33 Fun Gigs On Fiverr You Can Start Selling

Fiverr is known to have some of the most professional gigs on the internet. It has some of the best web developers, graphic designers, content creators, etc. What I love about Fiverr is that it also has some crazy fun gigs that are super easy to sell. I’ve come up with a list of some of the most fun gigs that sell on Fiverr you can sell.

You don’t need any technical skills to sell some gigs on Fiverr. And these are the gigs we are going to focus on today. Luckily, you can make money on Fiverr selling these gigs.

I joined Fiverr a few months ago and have managed to make 5,599.70. You can do it to!

How much can a beginner earn on Fiverr?

If you have not signed up on Fiverr yet, you can go to Fiverr and create an account.

Here are some wacky ways you can make money on Fiverr. These are gigs that sell on Fiverr.

1. Draw cartoon portraits of people. 

gigs to sell on fiverr

If you are good at drawing cartoons, you can offer gigs like this one. You can charge anything from $15 to $75 for a single cartoon portrait.

You should do this for fun. This way, you’ll enjoy what you do while making money in the process. 

2. Write Funny Blog Posts

You can add humour to people’s blogs, websites scripts and more to get paid. If you’ve got a great sense of humour and a quick wit, why not share it with others, helping them add life to their dull work.

You can do this on people’s blogs, scripts, websites and more. 

3. Make children’s illustrations

The most popular gigs on Fiverr

This is yet another great gig for those of you who are artistic and creative. Become a children’s illustrator and offer unique gigs like these. There is really no competition here. Only a select few can do this.

What this means that you can charge more. For each gig, you stand to earn around $30 – $150! So if you are good at drawing, join the few who can today to start making it big.

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4. Create Funny Dog videos

gigs to sell on Fiverr

This one got me thinking, “Who the hell comes up with these ideas?” And as if it isn’t funny enough, it is a thing. I’m not kidding.

Nowadays, you can create out of the wazoo dog videos to get paid. For instance, there is a Fiverr profile I came across with a video where the dog ‘speaks’ a bunch of gibberish.

Along the video, there is a translated version of what he said like, “I love my new mattress,” or something of the sort.

Each time, this guy uses the same video and just adds different text over the video to promote different businesses or messages. People seem to clearly love this gig since it is pretty unique.

And the great thing about being unique is that you get to charge pretty much what you like. Provided you make good videos. 

5. Draw crazy monster portraits

People actually pay for this kind of thing. If you are artistically gifted, you’re in luck. You can draw monster portraits to get paid.

fiverr gigs

The uglier the better. So, conjure the worst images of monsters in your mind to make the coolest and scariest portraits. That’s what some people are looking for. Sometimes I wish I could draw. It seems gigs like these are really in demand.


6. Deliver messages as a flower man or woman

Had enough wacky today? Well, there is plenty of it on Fiverr. They just keep coming, don’t they? Here’s another one.

You can dress up like a flower man and say personal messages to people. It’s crazy how you can really do anything for money these days. Including dressing up like a flower to make money on the internet.

gigs to sell on fiverr

But, it need not only be a flower costume. You can do this gig in whatever costume you find available or whatever your customers ask for. The wackier, the better.

People pay to have messages delivered to their loved ones this way. How random would be to get a birthday message from a guy/girl dressed in a weird costume? Would you try it?

7. Create puppet videos

If you are into puppets and know how to work them, this one’s for you. You can do anything with puppets. Maybe you could start making professional puppet videos with unique personal messages.

best fiverr gigs

Think of yourself as a Professional puppet spokesperson. You could sell it in any language the customer likes – English, Spanish or whatever language you fancy.

8. Celebrity impersonations

There are tons of gigs like this on Fiverr. No expertise needed. If you know how to do any famous celebrity impersonations, then I suggest you start cashing in on your abilities with Fiverr.

most popular fiverr gigs

Just look at the sheer number of gigs like these that people are buying and you’ll be surprised. Start selling your Morgan Freeman impersonations now!

9. Model Products or merchandise

Many companies, especially startups, will pay you to wear their merch or use their products. This is where you come in. As a Fiverr model, you can wear their merch or use their products, take some high quality photos doing it and that’s it.

fiverr gigs ideas

For this, you can charge no less than $63. It’s not runway modelling or anything but there is a great demand for gigs like these. Have a go at this today. It might be the start to the modelling career you’ve always wanted. You never know.

10. Draw people as Super Hero Cartoon Caricatures

fiverr gigs examples

Yet another gig idea in Fiverr’s illustration category. Got any drawing skills? Go ahead. Try drawing superheroes. You might like it and get paid for it. 

