Motherhood can be both fulfilling and overwhelming at the same time. Well, mostly overwhelming. That’s part of the reason why most moms are victims of unsolicited advice about raising their kids. And more often than not the advice is not always helpful. Luckily, parents on Reddit and Twitter know what’s up. Below are funny quotes about moms you will love. Go ahead and laugh, you deserve it!

Funny Quotes About Moms

  1. The fastest way of getting your baby’s attention is to sit down and look comfortable

2. Do not smell everything your toddler offers you. 

3. Anyone who claims that the baby and toddler years are wonderful has either forgotten the struggle or has a nanny. 

4. When your toddler gives you an imaginary phone, ANSWER IT. There are no two ways about it.

5. Kids are the easiest people to bribe.

6. Your children do not know that you have no idea of what will happen when you actually make it to “three.” 

7. Your baby’s nap time is the new happy hour.

8. Toddlers are like puppies. They never get tired. 

9. Embarrass your kid every opportunity you get. 

10. The infant and toddler years are the best years to take photographs. These are the golden years before they get goofy smiles.

11. Don’t worry, you’ll find the lost socks years later.

12. Brace yourself for lots of poop. 

13. Diapers won’t always hold the poop in. The poop will instead find its way up to the baby’s armpits

14. Babies after the first three months are relatively durable creatures. Unless you act recklessly with your baby, you won’t break them. 

15. Your sanity is entirely dependent on you becoming an expert hoarder of napkins. Hoard napkins from every restaurant you visit and stash them in every nook and cranny: your work bag, your glove compartment, in the kitchen drawers, in your pockets, everywhere. You want to have ready access to napkins because you will always need them.

16. Other moms and dads are basically encyclopedias for raising babies. They are some of the best teachers

17. Being a parent is the perfect excuse to walk around and play with toys, play video games, and get back to the fun things you left because people told you to grow up. Parenthood allows you to enhance the things you are not supposed to love anymore.

18. People will be inclined to comply when you ask for help. Just say it’s for baby. During the first few weeks, the baby will be the highest priority, and you’ll find other tasks being far down the priority list. Getting help also allows you to take care of yourself.

19. The formula for good parenting is just winging it. Figure things out as you go along.

20. Kids are some of the noisiest beings. Silence means they’re doing something naughty or something is probably up. 

21. Think of parenting as a regular job. It’s okay not to be always 100% psyched up about your job. 

22. However funny it is when your toddler sneezes in your face, DO NOT LAUGH. You’ll be subjecting yourself to years of purposeful sneezes in your face. 

23. A new baby equals sleep deprivation. Soon enough, your friends will understand why you constantly look like a zombie.

24. During the first few months, you have the right to sneak in as many naps as possible. 

25. Recycle as many jokes as possible. They probably can’t remember all of them.

26. Here’s a funny quote for new moms: not all brown smears are chocolate

27. Drinking 2 cups of coffee helps you get ready to start the day and see the kids. It’s science

28. Brace yourself to be bombarded with hundreds of questions by your toddler. Distracting them and then running to hide helps sometimes. 

29. Sometimes you nail it and sometimes you don’t, and that is okay. Learning on the job is more fun and more important than following rules set by experts or supposedly perfect parents.

30. Anyone who is not waiting for their toddler to fall in the mud is lying. 

31. Being a parent does not mean giving up the things you love. It is an excuse to play with toys, play video games, and get back to the fun things you left because people told you to grow up. Parenthood means enhancing the things you are not supposed to love anymore.

32. Remember to eat. During the first few weeks, eating will be far down your priority list. Accept all gifts involving food. If someone offers to help, ask them to prepare you something.

33. When your kid is silent in the other room, something is probably up.

34. There is no such thing as a perfect parent. You’ll make mistakes but do not dwell on them. It is okay to make mistakes. 

35. Ask for help every once in a while. You’ll need it.

36. We all have bad days. It doesn’t mean you are a bad parent

37. Babies and toddlers grow at an alarming rate. Don’t spend too much on outfits they’ll outgrow in weeks.

38. Even on the days that you are not your best self, your kid still thinks you are the best

39. It is okay to cry

40. Sleep will come eventually. It all gets easier and you’ll soon start feeling more like yourselves.

Other Funny Quotes About Moms & Quotes About Parenting

Here is another list of quotes on parenting. It includes quotes on parenthood, funny quotes for mom, and funny quotes on motherhood in general.

41. Don’t tell a mom she looks tired, she already knows that. Tell her she’s doing a good job. She might not know that.

42. Nothing is really lost until your mom can’t find it

43. Your children do not want a perfect mom. They want a happy one

44. Perfect parents exist, but they don’t have kids

45. We can’t all look good at the same time. It’s either me, the kids, or the house.

46. Never give eye contact to a child on the verge of sleep. They will sense your excitement and abort.

47. Whenever you feel discouraged, just remember that you are the center of the universe to the tiny humans you made from scratch. You’re kind of a big deal.

Final Thoughts On Funny Quotes About Mom

Hopefully, these funny quotes about moms have put a smile on your face. I hope you found these quotes about parenting funny or even helpful. Parenting is hard and everyone feels overwhelmed and incapable at times. The days may seem to drag but the years will pass by very fast.

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