If you’re a mom at home trying to find something to do, I’ve got you covered. Today, I’ll be sharing some of the best business ideas for stay-at-home moms. I’ve tried to get you some ideas you can try right at home.

In today’s time, working from home has become the new normal. Here are some ideas that can make you money without you having to set foot out of the comfort of your home.

Here are some of the best business ideas for stay-at-home moms:

1. College application financial aid planning and consulting business

Don’t let the long name scare you. The job here is simple – helping parents save money. You’ll be a financial consultant that helps parents to get the lowest prices possible for their children’s education.

Giving financial advice is not just about being smart and all. It’s about being aware of the resources available to parents. 

This business idea revolves around giving parents or their high school children advice on how to select the best colleges, and fill out the relevant application and financial aid forms.

You’ll also be giving tips for writing the best college essays, advising parents about tax implications that come with college savings plans, and helping parents to negotiate the best possible financial aid package when they finally receive a college offer. 

It’s not about being smart, but you have to know what you’re talking about. You’ll be dealing with parents’ money and their kids’ academic futures. You don’t want to mess with these.

Therefore, you need to have sound background knowledge of higher education institutions and a comprehensive understanding of the financial aid options available. 

You should market your services in high schools, private tutorial centers, libraries and universities. 

Tip: You should have a thorough understanding of the financial programs available like Stafford loans, Byrd Scholarships, private and federal grants, and PLUS Loans.

You should also have the latest knowledge of college savings plans including 529 plans, the Uniform Gift to Minors Act, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, and Charitable Remainder Unitrusts.

2. Sell on Etsy

Are you good with your hands? If you are good at creating pieces of art with your hands, then Etsy might just be the right partner to help you start making money.

Etsy is an online marketplace that specializes in handmade art pieces.

Whether you can make jewellery, paintings, or furniture, Etsy will allow you to start and manage your very own online store.

Etsy also provides you with the tools you need to customize different aspects of your shop so that you portray the image you want to customers.

This is one of the best business ideas for stay-at-home moms if you have space and time to create. In addition, you also need to invest very little with regards to money.

Joining Etsy is 100% free while listing items on your store will cost you $0.20/ listing.

Also, you’ll need to get some tools. The kind of items you will be making will determine the type and cost of materials you’ll need.

For instance, if you’re going to be making jewelry, you’ll need to buy items like jewelry pliers, wire cutters, saws, hammers, bench blocks, and so on.

When you start creating, avoid using expensive materials like precious stones, real gold or buying expensive cutting-edge equipment.

Instead, go for what works and is cost-effective. Once you start getting some buyers for your work, you can start upscaling your operation. 

3. Start a Consignment Shop

Wearing “pre-owned” clothes has never been a consideration for many. But times are changing and recycled clothes are back.

Tough economic times have led consumers to save their money by buying “partially-used” items. Today, selling consignment items will work as well as any other online business.

Start a consignment shop today. As a shop owner, you don’t pay anything for your inventory until you sell it. This makes the idea ideal for the average startup entrepreneur.

Pick only clean, well-cared-for items and display them on social media or at a physical location for the owners and split the profit when you make a sale.

Most times, you’ll split the profit either 50/50 or 60/40, with the higher margin going to the consignment shops.

Make your consignment shop’s atmosphere pleasant. Successful consignment shops are clean, fresh and fashionable.

4. Try Freelance writing

This is among the best business ideas for stay-at-home moms there are. Freelance writers write articles on many different topics. From home cooking to how to make money online.

The best way to start is by finding online gigs that allow you to write about the subjects with which you are already familiar.

Freelance writing jobs are abundant online. You can pick up a job on any of the freelance websites to become a member of the gig economy.

I recommend joining Fiverr. It’s as professional as it gets. There are thousands of job listings on there.

Ghostwriting is also a good idea for freelancers looking for some cash and are willing to forgo a byline. Websites and blogs are always on the lookout for professional writers and copywriters, too.

You can also create your own website to promote your freelance writing business. Most writers use the blogs they build not only to make money but to advertise their writing skills too.

