How much Halloween candy is sold each year?

Americans consume the most Halloween candy. On average, Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy annually for Halloween. This is close to $2 billion dollars worth of candy every year. 

Are Halloween Oreos double stuf?

Halloween Oreos are double stuf Oreos, just like Christmas Oreos. However, Halloween Oreos are different because of their orange-colored filling. The themed images printed on the edge of the cookie and the pumpkins which are sometimes found on the cookies are also a favorite for many. 

Are Halloween Oreos vegan?

Oreos, including Halloween Oreos, are vegan. They do not contain any ingredients derived from animals. However, if you are allergic to dairy, you should be careful since Oreos could be cross-contact with milk. This means that small amounts of milk may have come into contact with either the cookies or the equipment used to make them. There is also vegan Halloween Candy.

How much Halloween candy to buy?

One of Halloween’s most popular traditions is handing out candy during trick or treating. However, most of the time, we end up overspending on the candy and end up with bowls of candy after the holiday. To avoid overspending on Halloween candy this year, you need to consider the number of kids in your neighborhood and the amount of candy you want to give out.

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