Are Halloween contacts safe?

Wearing decorative contact lenses, like Halloween contacts, can be risky, similar to wearing prescription contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses, especially ones obtained without a prescription can cause serious damage to your eyes. The best way to ensure safety when using contact lenses is to see an eye care professional first who will assess whether or not you are a proper candidate for contacts. Your eyes should be measured first to properly fit the contacts. 

What Halloween costume should I wear?

Numerous factors go into deciding what Halloween costume you should wear this Halloween. If you are not too concerned about wearing the same costume every year, then settling on a costume shouldn’t be that big of a deal. However, if you are someone who invests a lot of time and effort in your costume, then planning what to wear can be time-consuming. You should wear a costume that matches your personality. Also, whether you are dressed to scare, impress, or make someone laugh plays a crucial part when deciding your costume. 

Why is Halloween scary?

Halloween is inspired by the night before All Saint Day, known as All Hallows Eve. It is believed that on this night, the line between the living world and the afterlife is especially thin. It was believed that ghosts came back to the earthly world and people would wear masks to avoid being recognized by the ghosts. This is the main reason why the holiday has a ghostly and spooky atmosphere.  

Why is Halloween the best holiday?

Halloween is an awesome Holiday because people get to dress up as anything they want without being judged. Another great thing about Halloween is that the Holiday is much more laid back compared to holidays such as Christmas. The Holiday also happens in autumn when the weather is still nice enough to play outside.  

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