As you enter into the market relatively unskilled than the rest, your initial queries are most likely to be rejected…many times.

It will therefore be important for you to cultivate a rather stoic attitude towards rejection. 

5. Gardening Business

Herb farming is one of the fastest-growing industries. Herbal teas, medicinal herbs, herbs for candles and aromatherapy, and culinary herbs are just the tip of the iceberg.

You’ll need to have a solid knowledge of growing herbs to succeed in this one. 

Flowers used to scent candles, soap, potpourri and other fragrant concoctions need just a few square feet of space in your garden to grow.

And you can easily do most of your product preparation in a simple, average-sized kitchen, with no more than one stove, a shelf, and a countertop to work on. You can then sell your creations at the local farmers’ market. 

Another creative way to make money from your green thumb is to become a gardening teacher.

Offer lessons to your neighbors or start a gardening club around your neighborhood if many people show interest. With this group, you can go on to even start a small herb products company.

Or, you can even host gardening seminars in your backyard, the community college, local nurseries, and recreation centres.

Host one each month on different topics like the basics of planning a flower bed, characteristics and care of perennials, how to prepare the soil for growing, bulb planting, and stuff like that. 

If you are willing to spend time and a considerable effort, growing orchids can be a lucrative business idea for you. Everyone loves orchids. Although they are usually grown in tropical areas, orchids can be grown as houseplants or in greenhouses.

Try specializing in floral arrangements and market your services and products to local hotels, inns, florists, wedding planners, churches, or roadside flower sales.

6. Gift Basket-making business

Gift baskets can be tailored to suit anyone and any event. From baby showers to corporate parties, to birthdays and holidays.

To be a gift basket entrepreneur, you need a flair for the creative and the artistic ability to buy gifts and attractively tuck them into baskets, boxes, decorative tins, or bags.

Attractive packaging is an important part of the job description, if you want to do this. You can’t just randomly throw stuff together and stick on a bow and expect it to work.

Take photos of your gift baskets and post them on social media to market them. You can even create a website to start selling big. Prepare brochures listing the contents of your baskets and their prices.

You can offer deliveries to offices and homes around town, sell online through your website or social media accounts. You can even do mail orders or sell in local shops. 

7. Graphic Design

If you are an art and design buff, this is one of the best business ideas for stay-at-home moms that will suit you. Graphic designers can do a lot.

They can design flyers, product catalogues, informational pamphlets, advertisements, posters, t-shirts, logos and so on.

They also consult with printers or publishers to help them identify the best choice of paper, cover stocks, and printing processes suitable with given assignments. 

Market your services to ad agencies, small magazines, publishing companies, corporations, product manufacturers, individual entrepreneurs.

You can also get freelance design jobs online on popular freelance platforms like DesignCrowd, 99designs, and Fiverr.

Apart from an exceptional graphic design ethic, you also need good listening skills to run a successful graphic design business.

To keep your clients, you need to completely understand what they want. 

8. Grant writing business

The grant-writing business has been rather underutilized. Thousands of non-profit organizations apply for funding every day. As a grant writer, you’ll temporarily be the link between the grant seeker and the funding organization.

Grant writers usually work as independent contractors, full-time or part-time development officers, and most importantly, as freelancers.

You’ll apply for a wide variety of funding including project grants, endowment grants, general operating grants, restricted grants, matching grants, and challenge grants.

There are some websites that will help you to know more about funders. These include www.tgci.com and www.fdncenter.org 

It’s easy to start working as a grant writer. Very few nonprofits require their grant writers to have certification. So you can offer your services at any organization while learning on the job.

Remember, the more experienced you are, the more handsome the fees you’ll be able to charge.

9. Home Healthcare

The home healthcare business sector is rapidly growing due to the sky-rocketing costs of live-in nurses and assisted living facilities.

As a home health-care worker, your responsibility is to assist the old and the sick with the daily tasks of living like bathing, fixing meals, or cleaning the house.