11. Compose Nursery Rhymes

Wondering who would pay you to do this? Me too. However, it is a thing and people are being paid for it. If you like poems and have a way with the kids, try it. Maybe you are better at this than most. If you have a few ideas, you can start composing catchy nursery rhymes and post your gigs on Fiverr.

That’s the thing I love about Fiverr. It has a diversity of both sellers and buyers. Plus, gigs as rare as this one are very expensive. One nursery rhyme may go for as much as $50!

12. Write Children’s stories

Writing children’s stories is one of the fun gigs that sell on Fiverr. This gig is a bit like the last one but it involves writing fun stories for children. Again, if you enjoy writing children’s stories or have done this before and liked it, try it.  You might think that there aren’t many people out there doing this, but you’ll be surprised.

The children’s story market is a pretty competitive one. Many people try their hand at it. And there is a very high demand for this kind of work. I believe that you can make lots of money writing fun children’s stories.

13. Write product descriptions

I pay people to do this for me very frequently. It’s one of those things that I struggle with. When I try to do it myself, I’ll find myself taking hours writing, deleting and rewriting short product descriptions. And that’s why I pay people to do it. Not everyone enjoys it. I’m not alone, however, I have many friends who don’t enjoy it either. 

That’s where you cash in. On people like me. If you enjoy writing fun product descriptions that sell, please try offering this as a gig on Fiverr. You can charge good money for it. Anything from $100 is usually the norm for these gigs. 

14. Become Mean Santa and create video messages

This is a seasonal gig which I guess is super popular around the holidays. Ho ho ho, bad Santa rules! And he’s got a special message just for you. What do you think he’s got to say to you? I guess it’s a surprise they’ll have to find out for themselves.

easy fiverr gigs

Bad Santa gets to say what he wants, however, he wants it. Keep in mind you’re being paid to deliver a message though. This is the kind of thing many people are willing to pay for. So say it like you MEAN it. Get it? 

15. Create Custom Crossword puzzles

Do you know how to make crossword puzzles? If you do, then head straight away to Fiverr to start cashing in on it.

I like to think that whenever anyone needs a crossword puzzle, they go to Fiverr. That’s a fact! I mean Fiverr has some of the most unique and wacky professional gigs on the internet. Why would crosswords miss?

fiverr gigs to sell

So if you fancy yourself a bit of a crossword puzzle architect, rest assured there are jobs waiting for you. I am a bit of a crossword lover myself so that’s saying something.

16. Make Fun Youtube Profile banners

Now, this is a more niche version of graphic design. And you can get it all on Fiverr. Get imaginative and create awesome Youtube covers. Personally, I’d pay for a gig like this one. Start now and maybe…just maybe…you’ll create one for me.

Apart from me, there are thousands of new YouTube accounts being opened daily. So there is always great demand for what you do.

17. Sing Happy Birthday Messages

If you can sing, then why not get paid to do it while singing a special bday song to someone. Imagine the feeling you’ll get when you open your email to find a link to a video of a great singer singing happy birthday to you.I’m getting goosebumps just thinking of it.

With this gig, you get to be the one who’s hired to make someone’s day. Isn’t that special? With this gig, you’ll get paid to give special gifts to people. You can charge anything above $10. The choice is yours. But it’ll probably be the nicest $10 and above you’ll ever earn!

18. Create Unique Sock Designs

Socks. We all love them. Apart from underwear, they are probably the most worn cloth in the universe. And you know what people love more? Wacky sock designs and patterns. Even businessmen, known to be dull, would wear a funky sock design underneath that tailored, cut suit. 

Hold up! I digressed. It’s a mystery as to the people who come to Fiverr to get socks designed. Fiverr gigs just got more wackier. As of writing this, more than 100 people have paid for and reviewed these gigs. And the number is still growing as we speak!

So, if you’re a graphic designer, I suggest you try your hand at designing socks. I know how it sounds. But I’m not kidding. There is money here. Use your quirky designs shock the sock design world. 

19. Language translator

Do you speak another language? If you do, then you can do some translation jobs on Fiverr to earn some passive income.It is a great opportunity to start earning a few hundred dollars a month as a side hustle. And what a way to do it.

You’ll find hundreds of such jobs on Fiverr so it shouldn’t be that hard to start. Translations offer some of the most diverse jobs you can get. You’ll be translating short and long snippets of text about different topics each time. So you’ll learn a lot while you work while gaining new perspectives about people, business, life and many other topics.

20. Throw bottle messages in the sea for people

Have you ever seen those bottle messages people find washed up ashore? Like something from the movies or a novel. Have you ever dreamed of doing something like this? Or maybe of finding a message bottle yourself? What are the odds?

There are profiles on Fiverr that offer services like these. They will write any message you want, put it in a bottle, and throw it into the sea.

