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Written by Melanie

January 25, 2021


Welcome to my DreamHost review 2021. Today, I’ll show you why this hosting platform might be your best choice for a hosting partner.

The choices you make at the beginning of your blogging career are crucial and will affect how smoothly your blog will run.

Web hosting is an important step when setting up your blog for the first time. When choosing your web hosting partner, you have to be thoughtful and strategic about it.

At the beginning of your blogging career, you may not appreciate just how important your web hosting partner is but, after a while, you will begin to see just how much your hosting affects how your blog operates. 


Why should you migrate your website to DreamHost in the first place?

Dreamhost is one of the most reliable hosting platforms we have today. In this Dreamhost review 2021, I try to highlight some of the reasons why. If you don’t want to suffer prolonged downtimes, slow page loading speeds and exorbitant pricing, Dreamhost is the web hosting partner for you.

Why migrating your website is such a big deal

There are many reasons why you might want to migrate your site to a new provider. Your site might have grown over time and you need more space, functionality and options to keep up with the growing demand.

Or, you might be unhappy with your current provider due to slow speeds and increased downtime hours. Whichever the case, you should make the right decision this time. 

If you are looking for a provider you want to migrate your site to, you should check out Dreamhost. It has some of the best features a website owner could hope for. Let me make a case for DreamHost.

DreamHost Review 2021: Features you do not want to miss out on.

1.Better-than-average Speed

Dreamhost has one of the best page loading times in the market. Theirs is about 648ms, which puts it among the top. Not the fastest in you can find but they have been able to hold this average consistently so far. So you will be guaranteed stable page loading speeds all through the year.

2.Great Uptime

DreamHost’s average uptime is above average and currently stands at 99.94%. This is not even the best part. They have a 100% uptime guarantee. This means that you will get a credit for the cost of service if the monthly uptime average falls below this threshold. And in case of any interruptions, you will get a free day’s of service for each hour of downtime you experience.

3. 97-day money-back guarantee

Most web hosting companies out there will give you a 30-day refund period. DreamHost guarantee is three times the market average. This is a full three months to put it through the paces. 

4. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth

You do not have to worry about disk space or network transfer limits. DreamHost offers unlimited disk and bandwidth. Your site won’t suffer as its readership expands.

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5. They are green.

If you support the green movement, this hosting provider is for you. Their servers run on renewable wind energy and their offices are EnergyStar certified. Everyone is going green. Join other bloggers to save our planet.

6. Budget-friendly

DreamHost offers low monthly prices if you prepay for three years as opposed to paying monthly. Most vendors have a similar model, but the good news is that with DreamHost, the prices do not increase when it is time to renew. This is not the case with other hosting providers. 

How to Migrate Your Website to DreamHost

If you have already decided to move your WordPress website, you have two options. You can either have DreamHost take care of everything for you or you can do it yourself. 

Do I need any expertise? No. DreamHost will migrate your site to their servers using the DreamHost Automated Migration plugin. 

If you are an advanced user, you can opt for the manual migration option. 

In this article, I will be focusing on the automated migration which has the following features. 

It allows you to copy and paste your files and database onto your new account without cloning your site. It only requires six steps, from installation to migration.

This is the simplest way to migrate your WordPress site and be guaranteed the least number of complications while you do it.

You can use the DreamHost Automated Migration plugin for free only if you already have a DreamHost account. Get yourself a DreamHost account and have it migrated to their service free of charge. Migrating your website just got a whole lot budget-friendlier.

6 Simple Steps to Migrate Your WordPress Website To DreamHost

When moving your site, you should take care to follow all the instructions carefully. Be sure to double-check that you have gotten everything right at each step before moving on. 

Your goal should be to migrate your site in the shortest time possible.

Step One: Get ready to migrate your site

You will want to make sure that a few things are in order before embarking on the process of moving your website. 

Ensure that you have the latest version of your WordPress installation.

Make sure that all your themes and plugins have been updated too. If they are no longer of use, they should be deleted.

Get a DreamHost plan or add hosting to your DreamHost domain if you already had one.

After you have done all of the above, you are ready to get started on the website migration process.

Step Two: Find Your Migration Key in Your DreamHost Account

After you have created an account, log into your user panel. Here, go to the Free Migration tab directly from the homepage.

Leave this open because you will need the information here for the next step. It is important to remember that the migration key is not available for Virtual Private Server(VPS) or Dedicated hosting plan. So, If you are on one of these plans, you can request a migration key by contacting the DreamHost Support team or you can manually enter your host details.

On the other hand, If you have a shared plan, you may not see the key generator in your account. And If this is the case, you will need to contact their support team to request a migration key or any additional keys you may require. 

Finding your Migration Key in DreamPress Accounts

 The process is the same for DreanPress accounts, but your migration option will be found in a different location. 

Open your user panel. On the left-hand menu go to WordPress > Managed WordPress. You will then find a Migration tab in your options.


You will see the Generate Migration Key button next. Click on this to get your unique key. This is the key needed by the DreamHost plugin to move your website’s files and database.

Leave your user panel page open and head on over to your website on another tab.

Step Three: Install the DreamHost Automated Migration Plugin

This plugin is 100% free. 

Go to your WordPress website dashboard. Here, navigate to Plugins > Add New. Use the search field to find the DreamHost Migration plugin.

Install the plugin by clicking on Install Now. Activate the plugin once the installation process is complete. 

Step Four: Use Your Migration Key to Begin the Migration Process

Since you left DreamHost user panel page open in another tab, just go back to the tab. Copy your migration key and get back to your WordPress site. 

On the left-hand menu, you will see a DreamHost option. Click on this to add your migration key.

Paste the migration key from your DreamHost account into the Migration Token field. Before proceeding, you will need to agree to BlogVault Terms of service. Once you check this box, click on Migrate

Step Five: Track Your Website’s Migration Progress

You can wait for an email from the DreamHost team to inform you of your migration status or you can watch the progress on the WordPress dashboard. Either will let you know when your migration is complete.

If any compilation arises, you will be informed immediately on the dashboard.

Step Six: Update Your DNS Records

When you are alerted to the completion of your website’s successful migration, please take the time to review it within your DreamHost account. 

Check the domain name and make sure that it does not match with the one you were using with your previous host. Review it by adding “” to the end of your DreamHost domain. 

Make sure that your domain name is indicating to your newly-migrated website. This means that you will have to review and update your Domain Name System(DNS) information. 

Find DreamHost’s DNS address by going to Domains on your user panel. Then click on DNS below your domain. 

Provide this information to your current domain name registrar to make sure that your domain is pointed at the correct web content that is now hosted at Dreamhost.

Once you have done all of the above correctly, you have now successfully migrated your website. Make sure to test out your “new” site to see how it will be running from now on. If everything has been transferred correctly, you can go ahead and delete your old site. 

We’re done! Enjoy your new experience.

Final Thoughts

Is migrating your website safe? When done correctly, you should encounter no issues at all. This dreamhost review 2021 should have illustrated that already.

Migrating your website may be a bit of a hassle but trust me, it has gotten way easier these days. You have made the right decision. It will be worth it in the long run.

Don’t be afraid to switch hosts if your current host is causing you inconveniences. Your website needs all the performance, stability and security it can get from a good hosting provider like DreamHost.

I hope this DreamHost review 2021 has helped you to see some sense.

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