You don’t have to do it by yourself. Employ a team of caregivers under you if you want to reach multiple people at a time.

But first, find out the legal requirements of running a home healthcare agency in your area. It’s essential to be up to date with the laws especially when you will be administering any kind of medication.

Make your services known by advertising your services at local community centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and doctors’ offices.

You’ll need some kind of medical background for this. You must also have excellent people skills and an intuitive ability to pair your clients to the right caregivers.

When hiring employees, patience is a major qualification if you don’t want poor reviews.

10. House Cleaning

Cleaning jobs are always available if you look for them. Dirt and grime will never cease to exist and that’s a good thing.

Ask around your neighborhood and you’re guaranteed to find a client or two. We are all lazy, but we want to live in sparkling clean environments. 

11. Medical billing business

What is medical billing? This is the process through which doctors and hospitals receive payment from health insurance companies.

It may involve resolving disputes and following up on delayed or rejected claims. 

As a medical billing service provider, you’ll be offering services like invoicing, coding, and collection on behalf of different classes of healthcare facilities.

To become one, you should first be certified by enrolling in schools having medical billing programs or through taking some online courses.

If you’ve worked in the healthcare sector before, you have an added advantage.

12. Mobile Spa

Take the spa experience directly to your clients via a mobile spa. You can offer mobile spa treatments in homes, hotels or even offices.

As a spa professional, you’ll be offering massages, facials, body treatments, manicures, pedicures, or bridal hair and makeup. Starting your very own mobile spa will cost you close to nothing.

Mobile spas don’t have any ongoing costs like rent, maintenance, utilities, and insurance.

To run a successful mobile spa, you’ll need to have some background knowledge as a massage therapist, manicurist, or hairdresser.

Market your business to work-from-home clients just like you. These people don’t have time to go to the spa.

You can also target older folks who aren’t able to leave their homes, working professionals who just want a break during high-stress periods, and disabled clients who aren’t able to get out of the house more often than they could’ve wanted.

As you walk around from house to house, make sure you carry around a mobile retail shop with skincare and haircare products, and some accessories like spa slippers, herbal neck wraps, and ointments for your clients.

13. Offer personal music lessons to kids

Music is important for any child’s development. Many parents would like their kids to have music lessons but are not able due to time constraints involved.

If only there was a way the kids could get professional music lessons. Well, now they can and you’re going to be the one to help them.

You first have to market services and establish yourself as a professional. Offer to play music at child daycares, kindergartens, or preschools. Anywhere you’ll get the attention of both the kids’ parents and teachers.

You can simply call the day-care principals and teachers to have them arrange a day to play for the kids. After showcasing your skills, you can then offer your classes. You can offer these lessons at your home so that the kids meet at one place.

Make the first class free for each kid so the parents can see how their kids interact with your teaching style before scheduling them for regular classes. 

14. Paper shredding and recycling business

Many businesses such as financial institutions and medical facilities under the law, are required to protect the confidentiality and security of patrons.

Most businesses, therefore, are overloaded with documents that, for one reason or the other, cannot simply be thrown in the trash. These institutions hire professional paper shredding services.

As a mobile paper shredder, you are required to go to your clients and shred their documents on-site. After shredding, you’ll remove the paper and take it to a recycling center.

Apart from shredding paper documents, you can also offer shredding services for hard drives, CDs, as well as other data storage devices.

Remember, people are very protective of their children so you need to provide assurance of their safety.

15. Personal Chef

The personal chef business is booming. Personal chefs can sell their services to just about anyone who has a taste for fine dining and is willing to pay for it. 

To become a good personal chef, you need not only the best cooking skills but also a mastery of nutrition and good organizational skills.

You also need to have a sound understanding of health regulations, safe food handling practices, and product liability laws.

Be adaptable. You are going to be working in different kitchens. Some clients will have the best kitchenware, while others won’t.

But, your results have to be consistently the best. You may, therefore, need to invest in a set of travel utensils you can take from one client to the next. 

16. Pet sitting, Dog walking and Dog daycare

If you are an animal lover, this is a great job for you where you’ll be getting paid to care for and play with people’s pets. Pets are a lot of work.

