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Pressed for cash? Want to make money fast? Great! This post was written for you.

Sometimes all we want is to make a quick buck as fast as we can. It could be to supplement your income, to pay off a debt, or to help you buy that item that you really want but hadn’t budgeted for.

If you are in any of these situations, the good news is that you can actually make money fast online. Making money online has become the norm these days. Everyone has embraced this idea and it is no longer a possibility but a reality.

From college students, teenagers, employed people, to senior citizens. There is money everywhere on the internet. You just need to know how to look for it.

Here is our list of how to make money online fast.

Apps That Help You Make Money Fast

These are apps that pay you real money simply for signing up and carrying out simple tasks. Some will pay you to take surveys, others to shop, and to do other tasks.

Thanks to these apps, it is now possible to make money fast on the internet.

1. Get $10 for signing up to MyPoints

If you want to make $10 right now, you can signup at MyPoints and get paid $10.

MyPoints is a cashback and survey site. As a member, you can earn up to 40% cashback every time you shop at different online retailers Target and Amazon.

MyPoints also pays you to complete surveys, play games, and to watch videos. You can do all these as you wait in line for something. If you are a student, you can complete these tasks as you wait for your next class.

MyPoints gives you a $10 Amazon gift card or $10 Visa gift card for signing up.

2. Get Cashback From Dosh

The Dosh app is very straightforward. You create a free account with them, connect your cards, and get automatic cashback when you shop.

Dosh will deposit cash back to your Dosh wallet.

When the cashback reaches $25, it will be transferred to your bank, Venmo or PayPal account.

You basically get paid to do what you already do.

3. Survey junkie– Get free 200 points for signing up

Survey Junkie is an online Survey site. They pay you real money for the feedback you give on surveys.

They work with various brands from different companies. The surveys available are diverse and target different demographics.

The surveys are allocated to the users according to the information they fill out when signing up. So try to be as specific as possible.

Each survey will take you between 5-25 minutes to complete and will earn you anywhere between $5 to $20 depending on the nature of the survey.

4.Get paid $10 for signing up at Rakuten

Rakuten is a cashback site that pays you $10 for signing up. That’s not all. When you shop through their website, you get cashback on your shopping. You will get paid by PayPal or check. How does the idea of not paying the price for your shopping sound?

As if this is not enough, Rakuten also pays you for referring people to their site. You earn $25 for each referral you make.

Click here to claim your $10 bonus. And don’t forget to shop through the Rakuten website to get cashback on all your shopping.

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a survey site too. What makes it a bit different from its counterpart, Survey Junkie, is that it has more monetary opportunities. This platform rewards you in the form of points to do stuff you already do every day.

For example, you can do all of your browsing, shopping, watching videos and play games and earn points while at it.

These points are then converted into cash or gift cards. You get paid in cash deposited to your PayPal or in giftcards.

100 swag points(SBs) are equivalent to $1. Accumulate these points quickly by doing these activities daily to earn $250 per month.

Sign up right here to get started.

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6. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a popular loyalty-rewards and a market research platform that offers services almost similar to Survey Junkie’s.

You can earn real money on this site doing the things you do online every day like watching videos, playing games and the occasional survey.

Signing up for InboxDollars is super easy. Plus, you earn a $5 bonus upon completion of the sign-up process.

One of the perks of using this platform is that they reward your actions in cash, unlike the points system which is still being used by their competitors.

Sign up right here to start enjoying these benefits and so much more.

7. Download Ibotta and get paid $20

Ibotta is a free mobile coupon and cashback shopping app that is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The app is simple to use. When you first download the app you get a $20 bonus! Earning rewards on this app is even easier. All you have to do is shop at selected brands and provide proof of purchase.

Cashback opportunities save you loads of money.

You can use Ibotta in more than 300 participating stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart and many more.

Get Paid To Carry Out Simple Tasks

8. Get paid to shop with Swagbucks

You can also do your shopping online through Swagbucks to earn cash back and save money with coupon codes.

Sign up for Swagbucks here and start saving money on your shopping trips right now. Do your shopping on all the popular online outlets like Amazon, Macy’s, Home Depot and Lowes to save your money.

You can also install the Swagbutton on your browser. This plugin alerts you to the best deals available at different retailers.

9. Make money teaching English at VIPKID

VIPKid is an online teaching platform that brings together teachers and learners of  English. It provides virtual online classrooms where interactive learning can take place.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in teaching, you should consider this option. They have a strict hiring process.

They pay quite well. Their rates range from $14-$18 per hour. There are also additional incentives that can boost your earnings when you meet certain targets like finishing a class or being punctual for your classes. With incentives, rates may get as high as $22 per hour.

10. Wag

Make money walking people’s pets with the Wag app. Signing up for this gig does not take much time.

There are three base amounts depending on the duration that these walks last. The rates are as follows;  $9 for a 20-minute walk, $12 for a 30-minute walk and $18 for a 60-minute walk.

You can also refer your friends using your referral link to get a $25 referral bonus while they get $20 free on their first walk.

So if you get lots of free time to yourself during the day why don’t you give it a try.

11.  Rover

This is a pet care service that offers services like dog boarding, daycare, pet sitting, dog walking and transportation. With more than 25000 pet sitters nationwide, it is the largest pet sitting company today.

Sign up to be one of their pet-sitters to get a daily average of $25.

12. Get refunds for stuff you already bought using Paribus

Paribus is a price-tracking app which is synced to your email account. It scans your receipts and negotiates with online retailers on your behalf to have the difference refunded if there is a price drop shortly after you make a purchase.

Get a free account right here and save at your favourite online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Target and many more. Signing up is free of charge.

