If you’re looking for easy online tasks you can do from the comfort of your home to make a few extra bucks, then data entry jobs from home might be the perfect match for you. 

These part time from home data entry jobs allow you to work remotely and flexibly whenever and from wherever you want.

Also, if you want to work in these data entry gigs, you don’t need to have a specific professional or educational background. So it’s very easy to get started with online data entry jobs from home no experience needed. 

Plus, you don’t need to have prolonged training in data entry. All you have to do is get your first data entry gig and get going.

This makes it easy for almost anyone interested in making money online to get started with from home data entry jobs. 

Data entry jobs from home are easy. It’s not intimidating because, as I said before, you don’t need a lot of skills to get started.

BUT, the online data entry jobs industry is full of scammers since it has very few barriers to entry.

What Skills Do I Need To Work Data Entry Jobs From Home?

  • Basic computer skills. All from home data entry jobs require you to have this skill. You need to know how to install software on a computer, update it, and keep it safe with antivirus programs. Stuff you already know how to do.
  • Typing skills. Your typing skills need to be above average. You should have a fast typing speed with high accuracy. Also, don’t forget to double-check your work.
  • Great Organization skills. Online data entry jobs remote need you to be highly organized since each gig involves a high level of detail. 
  • Good communication skills. Just like every other work-from-home job, data entry also requires you to have the ability to always communicate clearly and effectively with clients. 
  • High tolerance for boredom. As you might imagine, data entry involves doing lots of repetitive tasks with only slight variations at a time. So, if you don’t have a high tolerance for repetition, data entry jobs from home can feel like torture. Also, you should be comfortable with sitting at your computer for prolonged periods. 
  • Software skills. You should be comfortable using a wide variety of computer programs like word processing software (Google Docs and Microsoft Word), spreadsheet apps and software (Excel, Google Sheets), and other data entry programs.

What Equipment Do I Need For Online Data Entry Jobs From Home?

Here’s a list of some of all the things you’ll need for your data entry jobs from home. 

  • A working computer and high-speed internet access. You’ll need a fast and reliable internet connection because there is a constant need for uploading your work and downloading your next assignment without interruptions.
  • Keyboard with a numeric keypad. Since you’ll be entering large volumes of numbers while doing data entry.
  • Home office. From home data entry jobs involve sitting in your office for extended periods, so you should have a comfortable desk set up.
  • Data processing software. You should have access to as many data programs as possible. This includes the Microsoft Office suite and G suite, so you’ll have the tools for any data entry gig that comes your way. 

The Hard Truth…

Truth be told, there is not a lot of money to be made as a data entry worker. You can earn significantly more from other online money-making opportunities like proofreading or by combining data entry with other online jobs like online surveys

Here are other reasons why from home data entry jobs might not be for you.

Finding legitimate part-time online data entry jobs from home that pay decently is very rare.

Two years back, I applied for a data entry job I thought paid well at the time. But, I’m still waiting! 

I think I didn’t get the job because the data entry jobs market is just too flooded with data entry workers like you. At the time I was applying for the job, there was this craze for data entry jobs. Everyone was applying. 

So, we’re talking high competition that makes finding these data entry jobs rare. This steep competition among potential data entry workers is the cause of yet another problem. 

And it is that companies are aware of this and are delighted to outsource their remote data entry jobs to the crowds that are willing to work for peanuts. Online data entry jobs from home aren’t that lucrative.

You’re very likely to spend hours on part-time data entry jobs from home with very little to show for your spent time and effort.

I’m not saying that lucrative remote data entry jobs don’t exist. They do, BUT they are a needle in a haystack kind of rare. You’re likely to get data entry gigs like these only so often.

And, if that’s not enough, the data entry industry is choke-full of scammers. The sneaky bastards are taking advantage of people desperate for these jobs.

So if you let your guard down even for a moment, they’ll get you good.

How Do I Recognize a SCAM While Looking For Online Data Entry Jobs From Home?

Getting scammed while looking for legitimate from home data entry jobs is very, very easy. It doesn’t matter how straightforward and easy the job may look.

There are more ways than one you can get scammed today while looking for part-time data entry jobs from home.

Maybe you’ve been scammed before. Or you’re just lucky and have never fallen for one of these. Don’t panic.

Here are some crucial tips that will help you keep a keener eye out next time you go applying for data entry jobs from home.

Tip #1

It’s a rose without thorns 

Part-time online data entry jobs from home aren’t that lucrative. In fact, you can expect a dollar or two above the minimum wage, nothing more! 

Scams will try to draw you in with unrealistically high pay rates. So it’s better to ignore something that looks like this. 

Tip #2

The Website Speaks Volumes

If you visit a data entry jobs website and find that it’s poorly designed and something just seems suspicious about it, leave immediately. 