They need lots of care and attention most people struggle to give them due to time constraints. So, here’s where you come in. You get to fill the gap that the pet owners leave by offering to keep their pets happy for them. 

There are various services you can offer. You can have the pets over while their owners are away. This can either be during the day or night.

Dogs and cats need the most attention especially when their owners are away. But sometimes you’ll be asked to take care of hamsters, rabbits, birds, snakes, or even tropical fish. 

You can also offer to take the doggies for a walk or simply play with them. This is the most popular way to make money taking care of pets.

This opportunity can bring in good cash especially if you sell your services in retirement communities, where most residents may not have the energy or motivation to take their pets out for daily walks.

You can even find jobs online with apps like Rover and Wag.

Here’s another idea. You can offer mobile grooming services for pets. Just like a mobile pet spa. I think pets, especially dogs, will really love this. Cats..not so much. 

17. Sewing Business

If you enjoy sewing, embroidery and this kind of thing, this business idea might just be the right fit for you. You can make custom curtains if you have an interest in interior design.

Offer multiple services, like offering to design, sew and install window treatments, so that you can charge more than if you just stitch together simple curtains for your clients.

If you are into embroidery or hand sewing, you should try the quilt designing business. Monogrammed baby quilts are especially popular because they make excellent gifts. 

Doll dress design is also trendy. Ask the little girls around what types of doll clothes they like. If you are not in touch with your clientele, your clothes will not sell.

Aside from doll outfits, also offer accessories such as doll hats, hair ribbons, socks, tights, and slippers. Just so they know you care about what dolls wear.

Make custom bridal veils too. This is a way to tap into the lucrative bridal market. But offer unique services like crafting one-of-a-kind veils and headpieces.

Develop the intuitive ability to choose headpieces that are most flattering to different brides’ facial structures. You may also go into making First Communion veils. 

18. Make Soap

Take advantage of the growing market of green buyers in the soap market. Many people are going back to the basics and are buying all-natural soaps more and more.

A bar of soap may cost you 10 cents to make and you can sell it for $1 to $4. Make gourmet and specialty soaps right in your kitchen by adding special herbs, fragrances, or colors.

Remember, packaging is everything in this business. 

19. Website Consultant

Websites have become commonplace these days. If you run any kind of website, having a website is just as important as anything else in the business.

Anyone can create and own a website, but unfortunately not everyone can run one. 

As a website consultant, your job involves building and maintaining websites for clients who might be local businesses.

Maintaining websites will allow you to charge monthly for making minor changes and additions to a client’s website.

You should have at least an understanding of Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Also, you’ll need to have some experience dealing with banners, links, copywriting, affiliate programs and so on. 

20. Wedding planning

Couples are now marrying later than ever, after having spent years getting advanced degrees, as working singles or living together. They have the money to splurge on lavish weddings.

This means there is great earning potential for wedding planners like you. You don’t need much to start this venture, and that makes it one of the best business ideas for stay-at-home moms like you.

You’ll need to know the details of wedding planning, including resources, and prices for everything from invitations to musicians.

You’ll also need to be extremely organized and detail-oriented. Can you imagine forgetting to put the deposit down for the venue or the flowers? 

21. Transcription service

If you can type fast and have a good ear, offering transcription jobs might be a great business idea for you.

It will allow you to work from home with a very flexible schedule. You can do this even if you have other engagements during the day.

To boost your earning potential, consider becoming a certified transcriptionist or specializing in fields like medical transcription.

These services are especially in demand as voice recognition technology is being used more and more for health care provider dictation.

Medical transcriptionists usually charge 5 to 14 cents per line of transcription, which quickly adds up. The typical submission time for transcription jobs is 24 hours, so it’s important to stay on top of the gigs you accept.

Fortunately, transcription work is always available and flexible, so you can accept only a few requests at the start and upscale your work volume as time goes by.


