Are you having a baby girl? Or you think you’re going to have one soon? So now it’s time to find the most beautiful girl names and meanings they carry. Because this is going to be one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your daughter’s life.

Finding the best girl names and meanings behind them doesn’t have to be that hard.

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So, here is a list of some of the most beautiful baby girl names and meanings behind them. 

1. Acacia

This name may get you thinking about acacia trees in Africa or other savanna regions. However, this name originated from Greece and is used as a beautiful baby girl’s name that means one who is honourable.

2. Aimee

A beautiful name for a beautiful princess. Being of French origin, it is classy and chic and it means beloved friend. Isn’t it lovely to think of your daughter as your dear friend for life?

3. Alexandria

This lovely baby girl name is of Greek origin meaning one who defends.

3. Amber

This name is of English origin meaning of yellow color.

4. Amelia

This name is of mixed origins and it means one who is industrious. This is quite a lovely way of inspiring your daughter to work hard in life.

5. Amelie

This lovely French name means one who is hardworking and is closely associated with Amelia which has a similar meaning.

6. Angelina

This name reminds me of the famously beautiful and successful actress Angelina Jolie. It just may inspire your daughter to be as successful as her namesake. It also has the beautiful meaning of angelic.

7. April

This is such a simple and cute name for your lovely girl. It originated from England and it means opening buds of spring. It will have your little girl feeling cute and will always remind her of the spring season.

 8. Arabella

This beautiful melodious name originated from the Latin language and it means one who yields to prayer

9. Aria

This is such a lovely Hebrew name that means air; the most important component of the earth which supports life. A lovely meaning packed behind a lovely name, making it the perfect name.

 10. Athena

If you love Greek mythology, then you know that this name refers to the goddess of wisdom and warfare in ancient Greece. It will have your daughter feeling strong and invincible which will help her go a long way in life.

11. Aubrey

Being of German origin, it means one who rules the little people fairly; making it such a beautiful name for your little girl. It will inspire her to be kind and fair in all her dealings.

12. Aurelie

There is a reason this name is so popular among Disney princesses or female leads in fairy tales. It is actually of French origin and it means sun thus its popularity in Disney fairytales to indicate a beautiful girl whose light shines so bright that it cannot be put out no matter how hard people try.

13. Aurora

This outlandish beautiful name is of Latin origin meaning dawn. In ancient Rome, it was the name of the goddess of the morning. Isn’t it lovely if your daughter reminds you of a beautiful morning full of new opportunities?

14. Belle

As you can probably guess from its chicness, this name is of French origin and it means beautiful. It can also be used as short for Isabella. It is the perfect beautiful name for a lovely little beauty.

15. Bella

This is an alternative for Belle. It will suit your little girl perfectly and will give her Cinderella vibes. Girls who rock this name are really pretty, just picture every Bella you know and you will see that am not wrong. It means beautiful 

16. Brigitta 

This is a lovely variant of Brigette or Bridgit. While the latter ones are quite old-fashioned, the former is fresh and classy and prettier. It is a German name that means strong.

17. Berenice 

This is the Latin version of the name Bernice. It brings a fresh vibe to it. It means one who brings victory.

18. Blossom

Girls love to be associated with flowers. This name will accomplish that beautifully. It means fresh.

19. Celine

This is a French name that means heaven or beautiful sky thus will bring an air of tranquility and beauty to your little one. It also happens to be the name of the famous Celine Dion who is a successful RnB singer.

20. Clara

This would be the most perfect way to wish your daughter a clear and bright future. Being of Latin origin, this name means bright and clear.

21. Colette

This name originated from the French and it means victorious. Naming your daughter Colette would be a great way of reminding her that life is full of battles and to be victorious, it is important to face these battles bravely and wisely.

22. Candace

This name has the cutest nickname of Candy. Imagine being able to call your daughter Candy! So adorable and sweet just like your little princess and it has the most beautiful meaning of queen mother.

23. Callista

This is the female version of the name Callistus. For short, you can use Cal, which is really cool at the moment. It means most beautiful

24. Dahlia

This happens to be a name of Arabic origin and it means flower. It is a beautiful name that reminds you of the beauty and lovely fragrance of flowers and like a flower, your daughter will keep blossoming.

25. Daisy

This name could mean flower as derived from the daisy flower. However, it also originated from old England from the word ‘daegeseage’ which means the day’s eye. Both of these meanings are lovely for your daughter.