21. Have an astronaut deliver your message from space

Get ready to see your slogan/ logo/ message delivered straight from space. Yes. This is an actual thing. There is this guy, Bobcarr_cpa, an Italian architect with experiential knowledge in Interior design and Graphics, can do this for you. He can have the astronauts in the International Space Station deliver your message.

22. Rent a text friend for 2 days or more

I don’t know why anyone would want to do this, but it is a thing. Fiverr does it again. I’m starting to get less and less surprised each time I find gigs like these.

I guess my sense of what’s normal has been stretched beyond the limits. This is a good thing. Fiverr has taught me that you really can do anything for $5. I digress again…sorry!

If you feel lonely, no worries, there is a solution. You can ‘rent’ someone to hang out with you. You can message each other on Snapchat or play video games together. 

23. Make weird voice variations

Believe it or not, you can sell this gig on Fiverr. What unique voices can you make? Something out of the ordinary that people might be interested in. For example, there is this profile on Fiverr, Erichopp, that offers to say anything you’d like in a daft punk style robotic voice. Cool, right? 

It could be anything. Maybe you can speak like the Chipmunks or squeak like a mouse. Go ahead and create a profile for yourself to start cashing in on your weird abilities. Just imagine making hundreds of bucks a month speaking like a robot. What a fun way to make money.

24. Make caricature drawings of people

Are you an illustrator? If you are then you can draw caricature drawings of people. Just have people send their photos or those of someone else and convert them into funny caricature drawings. 

25. Create original memes

Gigs that sell on Fiverr? How about creating memes?

Ever wondered where all those fresh memes you see on social media come from? Some ‘professionals’ must have created them. Have you made memes before? Did it come naturally to you?

Well then, you can sign up on Fiverr to become a professional meme maker. Turns out, it is a high paying job and one of the gigs that sell on Fiverr. One meme can go for as little as $10. Memes are gold. So start making your own today. Fiverr’s got you covered.

28. Deliver Messages as a pissed off outlaw biker

Heard of Road Rash, the famous American outlaw biker? He’s on Fiverr. He loves delivering personalized messages, advertising events and products. He also creates YouTube content.His videos have featured on several huge websites and have been seen by millions around the world. Inspired yet? 

You can create a persona that is almost similar to Road Rash’s and start your career right here on Fiverr. 

29. Zombify People’s profile pictures

Ever thought about how you’d look like as a zombie? Now you can look like one. At least in a photo, you can. There is a guy on Fiverr who will turn you into a zombie at a fee.

He specializes in comic book illustrations and most of all, human subjects. All you have to do is send your pic, and voila. I think I’ll try it and save the photo for next Halloween or whenever I’ll be bored.

30. Make Special announcements as Mr Baloney Macaroni

There is a guy on Fiverr that came up with a persona called Mr Baloney Macaroni. It’s kind of weird and funny to watch at the same time. Oldmansteve, the creator of this persona, will create funny messages you can send to your family. 

31. Make Ewoks for people

Want an Ewok for a companion? Breathlessbloom will make one for you. Make sure you can speak Ewok before you order one. Here’s a free lesson: Yub nub…eee chop yub nub. That means you’re so cute. Now you have something to say when your little furry friend arrives. 

What can you make that others can’t. Maybe you can make little figurines. Whatever it is, you can sell it on Fiverr for a couple of bucks. What a way to make money. 

32. Draw people like yellow cartoon characters

Want to look like a character from The Simpsons? You can have it done on Fiverr. And you can do this fun gig, then you should definitely sell your gig on Fiverr and make money. People will send you their photos and you’ll make them look like a character from The Simpsons. 

33. Make funny portraits of people’s pets

People love their pets. Offer them this gig and they will come in droves to have pictures of their pets immortalized in the form of a fun portrait.

Final Thoughts On Gigs That Sell On Fiverr

You’ve now seen just how many fun gigs on Fiverr there can be. And these are some of the best gigs to make money on Fiverr too.

Succeeding in the gig economy will be way easier if you have fun doing what you do for money. Everything else follows this. Many people are starting to discover this way of selling gigs on Fiverr.

I hope this list of fun gigs that sell on Fiverr has helped you decide on what you want to do.

Good luck!

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  1. That’s hilarious! I’ve been on Fiverr for years. I started by writing complaint letters. It was very lucrative, but crazy-time consuming. Then I did Pinterest work which gave me the experience to start a full time, very profitable business as a VA. Now I sell debt snowball spreadsheets to get people out of debt.

  2. As an artist…hmm. Maybe this is something I should think about. My plate is full but I might be worth a look (although I think my daughter would say, “Mom, that were you thinking!??? You are too old for this.”

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