22. Become a Professional Organizer

If you’re looking for a business idea that can really spark joy inside you, it’s this one. Working as a professional organizer, your job is to help people declutter and minimize their spaces for a living.

The minimalism trend is quickly catching on as people are determined not to be overrun by their possessions.

However, most people still find it hard to part with their possessions, especially if it’s with things they’ve owned for a long time.

The job of a professional organizer is to help your clients to develop a system for minimizing to keep things clean and neat.

If you pride yourself on being able to make spaces functional and comfortable, you should consider coaching others to get there as well. People will pay you to help them come up with a system of minimizing their possessions and keeping it that way.

To market your business, ask your clients whether you can take before and after photos of their homes. Use these photos to create a portfolio you can put on social media or on a website to attract more clients.

23. Translation service

The translation services industry is growing more than 5% every year. And it’s showing no signs of slowing any time soon.

This growth can be attributed to the internet opening up doors for entrepreneurs from other countries to English-speaking markets. The opposite holds true too. 

This growing trend is creating openings for multilingual speakers to offer services like document translation and translation of website information into foreign languages to be used in markets overseas.

If you have a mastery of multiple tongues, carving out a niche for yourself in this industry could provide one of the best business ideas for stay-at-home moms like you.

24. Digital Marketing

The internet is becoming more and more relevant for business as months go by. But operating online is not that easy. There is so much noise they have to cut through every day.

And that’s why businesses need digital marketing services. Most small and mid-size companies find it cheaper to outsource this service compared to paying an expensive in-house team.

Freelance digital marketing services are, therefore, in high demand. 

If you’ve got a good handle of SEO, pay-per-click, web development, content marketing or social media management, you could have a business opportunity like this one.

Also, if you enjoy meticulous planning and implementing these plans, digital marketing might just be the right business for you.

Digital marketing is an important aspect of a business’ brand, so it’s crucial that you rapidly respond to changes in your client’s marketing strategies.

Social media marketing involves watching the comments section around the clock. It’s not just about posting and forgetting about it. 

25. Become a real estate agent

Finding the right house can prove overwhelming for most. As a real estate agent, your job will be to help  people find the house of their dreams at a price that is right for them.

In most states, you only need to go through a few months of classes and pass a test to qualify as a real estate agent. 

You’ll need to have basic people skills with this one. So if you’re not a big people person, this route might not be the best business idea for you.

26. Start a blog

Now more than ever, blogging has become a most viable source of income. Everyone is starting a blog and you should too.

We now have millions of blogs on the internet spanning a vast variety of topics from gardening to style, cooking, or almost anything else you can do. 

Starting a blog could just be the right idea you were looking for. Having a blog can compliment any other business idea you have.

For instance, if you have a gardening business, a blog can help you share your ideas on the topics and reach more customers in the process.

And the beauty of blogging is that you can monetize it in so many different ways. For instance, you can do affiliate marketing, sell courses and other digital content, or even sell your products on there too.

It will take some time for your blog to take root but when it finally does, you’ll enjoy such autonomy you’d wish for in any dream job. All this makes it one of the best business ideas for stay-at-home moms.

27. Make an online course

What do you do particularly well? Whatever it is, you can make money with it by teaching online. There are several online course platforms that will help you to sell your work.

These platforms include Thinkific, MemberVault, Skillshare, Teachable and many others. They allow you to create, market and sell their courses, all in one platform. You can start an online course to teach pretty much any subject or skill you fancy.

For example, if you have a gardening blog, you can create a gardening masterclass to teach your readers about different aspects of gardening.

The online course industry has grown significantly. You can now create more elaborate courses for your students.

For instance, Thinkific now allows you to create structured courses complete with tests and certificates of completion. Course creators have various tools at their disposal. Tools like video, voice-over slide presentations, PDF file,s and others help you to create the most engaging courses.

Creating an online course has never been easier, with the simple drag-n-drop feature most course builders also have.


28. Try Virtual assistant jobs

These are one of the most sought-after professionals on the internet. And this can be one of the best business ideas for stay-at-home moms since you get to work with very flexible schedules.