26. Dawn

This could be the English version of the name Aurora that means daybreak. All her life, your daughter will symbolize a beautiful sunny morning bringing some rays of hope into the lives of those around her.

27. Devika 

This pretty Indian name will have your little one feeling extra pretty. It means little goddess.

28. Delilah

It can be traced back to the Bible to the beautiful woman who lured the mighty Samson and cut his hair, which was the source of his strength. It is, however, a beautiful name that symbolizes a charmingly smart beauty.

29. Eleanor

This melodious beautiful name has the evenly beautiful variants of Ella, Elen or Hellen. It can mean bright light or beautiful fairy woman. No wonder most beautiful girls I know are called Ella or Eleanor or Helen.

30. Eva

This name originated from Latin meaning life. The simplicity of this name is so charming, making it a beautiful thoughtful name for your little one.

31. Enya

This is a very unique, feminine name that means grain in Irish. It will make your daughter feel one of a kind during to its uniqueness.

32. Euphrasia

This name is of Greek origin. It means good cheer; which is the perfect interpretation of the atmosphere that a little girl brings to the people around her.

33. Filippa 

It is a very lovely name with a beautiful ring to it.  It is feminine for Philip and it means one who loves horses; the perfect name for a farm beauty.

34. Fay

It can alternatively be spelt as Faye. It is of English origin and it means fairy, how lovely!

35. Fern

Having its roots in old England, this name is used to refer to the fern plant.

36. Greta 

While it has been popularly used as a short form for Margaretta, it is also a name on its own. It has Greek roots and it means pearl.

37. Gemma

This name is pretty current.  It is the Italian version of the word ‘gem’. It means precious stone

38. Gillian

Being the feminine of Julian or Julius,  it reminds you of the powerful Roman emperor. What a strong daughter you will have should you name her Gillian.

39. Geneviève 

If you can pronounce this name perfectly, then you will see that it is the prettiest name for your little girl. It is exotic and classy and is used to refer to the patron saint of Paris. 

40. Harlow

This is a unique name that originated from old England. It means rock hill.

41. Holly 

Its origin is in old England where it was used to refer to the Holly tree. It has grown pretty popular over time.

42. Hazel

This name has the uniqueness of the hazel color and the hazel tree; with a certain warmth and depth that is inexplicable. 

43. Heather

It had English roots and is the name of a certain flowering evergreen plant in old England. 

44. Isla

This pretty name originated from Scotland. It was originally the name of a river in Scotland.

45. Ivory 

Pretty vintage name for a pretty little girl; it means pure.

46. Isabella

It is just as cute as its derivatives of Ella and Bella. It means beautiful

47. Jade

This name makes me picture a breathtakingly beautiful green stone. Sure enough, it is of Spanish origin and it means stone of the colic. This is because of the popular Spanish belief that this beautiful green stone can cure colic in infants when put on the infant’s stomach.

48. Jasmine

This name makes you go “Oh! What a beautiful name!” This lovely name is actually of Persian origin and refers to the climbing plant that has beautiful fragrant flowers hence the beauty of the name as well.

49. Jayla

This is a cute edgy name that has African-American roots and it means special one. Isn’t that exactly what your daughter is to you, the most special person in your life? 

50. Juliette

In Italian, this is one of the most popular baby girl names meaning ‘an Italian’. In French, it means ‘little Julia’.

51. June

This Latin baby girl’s name means young and today.

52. Katherine

This is a popular modern name with the cool nickname of Kate or even the variant of Katerina.  It originated from Latin and it means one who is pure.

53. Kiera

This cool name originated from the Irish and it means little dark one. The Irish historically gave this name to babies who were born with lots of dark hair or with a darker complexion.

54. Kylie

This is a popular Australian name that is believed to be the female version of Kyle. It means boomerang

55. Layla

This Arabic name is growing more and more popular today given its frequent use in romantic poems. It means beautiful night.

56. Lulu

Yet another pretty name for a pretty young lady. It is pleasant and charming and is a Latin name that means famous warrior. This name would have your daughter feeling bold, brave and pretty.

57. Luna

Just like its Latin meaning of moon, this name would give your daughter an air of tranquility and quiet beauty just like the bright moon during the night; being a light of many in the dark.

