Affiliate programs for bloggers

Any successful blogger will tell you that starting a blog and promoting the best affiliate programs for bloggers is the best way to make money online.

You don’t have to deal with all the complications that come with making a product. All you have to do is promote it to the right audience and earn your commission whenever they purchase that product.

We have tested several affiliate programs for bloggers over the years.

Some are great, some weren’t. So we came up with this very detailed review of the best affiliate programs for bloggers.

If you still don’t have a website to promote affiliate programs, you can learn how to create a website in 15 minutes here.

Our affiliate programs list features affiliate programs that convert really well. Find the affiliate programs that work for you and keep promoting them.

It covers affiliate programs from different niches like:

1. The best overall affiliate program

2. Best web hosting affiliate programs

3. Ecommerce affiliate programs

4. Social and Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

5. Online Surveys and Cashback Sites Affiliate Programs

6. Website builders, themes, and plugins

7. Best affiliate Networks

8. Courses and Ebooks affiliate programs

9. Freelance Jobs Affiliate Programs

10. Sports Affiliate Programs

11. Fitness affiliate programs

12. Travel Affiliate Programs

13. Fashion, Beauty, and Makeup Affiliate Programs

14. Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

15. Home Improvement/Decor/ Furniture Affiliate Programs

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What is an affiliate program?

This is a platform that brings together online merchants and affiliate marketers( bloggers like you).

When you join an affiliate program, you are required to advertise the merchant’s products using affiliate links to promote their products’ sales. In return, you earn a commission.

The Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

1. Fiverr – Best overall

Fiverr comes first on this list because of how versatile it is. Its products can be promoted by almost any blogger.

Fiverr is the largest marketplace for online services and we love it because it is not niche specific. There are millions of online services being sold on Fiverr, that’s why any blogger can find something to promote.

When you sign up for the Fiverr affiliate program, you get the chance to promote the single largest online marketplace with millions of services.

As a Fiverr affiliate, you are at liberty to choose between two types of commissions:

  • A CPA (cost per acquisition) commission- You get a one time commission of $15-150 for every new buyer, depending on the service the buyer purchases.
  • Revenue share- You get a commission of $10 + 10% revenue share for 12 months for every new buyer. This means that you will get $10 every time someone purchases a service from Fiverr PLUS you get paid every time that person returns to buy something on Fiverr. Isn’t this great?

There are four sub-platforms on Fiverr you can earn commissions from. They are Fiverr, Fiverr Pro, Learn From Fiverr and AND.CO.

What is the difference between the four?

Fiverr is the original marketplace where freelance services such as writing, video editing, etc can be bought or sold. The commission rate for these services ranges from $15 to $50.

Fiverr Pro is the supercharged version of the original Fiverr where vetted experts can sell their services. The commission for all Fiverr Pro services is $150.

Fiverr Learn is an academy that sells different online courses. If you are looking to buy or sell a particular course, try Fiverr Learn. The commission for every course order is $30.

AND.CO is a software that helps freelancers manage tasks, tracks time, sends out invoices, and accepts payments. All this is done on one platform. The commission rate for promoting this software is $30.

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

1. A2 Hosting

A2 hosting offers fast and cheap web hosting. They also have a great customer support team.

Their affiliate program is free to join.

You earn a minimum of $85 for 1-10 sales per month and as much as $140 a month for 31+ sales a month.

They also have a high conversion rate.

Preferred payment method for this platform is PayPal

Payment is made monthly on the 15th of every month. There is a threshold of $100 that must be reached before funds can be disbursed. Pending sales usually take a minimum of 45 days for approval.

Their cookies are viable for 30 days.

They also offer customer support, given by an affiliate program management team dedicated to helping affiliates.

2. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most common web hosting providers. They have a very large customer base that’s why they have amazing conversion rates.

They are also one of the three web hosts recommended by WordPress. Others are Dreamhost and Siteground.

This platform is a good choice especially if your blog niche revolves around topics such as WordPress or blogging or anything to do with starting a blog/website.

You will get a commission rate of $65, which is subject to changes based on the volume of signups you generate.

They have PayPal as their main payment outlet.

Payments are made between 45 and 60 days after the initial sale.

Customer support is available.

Payments are processed between the 16th and the last day of each month. You will have to meet an account threshold of $100 for any payment orders you make to be processed.

Their cookies last 30 days.

If you have not started your affiliate website yet, click my link below to get 50% off your hosting.

3. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is one of the three web hosts recommended by WordPress. It is therefore among the best web-hosting platforms we have on the market.

This platform is easy to use. It also has a team of affiliate managers always ready to help whenever someone has a problem.

It has consistently ranked among the best affiliate programs for bloggers because they are cheap, have a great customer support system, and are among the best paying affiliate programs.

This platform is one of the best-paying, having commission rates ranging between $15 to $200. The rates vary widely and depend on the plan your referral chooses.

They have PayPal as their major payout platform.

Payments are processed 97 days after the sale. This is as per their 97-day money-back guarantee.

Their payouts are usually done between the 7th and 14th days of every month.

It is free to join and will take you a few minutes.

There is no limit to how much you can earn.

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4. SiteGround

Just like Bluehost and DreamHost, Siteground is also recommended by WordPress. If you are obsessed with great customer service then this is the web host to choose.

Commission rates at Siteground start at $50 for the first 1-5 sales. The rate will increase as you make more sales. For example, 11-20 sales a month gets you $100 per sale.

PayPal is their preferred method of payment.

They make payments 30 days after a hosting plan is purchased. This is done weekly with no threshold requirements for payout once the 30-day mark is reached.

Their cookies are guaranteed to last 60 days.

Customer support from a team of affiliate managers is also available in case you need it.

5. HostGator

Hostgator has been around since 2002 and hosts over 8 million websites. If you are looking to promote cheap and powerful web hosting, try out Hostgator.

They have a flexible commission rate which starts at $65 for the first 1-5 sales.

Best affiliate programs for bloggers-Hostgator affiliate program

This program also has have high conversion rates.

They pay their affiliates about 70 days after the month of sale of a hosting plan.

Payments are made via Electronic Funds Transfer or PayPal.

Customer support is also offered. This is done via email.

Their cookies generally last 60 days.

6. NameCheap

Namecheap is a domain name vendor as well as a hosting company. But it’s mostly known for being a domain name vendor.

Namecheap also provides services like apps, security, and VPNs. They also have a good affiliate program for bloggers.

There are discussions about whether it is safe to purchase both your domain name and hosting from one company. If you are one of those who strongly believe that it’s not safe to put all your eggs in one basket, try recommending Namecheap for purchasing domain names.

Namecheap commissions range between 20%- 50% of the purchase.

NameCheap’s affiliate programs are spread out across three affiliate networks, Impact Radius, CJ, and ShareASale.

The cookie life is 30 days.

Payout options across these three networks are generally similar. They include PayPal, direct deposit, check by mail, wire transfer, and electronic funds transfer.

Their payout model is such that commissions are paid for each item of the first order of a new customer.

Each affiliate network has a set minimum payout amount of $50 for direct deposit and $10 through PayPal with Impact Radius.

They offer customer support available through email, live chat, and knowledge base.

7. Hostinger

Hostinger is a great web hosting provider with really amazing rates.

Affiliates get a 60% commission per sale. You can earn between $60-$150 per sale.

They have the most amazing discounts that start from $0.99/month. They also don’t have any payment caps.

If you haven’t started your website yet, you can do so by clicking the link below and getting 90% OFF Web Hosting Plans + Free SSL. 

8. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is the most environmentally friendly web host. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

If you believe in making a difference, then this is the web host you should be using.

As their affiliate, you can earn between $50 to $125 per sale. You also get to work with dedicated account managers. They also don’t have a withdrawal threshold.

Ecommerce Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

1. Sellfy

Sellfy is an ecommerce plaform for people to sell both physical and digital products. You can sell Design assets, eBooks, Video and films, Audio files, Software, or any other digital products.

They have a 25% commission plan that recurs for one year.

2. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace for crafters and artisans. It is an eCommerce-themed affiliate program, that is right for anyone in this niche.

Their commission rates are between 4% and 8%.

Payment methods include a check or a direct bank deposit.

They payout commissions on qualifying sales (does not include cancellations or returns), with payments being done once or twice a month.

Their cookie life is 30 days.

Affiliate URL:

3. eBay

Ebay is an online marketplace with tons of products to promote.

They have a really good commission rate of 50-70% of the sale price. If you join as a new or reactivated user, you get double the commission rate.

You have the option to use either PayPal or direct deposit as your preferred payment method.

Payouts can be done monthly when the $10 threshold is met.

They offer customer support which is available through a contact form.

Their cookies last 24 hours.

Affiliate signup:

4. Shopify

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that offers retail point-of-sale systems and online stores.

