Christmas is the time of giving, and to give, you need money. One of the ways to take the stress out of giving Christmas presents is by getting Christmas gift cards for your shopping.

Here are some of my favorite ways to get Christmas gift cards. 

1. MyPoints

MyPoints is one of the many rewards programs we have today. Their program allows you to earn special points called MyPoints which you can redeem to get Christmas gift cards or cash.

There are several ways to earn MyPoints. You can take surveys, shop online, watch videos, play games, and more.

Also, when you use MyPoints to make online purchases, you’ll be able to earn up to 40% cashback.

Sign up on MyPoints right here to get a free $10.

How does MyPoints work?

  1. Complete surveys to get paid. For each completed survey, you can expect to earn at least 50 -150 points. You’ll still be able to earn MyPoints on the surveys you do not qualify for. For every disqualification, you’ll earn 5 points.

2. Use MyPoints to shop online frequently. You’ll reap double benefits this way. First, through cashback and also you’ll be able to accumulate points this way.

3. Complete daily online tasks like watching videos, playing videos or looking through daily offers to accumulate your points faster.

Once you have accumulated enough points, you redeem them and cash out via PayPal or get gift cards to use on platforms like Amazon. Generally, 480 points will get you $3, 700 points $5, and 3970 points will get you $25.

You can also use your points to get travel miles on your UnitedMileagePlus account. For this, you’ll need to save up at least 6900 points which get you 2500 miles.

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a reputable survey site that will help you to earn money or gift cards. They have a strong reputation and boast good reviews on customer review sites like Trustpilot. They have an average score of 4.5 on Trustpilot. 

Users mainly make money by taking surveys on this platform. When you complete a survey, you will be rewarded in points which you can turn into cash or gift cards.

Each survey takes an average of 5 – 20 minutes. Remember, the longer the survey, the better the payout you will potentially get.

Also, the number of points you’ll earn also depends on the type of surveys you are taking. Averagely, you’ll get anything from 20 to 200 points on a single survey. 

When you finally have enough of these points, you can redeem them for gift cards or have them turned into cash paid out directly into your PayPal account.

The minimum threshold that you must have in your account to redeem is 1000 points, which almost equals to $10.

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3. Dosh

Dosh is a mobile cash-back app that allows users to make money whenever they shop or dine in any of the participating outlets. 

How to earn Christmas gift cards for your shopping with Dosh

Apart from Christmas gift cards, there are several other ways to make money with Dosh. Here are some that might interest you: 

Linking your cards. When you link your card for the first time, you’ll earn $5 and $1 for any extra card you link

Shopping at participating stores. Dosh works with many popular stores and brands. You can shop or dine with any of these to earn up to 10% cashback.

Bring in new users. For every new user that signs up to the app with your referral code, Dosh will reward you with $5.

Refer new users to the app. If any local business signs up using your referral code, you’ll get 20% of what the company earns through Dosh for the first two years!

Book a hotel with Dosh. Dosh will reward you with $25 when you book a hotel through them for the first time. 

Because Dosh is a cashback app, you’ll profit from it if you shop or eat out frequently. If you are not a frequent shopper, you’ll get most of your money from their referral program.

Dosh has frequent referral bonus promotions that allow you to earn as much as $15 to $25.

4. Rakuten

Rakuten is a cashback platform that will pay you to shop at their partner stores through their app. The app is pretty straightforward and is easy to work with. 

How do you get FREE gift cards with Rakuten? 

The first thing you’ll have to do is sign up for Rakuten and you’ll receive a $10 bonus just for creating your account. After this, all you have to do is to shop in any of their partner stores to start earning.

Rakuten works with more than 2000 stores, and among them are all the popular stores you shop at. Rakuten enables you to earn cash back on the items you purchase through their service.

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The amount you’ll get varies from retailer to retailer.

To start earning more cashback, use the Rakuten Cash Back Visa credit card to complete your shopping.