Virtual assistants play a vital role in the running of any organization. They handle tasks which keep companies running smoothly.

These include tasks like scheduling meetings, responding to emails, booking travel accommodations and so much more. This is a perfect work-from-home business idea.

Do you have what it takes to become a virtual assistant? To succeed in it, you need to have excellent organizational and communication skills.

If you’ve got what it takes, you can look for gigs online on freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Flexjobs.

These jobs will give you the opportunity to interact with executives and other giants of the online world. It is also a great chance to get first-hand knowledge of how organizations are run.

As you do this job you’ll get to improve your communication and productivity skills.

29. Home tutoring

Tutors are always in high demand. Chances are you may be good at a certain subject. What is it? Math, chemistry, economics, law, anatomy, whatever it is, you can find someone to tutor. I bet there are high school and college students around your area. 

You can advertise your services by passing flyers in public libraries or around your neighbourhood especially where students live. 

You can even do it online by posting your adverts on student forums or through some other social media channel. 

Tutoring high school students for their SATs is especially lucrative. Both general and specialized SAT tutors are in high demand. So this is one of the most profitable business ideas for stay-at-home moms, especially around SAT season.

You might also consider working for online SAT prep companies like Kaplan and Princeton Review, which list available tutor jobs on their websites for tutors around the country.

As a private tutor, you can charge anything from $10 to $100 an hour depending on the subject matter you teach and the location you practise in.

You should find out what other tutors are charging in your area before going ahead to set your rates.

In general, SAT tutors tend to be more expensive compared to ‘normal’ tutors. 

30. Professional Photography

Professional photography is not dead! In fact, it is one of the most cut-throat businesses you can be involved in.

The fierce and demanding clients all add to the allure of this opportunity. If you have a passion for photography and decent enough equipment, you can easily get into this industry. 

Photography takes many forms. From portrait photography to photojournalism to stock photography or even event photography. You can either set up a studio in your home or take photos to sell online on various stock photo platforms.

Setting up a home studio means you’ll be taking professional photos at local events like weddings, christenings, get-togethers, and so forth. 

However, photography as a profession is not really for beginners. You need to know what you’re doing. It’s what the clients pay for. Also, if you don’t have the equipment, you cannot really compete with your more skilled and equipped counterparts.

But, hey, if you already do this as a hobby, you might have a real shot at a possible career change.

31. Home Baking

If you love to bake and are good at it, your sweet treats can be a source of income for you. This venture is one of the best business ideas for stay-at-home moms.

You already have all the tools you need to run a successful pastry business. A kitchen, an oven, some simple baking utensils, ingredients and you are good to go.

All you have to do is sell your brand. Do this by passing flyers around your neighborhood.

Be sure to bring them some treats when you do this. You can also do social media or even create a website. Whatever you think works for you. 

You can take orders at events around town if you’re really that good. Selling cakes is not the only way to make money though.

Create a blog, make online courses, host classes in your home or even organize bake sales. Use your imagination.

32. Start a YouTube channel 

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform there currently is. Starting a YouTube channel means that your message may reach billions of people from all over the world.

You can make videos in any niche that interests you. There are millions of niches you can choose from. You can even create your own. And that is why this can be one of the best business ideas for stay-at-home moms.

Making money on Youtube is not complicated. And there are many ways to do it. You don’t even have to have millions of subscribers to start making money on YouTube. Only a few hundred will do. What matters is the views your videos get. 

33. Start a home fitness centre/ yoga centre

Do you love yoga? You can make money teaching other people to master this ancient art. Start offering yoga classes at home. If you don’t have lots of space inside, you can do it in your backyard.

Advertise your services around your neighborhood. Offer the first class for free so that your students get to interact and know you better. 

You don’t have to do yoga only. Offer to train different fitness classes on different days of the week. You can do Pilates on Mondays, Zumba on Tuesdays, Yoga on Wednesdays and so on.

The goal is to offer as many group fitness routines and classes as possible. And don’t limit your services to ladies only. Let the men join in too. 