58. Maia 

This is a beautiful Greek name that has its roots in Greek mythology. It means good mother.

59. Micaela 

It is a pretty, female version of the name Michael. From its Biblical roots, it means no one compares to God.

60. Mulan

Having been made popular by the famous animation ‘Mulan’, this trendy name means strong and is of Asian origin.

61. Nikita

It is originally Sanskrit and it means house. It has been made popular by the popular movie series of Nikita featuring a smart, brave, strong female lead. These are the kind of qualities your daughter will be lucky to possess.

62. Nora

Simple but very lovely; it means honourable. Your daughter will feel so honored with this reputable name.

63. Nessa

This is a very unique name. It is short and simple but with the powerful meaning of fierce.

64. Ophelia

This name hasn’t been used by many in quite a while, making it rare. Naming your pretty daughter Ophelia will remind people of its loveliness. It means one who helps.

65. Odette

This is the feminine version of the name Ode. It means wealth. Imagine all the wealth and riches that will fill your little girl’s future.

66. Opal

Pretty name, just like the precious gemstone it represents; it is such a lovely way to remind your daughter of how precious she is.

67. Phoebe

It is popular in Greek mythology as the name of a powerful titan. It means one who is pure. 

68. Philomena 

This is a lovely Greek name that involves the merging if two powerful names; philos which means friend or lover, and menos which means mind or strength. Put together, it can mean lover of the mind, which could inspire your daughter to be a great philosopher.

69. Primrose 

This is a lovely alternative for the name Rose or Rosie. It means first rose in Latin. 

70. Quinn

This popular name will give your daughter such queenly vibes since it sounds like queen. It means one who is intelligent.

71. Rayne 

This name has multiple origins and as a result, multiple meanings. The popular meaning, however, seems to be queen according to its French origin.

72. Ruby

This is a classic Latin name that means red gemstone. It would make the perfect name for a little redhead.

73. Rose

Don’t you just love red roses, or white roses perhaps? It’s no wonder this name is here to stay. It means rose flower.

74. Solange

This is the French version of the Latin word solemnity which means religious. It is also the name of the sister of Beyoncé Knowles, who is a popular singer.

75. Sibyl

This name is truly unique. I haven’t heard of even one girl named Sibyl. It is a Greek name that means prophetess.

76. Siobhàn 

I know you are marveling at the uniqueness of this name. This is the Irish version of the name Jeanne. 

77. Thaïs

Also very unique; it means bandage in Greek. Its uniqueness and beauty make up for its plain meaning.

78. Tabitha 

If you have a fondness for the pretty gazelle animal, this name would be a perfect fit for your daughter. It means gazelle.

79. Tinsley

This name of English origin represents the name of a place in South Yorkshire.

80. Ulani 

This is a pretty, unique girl’s name that means one who is light-hearted.

81. Vienna

This name has its roots in Germany and it means one who is fair or white.

82. Valencia

It is pretty, isn’t it? This beautiful name is of Spanish origin meaning strength; a powerful meaning packed behind a pretty name. 

83. Viola

It is of English origin and has been derived from the word violet, which represents a color of purple hue.

84. Winter

This English name not only represents the coldest season ever, it also represents a pretty female name that means one who brings renewal.

85. Willa

This is the female version of Willa. Given that it is shared with Prince William, it has a noble ring to it.

86. Xana 

Wow, it is so pretty, isn’t it? It means one who is golden-haired.

87. Yarina 

This name is of Arabic origin and it means tranquility or one who is peaceful.

88. Yei 

This is a rare girl’s name that means flourishing.

89. Yessenia

This name is derived from the name of a tree; Jessenia. It is a pretty South American name.

90. Zahlee

This beautiful baby girl’s name has its origins in the UAE. It means princess.

91. Zenaida

This name is derived from the name ‘Zeus’ in Greek mythology. And since Zeus is the king of all the gods in Greek mythology, this name has a lot of power behind it.

92. Zainab

This is an Islamic Arabic name that refers to a fragrant flowering tree.

Final Thoughts on Best Baby Girl Names and Meanings

There you go! Now choosing your little girl’s name won’t be so hard, since you have this list of baby girl names and meanings behind them.

More so, now that you have ideas of some ideas of baby girl names and their meanings, it’ll be much easier to sell the name to your spouse.

What other baby girl names and meanings do you recommend? Please share in the comments section below.

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