For each new user who signs up for a paid plan, you earn an average commission of $58 (this amount will vary based on the plan your referral signs up on).

Each referral that signs up for Shopify Plus using your unique referral link will earn you a hefty sum of $2000.

Shopify commission policy allows you to receive a 100% commission on the first and second payment, provided each of your first few referrals signs up for a paid plan.

Payouts are made five business days after the 15th day of the month following your referrals’ sign up.

Shopify accepts PayPal.

There are no minimum sales requirements

Customer support is available any time via phone, email, or live chat

Cookie Life: 30 days

Signup Url:

5. 3dcart

This is another awesome eCommerce platform that offers 300% commission to its affiliates.

120-days cookie duration

Signup URL:

Social and Email Marketing Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

1. GetResponse

GetResponse is an email marketing service that helps people send newsletters, campaigns, carry out online surveys, etc.

It is the best Mailchimp alternative for businesses wanting to grow and is very fairly priced compared to other email marketing products. It also has really amazing features.

They have a great affiliate marketing program that offers a 33% recurring commission.

They also offer a one time commission of $100 for every referral.

2. Aweber

Aweber is another great email marketing software that offers a 30% recurring commission. They offer free migration services, stunning content creation & landing pages, unlimited email automation, and so much more.

3. LeadPages

LeadPages is a lead generation tool that allows bloggers, freelancers, and small business owners to create landing pages for their websites. It is an amazing tool used to collect email subscribers.

You can also do other things with it like make alert pages, pop-ups, and more.

They offer a 30% recurring commission on all referrals.

Commissions are paid out two months after the original sale was made.

They have a 30-day cookie life.

Their preferred payout method is Direct Deposit.

They offer customer support too.

4. Tailwind

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduling tool that many bloggers use today.

They have a great market reputation.

On this platform, you get to earn a recurring commission of 15%. Every time your referral pays for a Tailwind plan, you earn 15% of what they pay-either monthly or annually.

They offer customer support.

They have a 90-day cookie life.

You can join their affiliate program via Shareasale.

5. Canva

Canva is an amazing graphic design platform that makes design and video editing super simple.

It allows you to create posters, pins, social media graphics, infographics and so much more.

I use Canva to create my Pinterest pins and Instagram posts.

The beauty of using Canva is that you do not need any graphic design background to use it. It can be used by literally anyone.

Canva affiliates earn a 25%-80% commission for every subscription.

6. Grammarly

Grammarly is a content editing software that offers a lucrative affiliate program opportunity.

Niche: content editing software. Good for any blogger who writes about blogging or writing.

You get paid a commission for every successful referral. The rates are as follows: $0.20 for every free signup and a $20 commission for every successful upgrade to premium Grammarly.

There is also a lifetime recurring 10% commission if someone becomes an affiliate using your referral link.

Grammarly gives you a $25 Activation Bonus for signing up for their affiliate program.

Theirs is an incredibly generous affiliate program.

Payouts are made on the 20th-21st of every month. They have a minimum payout threshold of $50.

Their preferred payment methods are checks or direct bank transfers which make the payout process easier and risk-free.

7. ConvertKit

Convertkit is a popular email marketing tool that helps in blog promotion.

Their affiliate program focuses mainly on the bloggers and creatives whose attention mainly focuses on blogging.

They have a 30% recurring commission for the lifetime of each referral (paid monthly).

It gets better even better.  If your referral account hits the 8,000 subscriber threshold, you’ll earn $99/month from this point onwards.

As your referrals’ Convertkit accounts grow, so does your commission on each account referred. Commissions are paid after thirty days.

Paypal is their preferred payment platform.

They offer customer support.

This affiliate program has a great market reputation.

Their cookies last 60 days.

8. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is an influencer marketing tool that helps your promotion efforts by finding influencer email addresses, building email lists, and perform outreach.

They offer a 50% recurring commission and payout every 30 days.

Referral URL:

Online Surveys and Cashback Sites Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

1. MyPoints

MyPoints is a great cashback and survey site. As a member, you can earn up to 40% cashback whenever you shop at different online retailers Target and Amazon.

You can also earn rewards for completing surveys, playing games, and watching videos.

If you are looking for a quick way of making $20, try MyPoints. You also get a $10 Amazon giftcard or $10 Visa giftcard when you signup.

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online survey community with more than 11 million users.

They have an excellent market reputation.

The Survey Junkie affiliate program is for any blogger that writes about personal finance and making money online.

