Are Halloween squishmallows out yet?

Halloween squishmallows are already out and available in stores. Halloween squishmallows include the classic Halloween characters such as vampires and bats. Squishmallows are sold on the company’s official website, on Amazon, and at specialty retailers across the country. 

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How often is Halloween candy tampered with?

There have been several stories suggesting the possibility of strangers using the Halloween trick or treat tradition to poison children. Perhaps the most popular story of Halloween candy being tampered with is that of a father who poisoned his child by offering him a pixie stick laced with cyanide. The story quickly metastasized leading to some communities banning trick or treating. However, as of today, no cases of strangers killing or permanently injuring children in this way have been proven. 

Will Halloween haunt be open 2021?

Halloween Haunt is an immersive and haunting Halloween attraction that includes unimaginable scares, thrills, and chills. Halloween Haunt did not happen in 2021 due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The event, however, is expected to make a comeback this Halloween on Friday and Saturday nights from 24th September to 30th October 2021. 

Are Halloween stores open?

If you are a fan of starting your Halloween preparations early, then you are in luck. Most Halloween stores open early, with many of them displaying their costume selections as early as before Labor Day. This is to allow you more than enough time to have the best Halloween decorations. 

When to start putting up halloween decorations?

Depending on the number and how huge your Halloween decorations are, you can start putting your decorations up anywhere from 1st to 14th October.

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