design your logo,” go ahead and say, “I will design a logo for your entrepreneurial consulting service.” Again, anticipate what your client needs.

ii. Use evocative language. 

Don’t use flat language by saying something like, “I will write blog posts,” say “ I will write catchy blog posts.”

iii. Use the key phrases your potential buyers are searching for. 

Tools like Google Trends, Keywordtool.io, or Google Adwords Keyword Tool to help you research the keywords you’re going to use in your gigs. 

These tools also help you compare the search terms to see which ones are the most popular.

iv. Keep your titles short

Short gig titles are easy to quickly understand. It is also important to do this because Fiverr is a very space-centred site. Gig displays, particularly on the front page, have little space to fit all their particulars. You get only a limited number of characters to use, and you need to utilize them fully.

4. Capture the customer’s attention with an eye-catching image

Apart from your title, the image is the next important part of your gig. Use eye-catching images to grab and hold the reader’s attention. 

Try to use images that portray you as a seller. For instance, if you’re a logo designer, use an attractive logo for your gig image. This will help you to improve your Fiverr gig.

Your images should also have a human touch to them. What I mean is, try to incorporate a human face in your gig images. People respond better to gigs that have images with people in them, and less to abstract figures or drawings. 

Also, use different variations on a theme to make your images consistent and show the various services you offer. A gig image is a great way to create your very own unique brand. 

5. Carefully consider your gig metadata

Optimizing your metadata is another excellent way to improve your Fiverr gig. 

It makes it easier for buyers to filter out gigs, depending on the category you’re selling in. And this is why you should go niche. Because this makes it easier to tailor your metadata to the exact focus of your gig. 

Try different metadata combinations to see how they affect your impressions, views, and orders. 

6. Optimize your Gig Search Tags to Improve Your Fiverr Gig

Small SEO tweaks will go a long way to help your gig find more buyers. Since you’re working in a specific niche, SEO makes a huge difference in the number of visitors your gig will receive. 

Find ways to improve your Fiverr gig by learning how to use SEO to tweak your gig title and metadata to make it stand out. 

7. Make the most of the different packages

Split every gig you offer into three packages so that you give your buyers more options. 

You can create ‘basic’, ‘standard’, and ‘luxury’ packages, all offering different levels of service, options and pricing. 

For each package, be very clear and straightforward in your description. This will help your buyer know exactly what they are getting. 

To improve your Fiverr gig, try to use gig extras to add to each level so that buyers can tailor your services to their exact needs. Plus, extras will get you a revenue boost. 

8. Write Compelling Descriptions to Improve Your Fiverr Gig

Your gig title, search tags, image, and metadata all help your gig appear in the marketplace, but it’s your description that really closes the deal. 

Great descriptions serve the following functions: 

  • They speak directly to the buyer and use words like “you” and “your business.”
  • express what is unique about your gig and tell the reader why they should you over your competitors. 
  • They demonstrate your insight, experience and expertise.
  • Tell the reader how your services will benefit them.
  • They tell the reader what they will miss if they go for another gig instead of yours.

The only challenge with writing descriptions is that you only have 1200 characters to get your point across. This means you’ll need to optimize your writing. 

Fortunately, you have the FAQs section to add in a little bit more information about your gig. 

9. Use the FAQs section to improve your Fiverr Gig

The FAQ section is one of the most overlooked parts of a gig. This section allows you to add up to 10 questions for each gig. Also, you get up to 300 characters to answer each question. 

That comes up to 3000 characters in all –  this is around 2 and a half times as many as those allowed in the gig description. This is a lot of space to work with. 

To hack this section, think about what the buyers would like to know about your gig and come up with a fitting response. 

It’s a great opportunity to anticipate your reader’s needs and show them you understand what they need and that you can deliver a result that will meet their needs. 

This section also helps you to build trust with your buyer by sharing more information about the gig you’re advertising.  

Generate “standardized” FAQs to use on most of your gigs, but set aside a couple of those to answer questions about that one particular gig you are working on. 

10. Add Videos to your gigs

Fiverr claims that videos increase your engagement by up to 40%. 

This may be the case because they create trust –  something really important when dealing with clients. 