Commission rates for this platform stand at $1.50 per sign up.

A minimum payment threshold of $10 should be met before any payments are made. This low threshold means you can get paid frequently.

PayPal is their preferred payment platform. You can also get your commission in the form of gift cards.

Customer support is also offered.

They do not use cookies.

3. Dosh App

Dosh is an app that gives you cash back when you shop at participating outlets using your credit card.

The reason why Dosh stands out and is loved so much by people is that Dosh sends you cash back without making you jump through hoops. You don’t require any coupons, promo codes, or to scan your receipts.

All you do is shop, and money gets deposited into your account. No questions asked.

If you are looking to save money on groceries, or make some extra cash on the side, try using Dosh.

Simply download the app, link your cards and start earning.

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a loyalty rewards program and survey site.

It pays its users for doing stuff like playing games, shopping online, taking surveys, and surfing the internet through their site.

Users earn redeemable points that they can turn into cash or gift cards.

If you write about online money-making opportunities, then you can add this affiliate program to your list.

Increase your chances of earning a commission using their tested, high conversion banners, flash ads, emailers, and text links that fit seamlessly into your website.

You get to earn a fee of $2.20 for every email verification.

5. Rakuten

Rakuten is a cashback site that pays you $10 for signing up. They also pay you $25 for referring people to their platform.

You get the $25 once whoever you refer spends $25.

6. Ibotta

Commission: $2.00 per referred registration

7. InboxDollars

Commission: Activation$1.50-$2.20

You can join their affiliate program via Impact Radius.

Cookie period: 30 days

Website builders, themes, and plugins Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

1. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes has an excellent market reputation for creating modern premium WordPress themes like the Divi theme (what we are using on this blog), Extra, Bloom, and Monarch.

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They also have a great affiliate marketing program that pays a 50% recurring commission. This means you get paid the initial 50%, and an additional fee if your referral buys anything else on the platform.

They have a 180-day cookie life

2. Theme Forest

Theme Forest is a WordPress theme vendor. Its affiliate program is powered by Impact Radius. This program is part of the Envato Market, an industry-leading creative marketplace that sells digital assets.

Some of their themes like the Avada and Bridge themes are among the all-time best-selling WordPress themes.

It is perfect for blogs that focus on the whole topic of starting and running blogs.

Commission rates stand at 30% for any first purchase you refer.

3. MOJO Marketplace

You earn 30% of Net Sales Amount

4. CSSIgniter

CSSIgniter offers an extensive collection of premium WordPress themes for different websites.

Affliates earn a 50% commission for each referral and 50% for every year the member keeps their subscription.

5. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is known for how lightweight it is. It is one of the highest-performing and most light-weight WordPress themes currently on the market.

It is optimized for SEO-friendliness and is also devoid of any useless code that weighs most themes down.

Affiliates earn 35% commission on every sale they refer.

6. Elementor

Elementor is a WordPress page builder. It allows users to design their websites using an intuitive drag-and-drop tool.

If you are in the blogging niche, and you frequently review page builders, then this is a good choice for you.

They have an excellent market reputation.

Their commission rate stands at 50% per sale.

Commission payouts are made a month after the 30-day refund period for referrals has ended.

There is a minimum threshold of $200 that has to be reached before any payment can be made.

Their cookies last 30 days.

PayPal is their preferred payment outlet.

They offer customer support to their affiliates through their dedicated customer support team.

7. Wix

Wix has become increasingly popular over the past few years.

Today Wix hosts over 170 million websites.

Wix provides both web hosting and domain names (free and paid).

Active Affiliates must earn a minimum of $300 (USD) per month to get paid. 

A cookie expires after 30 days.

Signup URL:

8. Squarespace

Squarespace is another very popular website builder.

It offers a commission of $100.00 – $200.00 and a cookie period of 45 days.

9. Weebly

Weebly is a website builder with millions of users.They have a drag and drop feature that makes it very easy to build a website.

Affiliates earn a 30% recurring commission.

Cookie duration is 120 days.

10. Site123

Site123 is another website builder that comes with lots of tempelates.

It si also really easy to use.

Affiliates earn $182 per sale.

11. SeMRush

SeMRush is an amazing SEO tool used by website owners to track keywords.

Their affiliate program is called BeRush. Affiliates earn a 40% commission. They accept PayPal.

Best Affiliate Networks For Bloggers

Whenever companies or brands realize how hard it is to track affiliate sales and commissions, they outsource this to third party companies. These are called affiliate networks.

