Baby Boy Names and Meanings

Some moms usually seem to have everything figured out. They already have their go-bags ready and they know exactly the best baby boy names and meanings for their sons. Others don’t. So, if you are like me, or like most ordinary moms, then you must be feeling quite out of control given the list of things that you are yet to do in preparation for your little one.

While packing a go-bag is pretty easy, choosing a name for your precious little boy is not as easy as you may have thought. You keep going back and forth between baby boy names and their meanings trying to imagine what your baby would be like. 

You may even decide to wait until he is born and choose a name within those first few minutes of seeing him; hoping you will have a better idea of what baby boy name suits him more.

However, you do need to have a few options beforehand since you will have limited energy to do your research after giving birth.

Before you give birth is the best time to do your research if you want to find the best baby boy names and meanings behind them.

So here is a list of cute baby boy names and meanings to help you get started.

1. Ace

This beautiful baby boy name makes you think of a smart little chap. It originated from Latin and it means unity

2. Aiden

This Irish name has become pretty popular today given that it is both cool and thoughtful. It originally meant one who is little and fiery and will be perfect for your cute little boy.

3. Aldo

Aldo is the perfect name for you as it is originally Italian and it means one who is wise. It would be lovely to think of your son as a wise young man.

4. Alexander

Originating from Greece, it means one who defends and it is just in line with the famous Alexander the Great, who was a king in ancient Greece. Don’t be surprised if your son grows up to be bold and fierce in standing up for others.

5. Andre

This is a French name meaning male or man. It is popularly used today and it would be nice for more people to know the meaning behind it as well.

6. Albert

Many people use this name for their sons today but what they don’t know is that it is a German name from the German word Adalbert which means bright.

7. Anton

This baby boy name is of Latin origin meaning one who is priceless and is a perfect match for your precious little boy.

8. Archer

With the cute nickname of Archie, this is an old English name that means one who uses bows and arrows. It will have your son growing into a brave young man.

9. Asher

This is a cool stylish name that means one who is fortunate or blessed and it happens to be of Hebrew origin.

10. Ashton

This is an old English name that means one who is from a town of ash. However, this name may bring your son fame and luck in his career just like the famous American actor Ashton Kutcher.

11. Augustus

This is a variant of the name August which means one who is great. Just like the ancient Roman emperor Augustus, it may inspire your son to be a great ruler one day. It also has the cutest nickname of GusGus for when he is still your little boy.

12. Barney

You cannot even imagine that this cute name is a derivative of the name Bernard. It has its roots in Germany and it means one who is brave.

13. Beckham

This is a noble English name that means one who lives by the stream. It is, however, not commonly used hence is perfect for you if you do not like commonly used names.

14. Benji

This is a cool variant of the name Benjamin. It originated from the Hebrews and it means son of the right hand. It happens to be the perfect name for your son if you come from a Christian family.

15. Braxton

This old English name is starting to make a comeback given its frequency of use in teen movies. It means Brock’s settlement in old England.

16. Bruno

This cute baby boy name has its roots in Germany and was derived from the German word Brun which means armor.

17. Carney

This is a cute boy’s name that means skillful tradesman.

18. Caleb

This is a Hebrew name that can be translated to one who is loyal. It has also been a pretty popular name in this decade and would be perfect for you if you are a modern parent that likes to keep things current.

19. Caspian

Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? It represents the name of the sea that separates Europe and Asia. It has that calm and deep-sea vibe. 

20. Carlton

I love this name for its short form of Cal. Your son will sound cool wearing this name. 

21. Damian

This is a romantic baby boy’s name that reminds you of a handsome dude with a cocky smile. It means to tame.

22. Dewey

This is a more stylish Welsh version of the name David. It means beloved one.

23. Dimitri

It has an outlandish vibe that makes it sound exotic. It means one who loves the earth.

24. Dominic

This is a popular Christian name given that it means one who is of the Lord. It is perfect for your little Christian boy.

25. Darius

This name is originally Persian but has been translated into various languages including Greek and the Roman language. It means one who is good.

26. Dylan

It sounds so boyish and stylish and it means great wave.

27. Elias

This is a cooler derivative of the vintage name Elijah. It means God is good.

28. Elmer

This whimsical boy’s name would suit a light personality very well. It means renowned as derived from the English word ‘Aedelmaer’.

29. Emilio

This is a cute name with a touch of romance. It is of Latin origin and it means rival.

30. Ethan

This is a cool boys name and it has been topping the charts for quite a while now. It means one who is firm.

31. Felix

This widely used name is actually of Latin origin and it means one who is lucky.

32. Ford

It means one who lives near a ford.

33. Fletcher 

It has a catchy ring to it. It is rooted in old England and it means one who sells arrows.

34. Gavin

It originated from the old English folks and it means hawk, giving it a powerful kick. 

35. Gilbert

This one has the lovely nickname of Gil. It originated from France and it means shining pledge.

36. Graham

This is a classy name for a classy dude. It means gravelly home.

37. Harvey

With roots in France, the name means battle-worthy.

38. Harmon

This is originally an Irish name although it is more popular in America today. It means soldier.

39. Hugh

It has the cute alternative of Hugo. It is a popular German name that means mind. Your son will be quite an intelligent young man.

40. Herbert 

This is a vintage baby boy name meaning bright.

41. Irving

Among the Irish folks, this is a lovely way of referring to a handsome little boy. You can adopt this too for your handsome little chap.

42. Isaiah

Rooted in Bible, this name has a religious ring to it. It means Yahweh is salvation. 

43. Jan

This is the super-cool German variation of the name John. It is extremely stylish and it means God is gracious.

44. James

This is a vintage classic and it means supplanter.