34. Sell Clothes

Do you think you have an eye for good clothes? If you do, then start by selling your old clothes online. It’s easy. Sites like Depop and eBay will help to find your clothes the market they need.

And if you have some money to spare, you can go ahead and buy clothes somewhere else and sell them online. 

Go ahead and start your very own clothes shop. Nothing is holding you back. To succeed in this business, you’ll need to learn the fashion trends. If you are selling locally, walk around and observe what people like to wear.

You should identify your target market. Do you want to sell men’s or women’s clothing? Is it teenagers or kids you want to sell to? And you don’t have to sell locally only. You can sell countrywide by drop-shipping your products.

Marketing your services is easy these days. You don’t even have to walk around. Use social media. Advertise on different Facebook groups, post pictures on Instagram and post pins on Pinterest.

Use flyers. Try word-of-mouth. Use whatever will work for you. 

35. Test and Review Products

This is one of the best business ideas for stay-at-home moms who love freebies like I d, this idea is for you. Sign up on product testing sites like Influenster, UserTesting.com, Pinecone research to get started.

These online companies will pay you to try their products and give honest reviews on them. You’ll get to try expensive product prototypes you wouldn’t normally get on the market. Brands that put up their products for review include electronic companies, snacks companies, beauty products, and so on. 

When you first sign up, you’ll fill in forms that will allow the algorithm to vet you to see which products you qualify to test. Apply to review different products, and when you qualify, you’ll receive the product in your post. After getting the product, you will have to review the product within a set period.

Testing involves using the product to see how practical, functional or how good it is. You’ll then be required to give feedback on the product. After testing, most brands let you keep the prototype and pay you for reviewing them. You won’t be so lucky with others. You can sell the product to turn a profit, but be sure to read the fine print before you do this. 

36. Airbnb hosting

Got a spare room in the house? Don’t let it sit idle. Enlist it on Airbnb to start making money from it. You’ll first need to recondition the room.  Fix the lights, the floors, or everything you think needs fixing.

Then do a bit of interior designing in it. You don’t have to hire one. Do it yourself to save that money. Only after you’ve made sure the room is safe to live in, can you enlist it on Airbnb.

It’s a bit of an investment in time and money but it won’t cost you that much compared to what you’re going to get from it. 

The beauty of Airbnb is that it lets you control almost every aspect of how you want to host. You even set the price for it. So do some quick math and start making some profits.

To succeed in this business, you need to have good people skills. This is the hospitality industry we are talking about after all.

Do all you can to get those positive reviews. That’s your lifeline in this business. So, if you can do hospitality really well, this can be one of the most perfect business ideas for stay-at-home moms for you. 

38. Set up a nail salon

If you want a professional manicure, you’ll have to part with at least $30 to $40. Most people don’t have this kind of money to spend on nails.

So if you are skilled at painting nails, you can earn a pretty penny if you offer manicure and pedicure services at half the price. Say you charge $15 or $20 per client and you do 3 to 5 a day. That’s something already. 

You don’t need to invest much. All you’ll need is some high-quality nail polish and a nail lamp to set and dry the polish.

Do an excellent job each time and, sooner or later, you’ll be overbooked. With the skills, this can be one of the best business ideas for stay-at-home moms.

39. Hairdressing

Professional salons charge upwards of $50 for a basic trim.  Set up your very own home salon and offer these expensive services at a fraction of the price.

If you are passionate about hairdressing and give it your best, you’ll have your own salon in no time. 

40. Podcasting

I love podcasts, and if you love them too, why not start one yourself? Podcasts are amazing business ideas for stay-at-home moms.

They are platforms that will allow your unique voice to be heard. They are meaningful work you’ll absolutely enjoy doing.

Just like blogs, you can start a podcast in any niche you fancy. 

And the beauty of it is that podcasts can be monetized in so many different ways. You can have ads, sponsored content, exclusive content and so much more.

People are preferring to listen to podcasts more and more these days. Start somewhere, believe in the power of your voice and soon, you’ll not even be doing it for the money anymore. 

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