50 Mother-Son Dance Songs

Though they’re not mandatory, parent dances – be they father-daughter, mother son, father-son, or father-daughter – will always be a meaningful and sentimental part of any wedding day. This is why mother son dance songs are quite important.

The mother son wedding dance is a beautiful tradition that allows grooms to share a meaningful moment with one of the most important people in their life – mom!

If you’re a groom preparing to dance with your biological mom or step-mom (or mother-figure, grandma, or aunt) at your wedding reception, here is a list of unique mother son dance songs.

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1. “Mother like mine” by The Band Perry

For a touching mother son dance songs country vibe, this acoustic jam is a great choice for a slow dance with your mom. With lyrics such as “So the wars would all be over / ‘Cause she’d raise us all as friends And no one would ever wonder if somebody wanted them We’d walk on grass that’s greener And our cares would all be freer If the world had a mother like mine”, this is one of the more sentimental mother son dance songs.

2. “I’ll Always Love My Mama” by The Intruders

If you’re looking for a way to let your beloved mom know that you appreciate her, this is a good mother son dance song to play. Consider working on some choreographed dance moves to the groovy melody to blow the crowd away.

3. “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw

This song highlights some of the most valuable lessons a mother can teach: working hard, respecting others, and staying humble and kind.

Most of all, it reminds us that our moms will always have our backs.

Overall, I think it’s one of the best mother son dance songs country.

4. “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts

This heartfelt is sure to create a treasured moment between mother and son.

The lyrics “My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to / Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small / You never need to carry more than you can hold / And while you’re out there getting where you’re getting to / I hope you know somebody loves you and wants the same things too” make it one of the best mother son dance songs country.

5. “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynrd

The lyrics “You’ll find a woman and you’ll find love/And don’t forget son, there is someone up above” stand out, making it suitable as one of the more touching mother son dance songs wedding.

6. “A Song For Mama” by Boyz II Men

Sway along with your beloved mom to this meaningful Boyz II Men 90s jam. A Boyz II Men may seem like an untraditional choice, but the lyrics “Mama, Mama you know I love you / (You know I love you) / Mama, Mama you’re the queen of my heart / Your love is like tears from the stars, yes it is” are nothing short of heartwarming.

7. “Mom” by Meghan Trainor

If you prefer more upbeat mother son dance songs for your wedding, “Mom” by Meghan Trainor is a great place to start. Heartwarming lyrics such as “You might have a mom / She might be the bomb / But ain’t nobody got a mom like mine” will make your mom feel like the guest of honor.

8. “Like My Mother Does” by Lauren Alaina

This is another mother son dance song country that will resonate with anyone who looks up to their mom. The lyrics “When I love I give it all I’ve got / Like my mother does / When I’m scared, I bow my head and pray / Like my mother does” are bound to bring a tear to your mom’s eye during your dance.

9. “Forever Young” by Rod Stewart

The lyrics to this timeless Rod Stewart song sends a message about staying kind and never losing sight of your true self even as you grow up. “Forever Young” carries a sentiment that any mom can relate to, which is why it’s one of the best mother son dance songs.

10. “Letter to My Mother” by Edwin McCain

With lyrics such as “I wanted to tell her how grateful I am / For giving me life, I’ve done the best that I can / I love you, Mama”, this Edwin McCain pop-rock song is the perfect option for a dance with your mom at your wedding.

11. “Mama Hold My Hand” by Aloe Blacc

This beautiful soul song is a great option for a mother son dance. The lyrics “When I was just a little boy / I would go to play / And I would wander so far from home / That I would lose my way / Then I call my Mama to help me / And she came right away / To help me get back home, where I wanna be” perfectly capture the significance the loving relationship between mother and son.

12. “Sweetest Devotion” by Adele

This sweet ballad written by renowned musician Adele for her son guarantees that your mother son dance will be a special moment that you’ll both treasure. Written from the perspective of a mother singing to her son, it perfectly highlights the feelings of love and dedication that your mom has for you.

13. “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders

Thanks to lyrics such as “I’ll stand by you/Won’t let nobody hurt you,” this sentimental song captures the essence of a loving and supportive mother son relationship.

14. “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted” Carrie Underwood

If your mom is a fan of country music, she’ll appreciate this tear-jerker, especially when she hears the lyrics” Never pictured myself singing lullabies/ Sitting in a rocking chair in the middle of the night/ In the quiet, in the dark/ You’re stealing every bit of my heart with your daddy’s eyes/ What a sweet surprise.” It is one of the best mother son dance songs country song lovers can enjoy.

15. “I Got You” by Ciara

Dance along to this moving song by Ciara that tells the story of a mother’s promise to always love and show up for her child.