45. Jasper

This Persian name has the beautiful meaning of treasurer.

46. Jett

This is a quirky, current name that means purification.

47. Jove

In ancient Rome, this name was used as an alternative for Jupiter.

48. Kareem

This is a cute Arabic name which means one who is generous.  It is stylish, cute and unique.

49. Karlsson

A cute variant of Carlson; it means son of Carl.

50. Karmello

This is an alternative spelling for the Spanish name Carmello. It means green orchard.

51. Larkin

Being a modern variation of the name Lawrence, this name is dripping with style. It means victory.

52. Leonardo

With the cute alternative of Leo, this is a Spanish variant of the German name Leonard. It means lion or brave lion and will inspire your little chipmunk to be as brave as a lion!

53. Liam

This is a variation of the German name William which means will or desire. It is a great way of reminding your son that where there is a will there is always a way.

54. Lyle

This boy’s name is so cute, it will have all the girls his age drooling. It is of French origin and it means island.

55. Marcello

It is cute and it sounds romantic. Your son will love this name especially once he hits puberty. It means mainly.

56. Mauricio

Wow, another romantic name we have here. It is of Latin origin, derived from the Latin word Maurus which means Moorish.

57. Mike

This is the cool variation of the name Michael which is rooted in the Bible. It will fit wonderfully in a religious family.

58. Milo

It is so adorable, perfect for a cute little baby boy. It means merciful soldier

59. Nicholas

You get to use Nico for short, yay! It is of Hebrew origin.  It means victory of the people.

60. Nabil 

This name is so unique that your son may not find a namesake in town. It means noble.

61. Neille 

This is a cute spelling for Neil. It means champion.

62. Neville

It means new village.

63. Orlando

This is a cooler, cuter Italian version of the name Roland. It means fame of the land.

64. Octavo 

Being a cooler variant of the name Octavius, it is growing more and more popular. It means eighth.

65. Paddy

This is the male version of the name Patricia. It means noble.

66. Paul

This an originally Latin name that means humble. It also appears in the Bible as one of the famous disciples thus it would perfectly match your son if your family is Christian.

67. Penn

This is a cute classic name that happens to be uncommonly used. It means hill.

68. Quincy

This one is pretty modern. It means estate of the fifth son.

69. Ryan

You must have heard this name among a few cool kids that you know of. This edgy name was derived from the Irish name of O’Rian which means little king, what a super adorable way of referring to your son!

70. Ravi

It has its origins in the Sanskrit language and it means the sun. This is the perfect name for the perfect little boy who lights up your world with his cute little smile.

71. Ray

We all know of this word in the dictionary of English that means a beam of light, which is already a perfect way to view your son. He can symbolize a shining beam of light when you are facing some dark moments or simply the light in your life.

72. Reese

This is the perfect combination of cute, meaningful and trendy. It means enthusiasm. Having an enthusiastic little boy is a gift, right?

73. Remmy 

It is simple and cute. It means one who is from Rheims

74. Richard

This is a powerful baby boy name for a brave young man. It is an English name meaning brave power and has been the name of not one, not two, but three England rulers! Your son may just end up being a ruler or a great leader, plus you get to call him Richie for short which is so cute!

75. Robert

This baby boy name of untraced origin means bright fame.

76. Scott

Although it means one who is from Scotland, the name has become popular worldwide. Even if you are not Scottish, the name is still very suitable for your son.

77. Shiloh

This name has a Biblical origin as it has been used in the Bible to indicate a divine person. However, it has the meaning of tranquility in Hebrew and will have your little chap being a peaceful little boy.

78. Shawn

This is the cool version of the name John and it originated from the Irish.

79. Sid

It is cool and trending. It is the French variation for Sydney and it means Saint Denis.

80. Theodore

This name has the cutest nicknames of Ted and Teddy that you can use for your cute infant son. It is originally a Greek name that means gift from God.

81. Timothy

With the cute nicknames of Tim or Tom, this is a lovely name for a cute infant boy. It has its roots in Greece and it means one who honours God.

82. Tyler

Despite its simple meaning of tile maker, this name is extremely popular today. It also has a cool nickname of Ty.

83. Travis

This is yet another cool alternative for a modern mom. It means one who comes from the big town.

84. Vladimir 

This name is not your usual simple boyish name. It is the French male version of Vivian, who is known to be the lady of the lake.

85. Ugo

This is a cool modern name that means bird

86. Vinn 

This is a cool Italian version of the name Victor. It means victory. 

87. Vance

This is a cute name for your little brave boy. It means brave.

88. Wayne

This is a vintage name that has kept its charm over the years. It means water-crossing.

89. Willis

It is a variation of the German name William. It means protector.

90. Wes

This is a simple, cute name that is if English origin. It means one who comes from a wealthy estate.

91. Wagner

This one is also climbing the popularity charts pretty quickly. It is of English origin and it means from the true man’s manor.

92. Xenos 

This unique name originated from the early Arabs. It means bright.

93. Xavier

This unique name tends to be more popular among the Catholics. It means new house.

94. Yves

This is a cute and unique name of Ukrainian origin. Its meaning is unclear.

95. Zahir 

This baby boy name is of Armenian origin meaning flower.

96. Zephaniah

It means God has hidden.

97. Zander 

This is an alternative spelling for Xander. It is of Arabic origin and it means intelligent.

Final word

There you go! Now choosing your little boy’s name won’t be so hard, since you have this list of baby boy names and meanings behind them.

More so, now that you have ideas of some ideas of baby boy names and their meanings, it’ll be much easier to sell the name to your spouse.

What other baby boy names and meanings do you recommend? Please share in the comments section below.

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