This way, you’ll earn an extra 3% every time you shop. Also, you can make money by referring your friends, family or any other interested parties to the app.

Rakuten will reward you with $25 for every new person you bring in.

How much can you make with Rakuten?

When you sign up, you are guaranteed $10 and if you can refer at least three or four people, you’ll get at least $100.

All this while you haven’t started shopping yet. All the cash you accumulate can be turned into gift cards or paid directly to your PayPal account.

5. Swagbucks

This is a rewards program that is mostly known for its surveys.

It has a range of activities you can participate in to make money or earn Christmas gift cards for your shopping. Complete these activities to earn redeemable points. 

This platform is easy to use. Also, the tasks they pay you to do are simple to perform, so you’ll earn points easily completing simple activities.

Apart from taking surveys, you get to do activities like watching videos, browsing the internet, watching videos, shopping and more.

Your points will accumulate fast which means in no time you’ll be converting them into cash or gift cards. Some of their gift cards are discounted up to 20%!

You’ll get a dollar for every 100 points you earn. They have a low withdrawal threshold. You’ll be able to quickly get your earnings when you hit a minimum of $3.

Join today, it’s free. This platform is legit. It boasts a score of 4.3 out of 5 on Trustpilot.

6. Honey 

Honey is a cashback app that will help you to earn Amazon gift cards. They have a browser extension that works with most major browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

When you do your shopping online, this extension will save you money by automatically finding coupon codes from all over the web just before you check out.

If you regularly use Amazon to shop, then you should consider getting this extension. 

Honey has a rewards program called Honey Gold that can get you anything from 0% to 50% cashback at specific stores. 

Honey is an app you can trust. Just check their reviews on Trustpilot. They have a score of 4.7/5, which is quite decent.

7. InstaGC

What is InstaGC? 

It is an online platform that rewards you with Christmas gift cards for your shopping when you complete small tasks.

This platform helps you make money doing things like watching videos, taking surveys, testing apps, and other minor online tasks that normally take no more than 10 minutes. 

How to earn Christmas gift cards on InstaGC?

You first need to create an account with InstaGC to start earning with InstaGC. Getting signed up is pretty easy and will take you just a couple of minutes.

Once your account is up and running, you will be able to benefit from the many offers that InstaGC has to offer. 

InstaGC pays you after completing your allotted tasks. Each time, you will earn points which you must accumulate and redeem much later for instant free gift cards, prepaid cards, Bitcoins or cash through PayPal. 

Here are some of the ways to start earning points:

  • Taking surveys: these pay anything between 2 and 105 points.
  • Testing apps: You can test out apps to earn rewards. Most of the apps you’ll be testing are free, so you’ll make something out of it.
  • Figure-eight tasks. This simply means completing certain tasks by following a set of instructions. 
  • Testing products and services. 
  • Browsing the internet. This is the quickest way to instantly collect points.
  • Watching videos and ads. When you watch a certain number of these, you become eligible to earn a bonus. 
  • Referrals. When you refer other people to InstaGC, you’ll start earning 10% of the points they earn when they start using InstaGC.

8. Microsoft Rewards

This rewards program is for anyone who has a PC and uses Microsoft products. There are different ways to earn rewards using this program.

The first and easiest way is to sign up for a free Microsoft Rewards account.

Other ways of earning points include:

  • Doing internet searches via Bing. This is the quickest way to earn points. Each time you search the web through Bing, you’ll earn no less than 5 points for each search. 
  • Trying new products. Shop in the Microsoft store to earn rewards. Every time you rent a movie, buy an Xbox or any other Microsoft product, you’ll earn  $1 per dollar you spend. And when you spend money on digital content for your Xbox, you’ll earn up to 20 for each dollar you spend.
  • Take part in offers, quizzes and other challenges. Their program has daily offers and other engagements to keep you hooked. They have daily quizzes, daily offers and weekly quizzes which will test your skills and earn you points in a fun way.
  • Watching short promotional videos.