13. Get paid to review music at SlicethePie

SlicethePie is an online TV and music review platform. You get paid for your opinion on adverts, music and fashion. This is a fun way to earn extra cash, just sitting, doing close to nothing.

The amount you will earn will depend on your star rating. You get high star ratings when your reviews are detailed, concise and helpful.

When you first sign up, you will be placed on the basic one-star rating which can earn you $0.11 for each bonus review and $0.01 for every standard review you do. Bonus reviews change from time to time. It could be a TV show review, an advert and so on.

Longterm Sources Of Income

If you want to take things to the next level, then you should consider some of the options below.

These are not get-rich-quick schemes. Quite the contrary.

They will require a bit of time and commitment for you to start seeing results. But once these methods start making you money, you will have gotten yourself a stable source of income.

You can even choose to quit your 9-5 job and focus on them fully.

1. Make Money From Facebook ads

People no longer use Facebook just for fun and to connect with their friends and famlies. Nowadays, Facebook can be used as a source of income.

There are very many ways to make money on Facebook. One of the best ways is by including ads in your videos.

You can earn money by including short ads before, during, or after your videos.

Facebook will automatically identify natural breaks in your content to place ads. If you want, you can also choose your own placements.

The amount of money you make will be determined by the number of video views you get and who the advertisers are.

Where to start: Facebook has a free introductory tutorial to Facebook ads for newbies.

Other ways to earn from Facebook ads:

  • Fan subscriptions: allow your fans to directly fund your page through monthly, recurring payments that you set. You can identify your biggest fans by the special badge provided to them by Facebook in the comments. You can reward them with perks such as exclusive content and discounts.
  • Branded Content: Make money by publishing content that features or is influenced by a business partner.
  • Subscription groups: Facebook allows group admins to sustain themselves through subscriptions.

2. Become an Instacart Shopper

The food delivery system is growing exponentially especially during this time of the pandemic. More people are having their food delivered instead of going out to get it themselves.

Instacart is a great grocery delivery service. When you become an Instacart shopper, you take orders from customers through the Instacart app, then go to the grocery store, find the products, and purchase them.

You then deliver them to the client’s home.

Payment comes in the form of a flat delivery fee plus a fee for every item ordered. You are given 100% of the tips you get.

3. Make money blogging

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to make money online. Thank goodness blogs are very easy to set up nowadays.

I show you how to start a blog in 15 minutes here. No technical skills are required. Anyone can do it.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps to get started.

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You will also find methods of monetizing your blog on the same article.

4. Affiliate marketing

This is one of the main methods of making money with a blog. It is the best way of earning passive income through your website.

What Is It? Simply put, it is a performance-based marketing strategy where retailers or companies pay you to have their products advertised. This product promotion is done through the use of affiliate links that you add to your articles.

So what are the best affiliate programs for bloggers?

You can find a list of 136 Best Affiliate Programs of 2020 here.

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5. Join Fiverr and sell your services

Fiverr is the largest marketplace that brings freelancers and buyers together. You can sell your services on Fiverr and make money.

You can sell literally any service.

It is usually slow at first, but once your gig catches on, you start getting many clients, and finally a consistent income.

Fiverr offers many opportunities that both newbies and experienced professionals can enjoy.

Plus there are thousands of clients to work with.

Join Fiverr now to start your online career. It is easy to sign up for this service and will take you no time at all.

6. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a great way to make money online.

It is possible to make hundeds or even thousands of dollars per month after working for a few months as a freelance writer.

All you’ll need is a good portfolio with a few published samples and you’ll be able to start pitching to clients.

I go into deeper details on this post on How to get freelance writing jobs

I show you how to create a freelance writing portfolio and where to find good freelance writing jobs.

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7 Open a digital shop and sell stuff at Sellfy

Sellfy is an eCommerce platform for people to sell both physical and digital products.

You can sell Design assets, eBooks, videos and films, Audio files, Software, or any other digital products.

8. Offer Graphic Design Services

If you are a web or graphic designer, you should try selling your services at 99designs or DesignCrowd. These are the best platforms for all things web and graphic design.

With 99designs, clients can either pick a particular designer to do a project for them or open a contest where several designers pitch their ideas. They then pick the best idea from the contest.

You can still make money even if you are not a graphic designer. What you do is apply for graphic design jobs at 99designs and DesignCrowd and when you get the jobs, you outsource them to someone from a platform like Fiverr. You can get design services for cheap there.

Then pay the Fiverr designer and keep the remaining amount of money.

9. Become a Proofreader

Proofreading is reading of content and correcting grammatical errors. You go through a publication and and fix any spelling mistakes and puntuation errors.

People get paid to do that. And please note that proofreading is different from editing.

Editing comes before proofreading. With editing, you can change the structure of the content and make the writing better. But with proofreading, you simply scan the content to correct punctuation and grammatical errors.

You can totally make money proofreading. But first you have to go through some training.

Luckily, there are great proofreading courses. One of the very best courses that we totally recommend is General Proofreading: Theory and Practice by Caitlin Pyle.

You can check it out and see if it’s something you will like to pursue.

10. Start a course

If you consider yourself an expert on a particular field, or if your friends go to you whenever they need help on a certain subject, you can create a course on that subject.

Creating courses is very simple thanks to platforms like Thinkific and MemberVault. You can create and host your courses on these platforms.

You can then create a website to market your course.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Money Fast

‘Make money fast’ is no longer just clickbait. It’s real and can be done. It is, however, your decision to make.

It is possible to make money fast. But you have to be committed to doing it. Nothing comes for free. You have to work for it and be smart about it.

So choose today to join the millions of online nomads to make this statement your reality.


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