16. “Thank You Mom” by Good Charlotte

With a song title like that, it’s clear to see why this song deserves a spot on this list. The lyrics “And even when the times got hard/ You were there to let us know that we’d get through/ You showed me how to be a man/ You taught me how to understand the things people do “ in particular stand out.

17. “Te Amo Mama” by Marco Antonio Solis

This is a Latino pop ballad from the 90s with a title that fittingly translates to “I love you, mom.” The lyrics are about thanking your mom for the life she’s given you, and how much you appreciate all the little things that make her special.

18. “Turn to You” by Justin Bieber

If you were brought up by a single mom, this song will likely strike a chord within you. The lyrics “You worked two jobs/ To keep a roof up over our heads/ You chose life for me/ No, you never gave up/ I admire you for the strength you’ve instilled in me” are especially touching.

19. “The Wish” by Bruce Springsteen

This song tells the story of a hard-working mother that takes care of her family and buys her son a gift that helps cultivate his musical prowess. If your mom loves Bruce Springsteen, look no further than this song for a unique mother son dance song.

20. “Look What You’ve Done” by Drake

Switch up the pace of your mother son dance by playing this hip-hop track by Drake. Have a fun dance-off to lyrics like “So worried that I won’t be accepted/ But I could do anything, you said that, and you meant that/ You took me places, you spent that, they said no, we went back”

21. “Tu Guardian” by Juanes

If you have a Spanish-speaking mom, she will love swaying along to this moving, lullaby-inspired song, which is basically about always being there for the ones you love, even in their sleep.

22. “Because you loved me” by Celine Dion

This song by powerhouse vocalist Celine Dion Is touching, with lyrics like “For all those times you stood by me / For all the truth that you made me see / For all the joy you brought to my life / For all the wrong that you made right” that will befit any mother son dance song wedding.

23. “Coming Home” by Leon Bridges

This is one of the best unique mother son dance songs to show your mom just how much you treasure her. The lyrics “I’m coming home / To your tender sweet loving / You’re my one and only woman” will let your mom know that she’ll always hold a special place in your heart.

24. “Time After Time” by Cindy Lauper

What’s better than an iconic 80’s ballad that perfectly sums up a mother’s unrelenting love? The lyrics “If you’re lost you can look and you will find me / Time after time / If you fall, I will catch you, I’ll be waiting / Time after time” strike the perfect balance of tender and powerful.

25. “I’ll Be There” by Mac Miller ft. Phonte

If you’re looking for unique mother son dance songs, this R&B might just be the perfect addition to your playlist. The lyrics “I wanna tell you momma / Sunshine or rain, I’ll be there / For the good times or bad, I’ll be there / Sunshine or rain, I’ll be there / For the good times or bad, I’ll be there” will remind you of everything your mom has done for you growing up.

26. “All My Tomorrows” by Frank Sinatra

When you listen to the lyrics of this golden oldie from a mother’s perspective, you’ll find that it’s a natural fit for your mother son dance. You can choose to dance along to the recording or have a band perform it live to add to the ambiance.

27. “The One Thing” by Shakira

Do you want to dance to a more upbeat song with your mom on a wedding day? “The one thing” by Shakira may just be what you’re looking for, with lyrics like “You’re the one thing that I got right / It’s a big ol’ world, yeah, it’s a big ol’ world / You turn the darkness into sunlight” to encourage you to get your groove on with your mum.

28. “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins

This is one of the most popular mother son dance songs for weddings. With lyrics like “For one so small/ You seem so strong/ My arms will hold you/ Keep you safe and warm/ This bond between us/ Can’t be broken/ I will be here don’t you cry”, it’s easy to see why.

29. “Home” by Phillip Phillips

When listened to from a mother’s perspective, the lyrics to this folk-inspired song can serve as a reminder that she’s always there for you as her son, which makes it a great choice for a mother son dance.

30. “The Best Day” by Taylor Swift

This song by singer-songwriter Taylor Swift perfectly captures a mother’s love through the eyes of a son (or daughter), thanks to lyrics like “I know you were on my side / Even when I was wrong / And I love you for giving me your eyes / Staying back and watching me shine.”

31. “93 Million Miles” by Jason Mraz

If you want a more low-key addition, this beautiful ballad by Jason Mraz is ideal. The lyrics “My beautiful mother / She told me / Son, in life you’re gonna go far / If you do it right / You’ll love where you are / Just know that wherever you go / You can always come home” make it especially meaningful.

32. “Days Like This” by The Shirelles

If you prefer a more poppy vibe for your mother son dance, this 60s song is a no-brainer. If rock is more of your style, the Van Morrison cover of this song is a great alternative.

33. “How Long Will I Love You” by Ellie Goulding

This is one of the more current songs on this list, and is a great option for a dance with your mother at your wedding, thanks to the lyrics “How long will I love you / As long as stars are above you / And longer if I can / How long will I need you.”