Most scammers don’t put effort into making their websites look professional. Look for red things that raise red flags immediately. 

For example, most illegitimate sites don’t have contact details. If visit a data entry jobs website that doesn’t have a phone number, email address, or even Skype details, it most likely to be a scam.

Also, check out how old the website is on If the site was built recently or is a few weeks old, it’s probably a fake site.

Tip #3

Asks you to go through an unnecessary training program

Remember that part-time online data entry jobs from home don’t require you to have any special skills.

You only need to be able to type 25 to 35 words per minute, which is quite average.

Any ‘extra’ training programs or certification courses that a company would like you to go through (you’ll probably have to pay for it) aren’t necessary at all.

Rule of thumb: anything that is free is likely to be a scam.

Have you been scammed before? If you have, there are many ways to file an official complaint.

This includes providing information to the Federal Trade Commission, the Internet Crime Complaint Center, or the Better Business Bureau.

Some Legitimate Online Data Entry Jobs From Home

1. Fiverr is one of the best places to find legitimate online data entry jobs from home.

I’ve worked on Fiverr for a couple of years myself and I’ve found that this is one of the best places to find freelance jobs. 

I’ve also had one of the best experiences working as a freelancer on Fiverr. 

Gigs on Fiverr are abundant and are easy to find. 

Here’s a bit of how Fiverr works:

Start by signing up for a free account and filling in your personal details.

Select the services you want to offer – data entry, proofreading.

Set your price – standard price/ gig on Fiverr is $5, but you can always charge more depending on the services you offer.

Set duration – standard delivery time is 3 business days, however, you can set a 1-day delivery period and charge extra.

You then have to publish your gig and wait for clients to order your services.

2. Flexjobs

For those looking for remote and flexible freelance jobs, Flexjobs is a reputable site that might have just the job for you. You can find legitimate part-time data entry jobs from home are popular on this platform.

So, it’s probably your best bet if you’re looking for legit data entry jobs from home.

Although you’ll have to pay a membership fee to get access to all job opportunities on the site, it’s really worth it if you consider the job listing this site has. 

You don’t have to worry about scams with Flexjobs job listings. All jobs are strictly considered by a team of experts to make it easier for you to find the best-paying data entry jobs. And that’s why they charge you a small fee for their plans. 

These qualities make Flexjobs worth looking at. You can choose from a range of plans, monthly or longer-term ones.

3. SigTrack

This is a reputable data-processing company that is known for hiring data entry freelancers from the US to handle voter registration documents. 

You can get legitimate online data entry jobs from home on this site without having to invest anything.

It’s not specified how much you can make working for SigTrack, but it’s known that the longer you stay with the company, the higher your pay rate becomes.

To qualify as a data entry specialist on SigTrack you must: 

  • Be living in the US
  • Have an active PayPal account
  • Use a working computer that runs Windows Pro
  • Be using a dual monitor set up or have a tablet as a secondary monitor
  • Have a 3-second video of your state ID or driver’s license taken to verify your identity

SigTrack allows you to choose when and however much you’d like to work.

However, you should be ready to work overtime during peak season when there is a lot of work.

4. MicroWorkers

As its name suggests, MicroWorkers is a site that offers micro-task based jobs. They offer a wide variety of jobs including data entry.

Every time you’re looking for work on their website, you’ll be shown a percentage on each job indicating how often that job poster has approved the work of previous workers.

You only get paid for approved work, so this is a very useful feature to have.

And once you hit the $10 payout threshold, payment for completed jobs goes directly to your PayPal account.

5. AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is widely known as a transcription oriented company. However, they also have some data entry jobs, so you should keep an eye out. But if you can do both, why not?

6. Axion Data Entry Services

Axion is one of the best data entry companies but it rarely has openings. However, it’s a great idea to be registered on their database just in case something comes up.

This company only works with independent contractors with more than two years of experience in data entry.

You should also have a typing speed of 50 words per minute or more with near-flawless accuracy. 

They pay a flat rate by the page count or project, so it pays to be fast and accurate.

The company requires you to pay a nominal fee to keep you registered on their website – it’s not a scam.

7. Clickworker

When you sign up for Clickworker, you become part of a community of independent contractors helping clients with different tasks.

These tasks include online data entry jobs from home, proofreading, copy editing, surveys and web research. 

Signing up is free. Only when you’ve finished filling out your profile and completing the short assessments (to showcase your abilities), will you be assigned jobs. 

The number of data entry jobs from home you’ll get access to depends on your performance on each job. So, do excellent work to get more jobs and increase your earnings. 

The beauty of Clickworker is that it allows you to set your own schedule. 

Once you’ve completed your data entry jobs, you don’t have to worry about pay. They take care of invoicing. You’ll be paid either weekly or monthly through PayPal.