There are 2 different levels in the Microsoft Rewards program – levels 1 and 2. The level you are on directly determines your point earning potential. For example, if you’re on level 1, you can only earn 50 points for Bing searches.

This translates to only 10 Bing searches. Level 2, on the other hand, has a higher point cap, allowing you to earn 250 points/day. This is about 50 Bing searches.

How much can you earn with Microsoft Rewards?

Assuming you are on level 2 and are an active internet user, below is a breakdown of how much you stand to make in a month:

Paid searches: 7500  points(250 points per day for 30 days).

Daily offers: 1500 points (50 points per day for 30 days)

All that adds up to about 9000 points which translates to about $9.60/ month. You have several redemption options once you have saved up enough.

You can purchase Xbox Live Gold membership, Microsoft Gift Cards, Xbox Game Pass, third-party gift cards, donations to charity, travel and more.

Some gift card options include Amazon, Burger King, REI, Hulu, Chipotle, Sephora, Dominos and many more.

9. Gift Card Granny

This is a site that allows you to buy and sell gift cards. It is a comparison site where you can view and buy gift cards from many vendors in one place to get the best deal.

Some of the vendors offering gift cards for sale here include Cardpool, ClipKard, CardFlip, GiftMe and many more. 

This app rewards you in points for each gift card you buy. In addition to this, you can opt in for their daily newsletter to receive five points daily.

Download their Chrome extension for the same effect. If you have a gift card or coupon deal to share and sell on Gift Card Granny, you’ll earn even more points.

10. Grindabuck

What is Grindabuck?

Grindabuck is a rewards website that pays you to do stuff online through their site. This site will pay you for participating in activities like watching videos, taking surveys, completing offers, and monthly challenges.

You can also complete micro-tasks, win contests, download paid apps, and games. They also have mobile offers you can take advantage of to make more. Signing up will earn you 100 Grindabucks which is an equivalent of $1.

In most ways, it is similar to the other rewards sites I have previously highlighted. And like most rewards sites, they pay you in redeemable points. You can exchange Grindabucks at their rewards store for Christmas gift cards for your shopping, cash or even Bitcoins.

11. InboxDollars

Inboxdollars is also an online platform that will pay you for completing simple tasks like taking surveys. 

How to earn Christmas gift cards for your shopping on Inboxdollars

The first thing to keep in mind is that Inboxdollars pays its users in cash, unlike most other rewards platforms.

  • Join Inboxdollars. You’ll first have to sign up using your email address. This process will earn you the $5 sign up bonus they offer. 
  • Taking surveys. This is a significant way to earn at Inboxdollars. These payout anything from a few cents to $5 or even more each time. Each will take you less than 15 minutes to complete.
  • Watching sponsored videos. This is one of the simplest ways to earn money on Inboxdollars. 
  • Get paid to read and reply to emails. Inboxdollars sends you offers directly to your email and will pay you for opening them or replying to them.
  • Get paid for signing up for services. You can earn $0.25 or more just by opting in for different offers and newsletters.
  • Get cashback for online shopping. Shop at your favourite online stores to get discounts from select brands and occasionally get free samples. 
  • Referrals. Refer as many people as possible to reap maximum benefit from referral bonuses.  

One downside to this platform is its high withdrawal threshold. Their minimum payout is $30 which is higher than most other platforms. So you’ll have to work extra hard if you want to use the money for your Christmas shopping.

12. Coins Rewarder

Coins Rewarder is yet another platform you can use to earn free Christmas gift cards for your shopping or free cash.  It has delivered close to $5000 in gift cards and has roughly 1000 active members.

It’s now even easier to get rewarded with free gift cards on this website. Sign up to their site right here to start earning points by downloading FREE apps, watching videos, or completing surveys.

The points you earn can be redeemed for PayPal/ Paytm cash or gift cards from your favourite brands like Amazon gift cards, Google  Play gift cards, iTunes gift cards and many more.

Their minimum payout is $1 so you can redeem your points faster compared to similar sites. It’s simple just sign up, earn, and redeem. 

