Cheapest Haircut Near Me

Are you searching for “the cheapest haircut near me” or perhaps $10 haircuts near me? because you want to save money? We have compiled a list of the 11 best places to get cheap haircuts near you.

Getting your hair done in a posh salon is a pleasant and luxurious experience that many people look forward to, but the expense attached to it is off-putting, especially when you consider the fact that you’ll need to keep going back to maintain your chosen hairstyle.

Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable and even free ways to get a haircut. If you find yourself looking up “cheap haircut near me”, you might want to keep reading.

Best Places to Get The Cheapest Haircut Near Me

1. Beauty and cosmetology schools

The first place you might want to start your search is local beauty and cosmetology schools in your area.

Many of these schools offer a variety of salon services to the public, usually at cheap prices or for free. You can usually get haircuts, coloring services, highlights, updos, and any other service you can get at a standard salon.

You’ll come across eager students who want to do their best to do a good job. Many of them are motivated and often more enthusiastic than seasoned hairstylists. In addition, you’ll get to enjoy the latest hair styling techniques and trendy inputs.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a slightly higher possibility of mistakes being made in a beauty and cosmetology school than in a salon, so it would not be advisable to go for any complicated haircuts – stick to a simple but stylish haircut to be on the safe side. 

To find a beauty and cosmetology school near you, look up, “beauty school offering free haircut near me”, or “cosmetology school near me”.

Alternatively, you can search for school of cosmetology near me or beauty school near me and check whether they offer free or cheap haircuts.

2. The local barber

For basic haircuts, try the local barber. Many of them are highly skilled and have been cutting hair for years, making them a great option for a trim or a cut.

Furthermore, prices at your local barbershop will likely be cheaper than what salons offer, and you probably won’t have to wait as long to get your hair done.

To find a local barber in your area, simply search “haircut near me open now” to see all the available options.

If you’re worried that they may not specialize in cutting women’s hair, try searching “haircut near me women”, and you’ll likely find several options!

3. Work-at-home stylists

Another option for a cheap haircut near me is within the comfort of your own home – many hairstylists offer to work from your home (or sometimes theirs) to cut back on the expenses that come with owning a commercial salon.

Work-at-home stylists generally charge more affordable prices than their counterparts who work in salons, and they will often charge a bulk price if they’re working with more than one person.

Another perk of choosing these stylists is that they’re more flexible with their scheduling and may be more likely to attend to you if you’re in a bind.

A reliable way of finding work-at-home stylists is through Craigslist, Facebook, your local paper, google searches, or by word of mouth. 

4. Employee training workshops and interviews

Many salons hold interviews during which professional hairstylists often do live haircutting sessions to demonstrate that they have both the communication and hair skills to get the job.

Some of them also host employee training workshops where a senior stylist or a salon owner demonstrates techniques to the other stylists.

This is where you come in. You can volunteer to be their model for these demonstrations and get a free or discounted trim out of it.

The upside of this option is that you’ll likely be under the hands of a seasoned stylist; a downside could be that you don’t get to choose the type of haircut they give you.

5. Coupons and loyalty programs

You’ll often find salons offering coupons to their customers. You can find these by:

  • Google searching “salon coupons”
  • Checking social media platforms 
  • Checking newspaper ads
  • Scouring salon mobile apps

It’s worth mentioning that you may have to sign up on the salon websites to receive coupons or join other special promotions via email or using your phone number. 

After you visit your chosen salon and get your discounted haircut, consider signing up for a loyalty program if they have one.

The more often you go back for cuts, the more points you get to earn. Usually, this means that you become eligible for rewards like a free haircut now and then.

6. Businesses offering student discounts

If you’re a college student, you might be able to get a haircut at a discounted price. Many businesses usually have cheap offers for students to increase business.

The easiest way to find such offers is by searching “haircut student discount near me” or “hairdressers student discount near me”. You can also search ”cheapest haircut near me student”

7. Work at a salon

If you have some time to spare and have experience working on hair, why not try to get a part-time job at a local salon? In addition to raking in some extra cash, you’ll also get a discount on any products and services that you receive at your place of work.

Working at a hair salon is the best way to get the cheapest hair cuts.

8. Ask a friend

Looking for a cheap haircut near me? Why not ask a friend?

You may want to get a buzz cut or maybe you’ve been planning to have your ends trimmed. A friend with a good eye and a steady hand might be able to help you out in exchange for help to move into their new apartment or a cup of coffee.

You won’t need to fork over your hard-earned cash, plus you can do it in your own home or theirs.

9. Happy hour trims in salons

Happy hour is typically associated with bars, but salons are starting to adopt this concept as well. Like many other businesses, salons also experience slow days where only a handful of clients show up in a day.

To attract more people, many of them opt to offer happy hour deals that are cheaper than normal rates. 

If you are looking for a cheap haircut near me, try looking for happy hour deals in salons and barbershops.

10. Give yourself a haircut

You may not even need to leave your home to get a cheap or free haircut. A quick search online will lead you to multiple how-to videos on Youtube made by professional hairdressers and experienced users to guide you on how to cut and/or trim your hair.

This is the cheapest way to get a haircut.

11. Walmart hair salon

Walmart hair salons can be a great place to find cheap hair cuts if you are looking for ‘the cheapest haircut near me’

Most of the salons that you’ll find inside Walmarts include SmartStyle and a couple of CostCutter salons. Walmart hair salons offer a wide range of hair services to everyone like: haircuts and trims, kids haircuts, color and chemical treatments, perms, and so much more.

Final Thoughts On The Cheapest Haircut Near Me

Getting a good haircut doesn’t have to break your bank, because you can get $10 haircuts near me. While you might want to start by finding a cheap local barber, both men and women have several cheap (and sometimes free) options to choose from, including beauty schools, work-at-home stylists, employee training workshops, and discount franchises like Supercuts, SportClips, and GreatClips .

You just have to do a bit of research and you’ll soon find a reputable place to try.

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