How much does the average Halloween costume cost?

Child-sized Halloween costumes typically range from $25 to $40. This does not include the additional props that the costume may need, makeup, or a candy bag. Average adult Halloween costumes like pregnant Halloween costumes can be found in prices ranging between $30 and $60. However, the prices can soar into hundreds of dollars for the more elaborate costumes. 

How much to spend on a Halloween costume?

If you are planning to assemble your costume, the average cost is about $50 or even less. However, if you are putting your costume together with paid for items, the amount of money you’ll spend on your costume will be significantly higher. 

How much is too much for a Halloween costume?

The average cost for a Halloween costume ranges between $50 and $100. If you are planning to get your Halloween costume on a budget, any price that is significantly greater than the average cost is too much for a Halloween costume. 

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