Through the videos, you can talk directly to your customers, detailing the services you’ll offer them, and build connections. 

Here are some of the things you should do in your video: 

  • Introduce yourself and your gig.
  • Directly address your viewer using “You” statements.
  • Highlight the benefits of your gig.
  • Outline your experience, expertise and how you do the work.
  • At the end, ask them to buy your services. 

Videos help to improve your Fiverr gig by creating a connection with your viewers to get them to order your services.

11. Offer Great value

Fiverr gigs usually start at $5, plus extras that allow you to make as much money out of each customer. 

These upsells are how most Fiverr sellers make a good return on their investment, most of the time. However, go the complete opposite way. Don’t gate all of your quality behind these upsells. 

Put enough value in your base gig to impress customers enough that they feel okay buying the upsell.

One of the best ways to do this is to include enough content that $5 seems like a uniquely low price to pay. More buyers will perceive that they’re already getting more than $5’s worth of work and will, therefore, be more open to getting the upsell.

And of course, you should come up with an efficient production plan that will allow you to make the $5 basic level of value worth your time.  

12. Add a link to an allowed portfolio

With Fiverr, you can use certain URLs in your gig description. 

For instance, if you have a portfolio on sites like YouTube.com, flickr.com, Vimeo, Tumblr and more, it might make sense to add a link for your potential buyers to see. 

13. Use analytics to tweak your gigs

Try to incorporate analytics to improve your gig marketing strategies. Use analytics on your gigs to track  views, impressions, and orders. 

See how different changes you apply affect your metrics. You’ll then be able to identify the enhancements that have the most significant beneficial impacts. 

14. Ask for the requirements you need

The requirements section helps you to ask for the tools you need to do the full task. It makes your life a whole lot easier if you want to do a good job. 

Ask for the exact information you require from buyers to deliver high-quality results. Remember, if they love your work, they are very likely to become permanent buyers.

Therefore, ask as many questions as you require to get whatever information you require from them. Choose the fields which should be mandatory, and add context where it makes the most sense. 

15. Solicit excellent feedback to improve your Fiverr gig

Positive feedback from your buyers is essential, especially when you are competing with sellers offering almost the same services. 

For instance, take two sellers, Seller A and Seller B. Seller A has 70% positive reviews and B has 95%. In the long run, B is more likely to win more sales. 

This is due a snowball effect that positive reviews have –  the more sales B makes, the higher the volume of positive feedback he/she continues to get. The scales will continue to tip to B’s favour.

Ask your buyers to leave you positive reviews, but don’t press them too hard. 

Here’s one more way to increase your positive feedback potential.

16. Offer a guarantee

Offer to cancel transactions if a user isn’t satisfied with your work. The user won’t pay, and since the transaction is cancelled, they don’t get to leave negative reviews. 

But this is a risky strategy for two reasons. 

First, some people will seek to abuse this by getting a preview of the work. In some industries, only a preview of the sample product is enough to get the job done. 

Second, cancellations will appear on your account as well. Having a 100% positive feedback rating isn’t all that impressive if you have a 60% cancellation rate to follow it up. 

Customers are savvy and will know right away that you don’t satisfy most of your clients and cancel transactions to keep a high rating.  

17. Offer upsells and extras

Most of the value people get out of Fiverr gigs come from the upsells they offer. 

The site is based around the $5 transaction but with upsells, you might end up making $40 or even $60 or even more per sale. 

Offer upsells to specific customers. They shouldn’t just be general add-ons people need. Think of upsells as customization options, and not, “you need this upsell for your product to function.”

The best part about upsells is that Fiverr allows you to customize these upsells at any point. For instance, if you find that an upsell is effective but too expensive, you can change it. Or, you can drop the ineffective ones and test others out.

Final Thoughts on How to Optimize Your Fiverr Gig

These are some of the most basic ways to optimize your Fiverr gig. And I assure you they work.

I’ve tried most of these gig optimization tips myself and I have seen first-hand how small changes on your Fiverr profile go a long way to improve your Fiverr gig.

What ways to optimize your Fiverr gig are work for you? Please share your story.

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