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Halloween wouldn’t be complete without the movies that go along with it. Halloween movies play a big part in setting the mood for the holiday. Nothing compares to a Halloween movie night filled with scary, spell-binding movies that send a chill down your spine, setting you in the mood and in the spooky season spirit. 

You do not have to be a fan of horror films to appreciate Halloween movies. Some of them are not even scary. What sets them apart is that they are full of Halloween goodness. There are hundreds of Halloween movies to choose from. Below is a list of some epic Halloween movies that shouldn’t miss on your Halloween Movie List. 

1. The Invisible Man

Though it is a recent movie, The Invisible man has earned its place among Halloween movies. The intense drama focuses on a crazed scientist who stages his own suicide and uses his power to become invisible to stalk and terrorize his ex-girlfriend. The victim decides to take matters into her own hands when no one believes her. 

2. Us

Us is a brilliant Halloween film that features a family who discovers that the four masked strangers who attack them while on vacation are their violent doppelgangers. The film is a brilliant depiction showing that the only thing scarier than a monster is yourself. 

3. A Quiet Place

This is an apocalyptic thriller where mysterious creatures hunt by sound. This forces a family to live in silence to avoid being hunted. Knowing that even the slightest whisper or footstep can bring death, the parents are determined to protect their children while searching for a way to fight back.

4. Halloween

This is a remake of the 1978 thriller going by the same name. The movie focuses on the Strode women, who were the victims of an attack by a crazed killer on Halloween night 40 years before. The killer manages to escape from an institution and the Strode women face a terrifying showdown when the masked madman returns. 

5. Hereditary

This is a terrifying paranormal horror that should definitely find its way into your Halloween movies list. It features a family haunted by the cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry. The family tries to outrun the sinister fate they have inherited.

6. It

This is a film adaptation from one of Stephen King’s bone-chilling stories. The movie features seven young kids who are about to face their worst nightmare in the form of an ancient, shape-shifting evil that emerges from the sewer every 27 years to prey on the town’s children. The friends band together to overcome their own personal fears to battle a bloodthirsty murderous clown known as Pennywise.

7. Get Out

This is a masterpiece of a film that uses racism as a vehicle for supernatural horror. The film features a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries made by the protagonist about his girlfriend’s family. The discoveries lead him to a truth that he never could have imagined. 

8. The Conjuring

This is a must-see Halloween film about paranormal investigators who visit a secluded farmhouse where there is a supernatural presence. The issue seems less than horrifying at first but the events soon escalate in horrifying fashion. The story is based on the real-life exploits of paranormal researchers Lorraine and Ed Warren. 

9. Shutter Island

The movie takes place in a fortress-like insane asylum located on a remote Island. This mind boggling drama features two U.S. Marshals who are investigating the implausible escape of a murderer. As the investigation deepens, one of the Marshals realizes he will have to confront his own dark fears if he hopes to make it off the island alive.

10. Coraline

This stop motion film follows Coraline who stumbles upon a door to an alternate dimension while exploring her new house. The alternate world closely mirrors her own but happens to be better in many ways. She is happy in this new world until she discovers that something is off. To make it back to her own family and life, Coraline must use all her bravery and resources.

11. The Cabin in the Woods

This Halloween film is a satire of the horror genre that features five college friends who arrive at a remote forest cabin for a little vacation. The film cleverly incorporates werewolves, zombies, and evil rituals, with the college students falling victim to these horrors. There are plot twists and there is more at work than meets the eye.

12. A Nightmare on Elm Street

This is a classic Halloween movie that should be on everyone’s watchlist. In the film, several teenagers fall prey to Freddy Krueger, a disfigured mangler who haunts the teenagers by preying on them in their dreams, which, in turn, kills them in reality. After investigating the phenomenon, the protagonists find a dark secret that may be key to unraveling the mystery and hope to solve the puzzle before it is too late. 

13. Ghostbusters

This is an awesome Halloween classic that is perfect for a mixed age group. The movie features scientists who decide to become “ghostbusters” to wage a high-tech battle with the supernatural for money. When the Ghostbusters stumble upon a portal to a dimension that would release evil upon New York, they find a way to save the city from complete destruction. 

14. The Shining

The Shining is arguably the most famous Halloween film ever. The film features the writer-turned-madman Jack Torrance who becomes the winter caretaker at an isolated hotel hoping to cure his writer’s block. He settles in along with his wife and son, Danny, who is plagued by psychic premonitions. As Jack’s writing goes nowhere and Danny’s visions become more disturbing, Jack discovers the hotel’s dark secrets and begins to unravel into a homicidal maniac hell-bent on terrorizing his family.

Halloween movies scary

Halloween FAQs

What are costume props?

Halloween costume props are accessories that help to accentuate or bring your Halloween costume to life. Examples include swords for pirate costumes, shurikens for ninja costumes, wands for witch costumes, handcuffs for cop costumes, and so on. Although they are not entirely necessary they help to complete your costume. 

What are traditional Halloween Characters?

Halloween is filled with a wide range of characters. You can decide to go as anything you like. The most common characters, however, are vampires, witches, skeletons, mummies, and ghosts. 

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