8. Birch Creek Communications

This company periodically looks for people to do part-time online data entry jobs from home ocassionally. And when they do, they look for independent contractors. 

Their pay depends on your performance and the project you’re working on.

You get to set a personalised schedule, but work on this site is available from Monday through Friday.

9. The Smart Crowd

The Smart Crowd is a veteran when it comes to offering legitimate work at home data entry jobs near me. 

No matter where you are in the world, you can get part-time data entry jobs remote with this company if you have the skills to match.

The Smart Crowd hires independent contractors to complete various tasks like data entry, language services, data research, and testing. 

They offer competitive rates to their online data entry jobs specialists and they pay once a month.

Here’s what you have to do to get started: 

Sign up for a free account on their sign up page.

Answer simple questions regarding demographics, your education and expertise and language skills.

Submit your information, and then take as many placement evaluations as you want.

You’ll receive the scores of your evaluation and work will be sent to you depending on your skills and abilities.

10. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon MTurk is a micro-jobs site that pays you for every task you complete.

This company has created short tasks called Human Intelligence Tasks (HITS) that every worker must complete to earn extra income.

These tasks range from transcription, online data entry jobs from home, writing, translation, and so on.

When working on this site, keep in mind that a requester (the owner of the work) may approve or reject your work. You don’t get paid if your work is rejected.

If your work is approved, funds are credited to your Amazon MTurk account.

The pay isn’t that great, but it’s a great place to start if you neither have the skill nor lots of experience.

Some of the Best Alternatives to Online Data Entry Jobs From Home

1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a great alternative to data entry jobs from home. If you are good at writing and a fast learner, you can start writing for clients from Upwork,, magazines, websites, blogs, etc.

And the beauty of it is that you don’t have a strong writing background to thrive in this business.

A freelance writer doesn’t work for one specific company, instead, they work for themselves getting hired by different clients as independent contractors.

How Much Money do Freelance Writers Make? 

Freelancers make anything between $24,000 to $115,000 per year, according to Some freelance writers make even more than $200,000 a year!

For instance, Holly from Club Thrifty started doing freelance writing as a side thing without any real writing background. She now makes more than $200,000/ year from her writing.

She created a course, Earn More Writing, for people who want to be successful freelance writers with zero writing experience.

In this course, she teaches her students all of the winning strategies she uses to earn the big bucks.

2. Freelance Proofreading

Proofreading involves reviewing the final draft of any piece of writing to make sure it is accurate and has no grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting mistakes so that it looks professional in the end. 

Freelance proofreading is a work from home job where you’ll be spending time identifying typos in walls of text. 

So, if you can easily spot errors in any piece of writing, and can easily fix these mistakes, you should also consider freelance proofreading.

Caitlin Pyle made over $43,000 in 2014 working as a freelance proofreader. And after she achieved success doing this, she created a course to teach others to do the exact same thing. 

It is called Proofread Anywhere and it teaches students the proper ways to proofread and get the right clients consistently. 

3. Transcription

Transcription also falls under online typing jobs. However, unlike other online typing jobs, it involves a bit more work compared to online data entry jobs from home.

While online data entry jobs home involve typing only what you see, transcription jobs involve typing what you hear.

So, a transcriptionist listens to audio recordings and converts them into Word documents using word processing software.

If you are detail-oriented and are a fast typist, you can do transcription work on top of data entry jobs from home.

Janet Shaughnessy offers free transcription training. If you want to give transcription a shot, but you don’t know how to go about it, enroll for the 7-lesson mini-course right now. 

You’ll learn all you need to know about transcription to help you decide if it’s the kind of work from home job you’re into.

Also check out these companies offering the best remote transcription jobs.

4. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an online employee who helps businesses remotely through their paid services. 

All this thanks to high-speed internet technologies and real-time multimedia communication which has facilitated lots of work-from-home opportunities like these.

Virtual assistants have become even more relevant in today’s age. They are highly sought-after professionals who help entrepreneurs and online businesses to do what they need to get done.

And, it’s way easier for small businesses to hire a Virtual assistant than a full-time employee.

Getting Started With Online Data Entry Jobs From Home

We’ve talked a lot about part-time data entry jobs from home. I hope you’re now ready to start working as an online data entry clerk at home.

You now know what data entry jobs entail and some of the companies offering the best online data entry jobs near me.

We’ve also talked about the skills and equipment you’ll need, how you can easily sniff out scams from miles away, and some of the best alternatives to online data entry jobs, just in case you change your mind.

It’s clear that you have everything you need and nothing should stop you now. Identify at least three companies on our list, apply for a spot and wait to be approved.

When this happens, start working as soon as possible. There’s a lot to be done, so get to it, now! 

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