34. “Close Your Eyes” by Michael Buble

You can never go wrong with a Michael Buble song, especially one with lyrics like “You’re my life and my safe harbor/ Where the sun sets every night/ And if my love is blind/ I don’t want to see the light.” This can be a very unique wedding mother son dance song.

35. “Do I Make You Proud” by Taylor Hicks

With lyrics like “My heart is full/ Of endless gratitude/ You were the one/ The one to guide me through/ Now I can see/ And I believe/ It’s only just beginning,” this song is a great addition to any mother son dance.

36. “Loves Me Like A Rock” by Paul Simon

The lyrics “Oh, my mama loves me, she loves me / She get down on her knees and hug me / Oh, she loves me like a rock / She rock me like the rock of ages / And loves me” describe a mother’s unconditional love for her son.

37. “Remedy” by Adele

This is yet another fun and powerful song choice by Adele, with lyrics like “No river is too wide or too deep for me to swim to you/ Come whatever, I’ll be the shelter that won’t let the rain come through/ Your love, it is my truth/ And I will always love you/ Love you, oh.” This is one of the best mother son dance songs.

38. “The First Lady In My Life” by Paul Todd

As you might be able to tell from the title, this song is especially dedicated to moms, the first ladies in our lives.

39. “Mama Said” by Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham’s versatile voice will lend a fun but touching vibe to any mother son dance. The chorus “When mama said that it was okay / Mama said that it was quite alright / Our kind of people had a bed for the night / And it was okay / Mama told us we were good kids” makes it particularly meaningful.

40. “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban

If you’re looking for a powerful classic song to sway along to on the dance floor with your mom at your wedding, “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban is one of your best bets, thanks to lyrics like “You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains / You raise me up to walk on stormy seas / I am strong when I am on your shoulders / You raise me up to more than I can be.”

41. “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” by Stevie Wonder

If you and your mom want to show off your moves on the dance floor, try dancing to this jazzy tune. you can expect a lot of fun twirling and dips to this delightful Stevie Wonder song.

42. “You’re Gonna Be” by Reba McEntire

Show your mom just how much you appreciate her with this touching choice. Lyrics like “You’re gonna fly with every dream you chase/ You’re gonna cry but know that that’s okay/ Sometimes life’s not fair but if you hang in there” will make any mother son dance all the more meaningful.

43. “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” by James Taylor

This James Taylor classic makes for a great addition to any wedding playlist and works perfectly as a mother son dance song for your wedding, especially with lyrics like I needed the shelter of someone’s arms/ And there you were/ I needed someone to understand my ups and downs/ And there you were.”

44. “The Wonder of You” by Elvis Presley

If you and your mom enjoy classical music, you’ll love dancing to “The Wonder of You”, especially if you choose the version accompanied by London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

45. “Here For You” by Neil Young

Neil Young is rumored to have written this song about his daughter, but either way, lyrics like “You might say I’m here for you/ Yes I miss you/ But I never want to hold you down/ You might say I’m here for you/ I’ll always be here for you” perfectly capture a parent-child bond, which is what makes this song a great choice for a slow-paced mother son dance song.

46. “If I Didn’t Have You” by Thompson Square

This is another mothe son dance song option for a country wedding, thanks to the lyrics, “If you didn’t love me so much / I’d never make it through / ‘Cause this life would kill me / This life would kill me / If I didn’t have you.”

47. “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King

You can never go wrong with this classic hit, thanks to lyrics like “When the night has come / And the land is dark / And the moon is the only light we’ll see / No I won’t be afraid / Oh, I won’t be afraid / Just as long as you stand, stand by me,” which can be interpreted as a mother promising to always be there for her son.

48. “Child of Mine “ by Carole King

With suiting lyrics like “You don’t need directions / You know which way to go / And I don’t want to hold you back / I just want to watch you grow / You’re the one who taught me / You don’t have to look behind,” this song aptly captures the need of a mom to let her son grow up and build a life of his own.

49. “Landslide” by  Fleetwood Mac

Sway along to this Fleetwood Mac classic with your mom for your mom-son dance. The lyrics, “Well, I’ve been ‘fraid of changin’ / ‘Cause I’ve built my life around you / But time makes you bolder / Even children get older / And I’m gettin’ older, too” in particular fit the occasion.

50. “The Perfect Fan” by Backstreet Boys

This catchy pop song acknowledges the love and support that moms show to their kids as they follow their dreams, which is why it earns a spot on this list.

Final thoughts On Mother Son Dance Songs

Whether you choose to go for lighthearted and silly mother son dance songs, or you prefer something truly meaningful and emotional, you can be confident that you’ll find one or more songs on this list that will make dancing with your mom on your wedding day even more special.

These wedding mother son dance Songs will help celebrate that special bond the two of you have.

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