13. Amazon Trade-In

The Amazon Trade-In program allows you to receive Amazon gift cards in exchange for thousands of items which include Amazon devices, video games, cell phones, tablets, books and more.

Amazon Trade-In is a good option if you are looking to offload several inexpensive items. 

How to earn Christmas gift card for your shopping on Amazon Trade-In

This program is simple and straightforward. The first thing you have to do is find out if you can exchange your items for gift cards.

You’ll find a list on their homepage detailing all the items that can be exchanged. They have been sorted into different categories so just click on the relevant button where you think your items belong.

There are also drop-down menus that will help you find the specific product you want to sell. 

After finding your item, you will supply some information about it regarding its particular type and the condition it is in. If you want a successful trade-in, you’ll have to be brutally honest about your item to avoid it being rejected.

All trade-in items are examined on receipt. 

After verifying your address, Amazon will set the price you’ll receive for your item. You’ll then get instructions on how to send your product to Amazon.

This includes a free shipping label which you can print and attach to the back of your package.  All you have to do after this is post your item within seven days of receiving the label.

When they receive your product, Amazon will examine it to make sure its condition matches the description you filled.

If they agree with it, the stated amount will be credited to your account in Amazon gift vouchers within 10 business days. 


  • Amazon Trade-in is only available in the USA.
  • You can only trade-in items with a value of $1800 in one transaction.
  • Amazon Trade-In only pays out in gift vouchers that can only be used on Amazon’s online marketplace.

14. ShopKick

Most store loyalty programs reward you for your buying behaviour. Shopkick is a little different.

Their app allows you to earn rewards for window shopping. With their app, you can earn gift cards just for walking into selected stores and scanning certain items. 

Shopkick pay you in points called “kicks” for doing the following tasks: 

  • Walking into participating stores (25+ kicks). Some stores allow you to earn kicks just for quickly walking in. So if you are near any of these stores, be sure to have your Shopkick app open.
  • Linking a card to the app (200 kicks)
  • Scanning select items in stores (10+ kicks)
  • Buying items using a linked card (100+ kicks)
  • Scanning receipts after purchasing select items (100+ kicks)
  • Watching videos in the app (5 kicks)
  • Checking into online stores (10 kicks)
  • Referring people to Shopkick (250 kicks)

It takes about 250 kicks to earn $1 in gift cards. To get a $5 gift card, you need to have 1,250 kicks. 

15. Refer-a-Friend to Amazon Prime to get Christmas gift cards for your shopping

If you shop with Amazon Prime, then you can get a free Amazon gift card for each friend you bring in to the platform. You’ll receive this amount after your referral makes their first purchase.

You’ll also be eligible to receive unlimited streaming, exclusive discounts, and 2-day free shipping. All this just for helping a friend out.

16. Ibotta

Ibotta is an app that will help you save money on your online shopping trips. This mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

When you downlod the Ibotta app,you are awarded a $20 headstart.  

All you have to do to start earning points is to shop at selected stores. Then, you have to provide proof of purchase by scanning the receipts using the app and you’re done.

Ibotta works with more than 300 stores including all the major retail outlets like Walmart, Target, Amazon and many others, so you’ll never miss a chance to benefit.

You can earn hundreds of points each day. Your points can be redeemed for cash or Christmas gift cards for your shopping from various stores.

17. Sell Textbooks

You can also sell used textbooks for in-store credit(similar to a gift card). One of the platforms you can use to do this is Bookscouter.

They have high in-store credit rates, which are much better than the cash payments they offer. The credit you get can be used to buy or rent textbooks you’ll need in the future.  

Final Thoughts on how to get Gift Cards for Christmas

Christmas is the season of giving. That’s why it comes a lot of expenses. It is important to know how to reduce these expenses without denying ourselves some of the joys of Christmas.

And one of the best ways is to use gift cards for Christmas presents.

I hope you have found this guide helpful.

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas in advance!

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