They include:

1. Impact Radius

This is a digital marketing platform that brings together the advertisers and publishers(media partners) on one solid platform. 

There are various payout options like PayPal , cheques, and international bank transfer.

Payout times and limits are flexible.  You have the option to choose when they are done(either the 1st or the 15th of the month) and the threshold for these payouts to be done(ranging anywhere between $25 to $5,000).

The minimum threshold amount also differs depending on the payment option chosen.

Signing up for Impact Radius is free.

Sign Up URL:

2. Awin

Awin is another very popular global affiliate network that’s made up of over 16,500 advertisers and 250,000 contributing publishers.

3. Flexoffers

Flexoffers is another large affiliate network.

It connects advertisers and publishers with affiliate programs that cut across different niches.

There are no fixed-type offers like CPA or CPS, only affiliate offers.

Signup URL:

4. VigLink

VigLink automatically converts all outbound links on your blog to affiliate links. This means that you can be a member of any affiliate program.

The set-up process is hassle-free.

The commission you earn from these affiliate programs VigLinks signs you up on is split between you and the platform. VigLink keeps 25% of the commission, while the rest (75%) goes into your pocket.

They pay via PayPal.

Signup URL:

5. Rakuten Marketing

This affiliate marketing platform has been here around for a while. It brings together advertisers and publishers in one convenient platform.

There are over 1000 merchants you can choose to work with. This includes all the top brands you can think of.

Their preferred payment platforms are direct deposit or check.

One of the requirements to work with them is a good amount of traffic.

They offer support options like email and phone number.

Signup URL:

6. ClickBank

ClickBank is a top US-based online retailer. Millions of buyers and vendors transact through this platform every day.

Being an online retailer, you can work with them to promote other vendors products and services. You will earn a commission each time someone uses your link to purchase an item.

Commission rates range from 1-75% depending on the vendor you influence a sale for.

Payouts to an affiliate on ClickBank are made only after you meet both of the following conditions: they meet your set payment threshold and meet the Customer Distribution Requirement. If you do not meet any of these, your payment will not be initiated.

They offer customer support.

7. Shareasale

Sharesale also has a very large merchant base that every affiliate can work with. They work with merchants from almost all niches so you can definitely find a program to promote no matter your niche.

Courses and Ebooks affiliate programs for Bloggers

1. Thinkific

Creating and selling courses is a great way of making money online. If you are an expert on a particular field, you can use your expertise to create a course and sell it to your audience.

Thinkific is a great platform for creating and selling online courses.

It is an all-in-one platform that allows entrepreneurs and businesses to create, market, and sell online courses. The platform makes it easy to share knowledge, grow an audience, and scale a business.

With Thinkific, users can feel confident that they’ve got the easiest technology and best support in the business.

Their affiliate program offers 20% recurring commission.

2. MemberVault

MemberVault is another great platform for creating courses.

It stands out because it provides a platform for course creators, their students and clients to have engagement.

This makes it possible for them to stay on track.

3. Proofread Anywhere

Proofread Anywhere is an online course that sharpens people’s proofreading skills. It is perfect if you write about online income opportunities like proofreading.

If you are looking to make money online, you can try proofreading. There are thousands of proofreading courses for those who want to know all about proofreading.

Commission rates for this program stand at 30% for every new course subscription you direct.

4. Transcribe Anywhere

Transcribe Anywhere is an online transcription course or anyone interested in transcription. It offers courses in legal transcription and general transcription.

You earn a commission every time your link leads to a subscription.

Their commission rates stand at 20% for every sale you make. 

5. Teachable

Teachable is an online course delivery platform.

It is an online marketplace that helps online teachers to host & sell their online courses on different subjects.

It brings together millions of learners and instructors.

They offer a recurring commission rate that stands at 30% for the lifetime of each referral you bring in(paid monthly).

You will always earn a commission for a referral as long as that customer continues pursuing their course on Teachable.

Their preferred payout method is PayPal. They also have tons of resources at their disposal.

They have a long cookie life of 90 days.

Affiliate Signup:

Freelance Jobs Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is the largest freelance marketplace. You can never run out of products to promote.

Fiverr allows you to sell any service online.

Commission: $10-$150 or a hybrid commission of $10 plus 10% revenue share.

2. 99 Designs

99designs is the single largest graphic design marketplace.

If you any graphic design service, check 99 designs first. If you don’t get what you are looking for, you can check Fiverr next.

99designs is a freelancer platform that connects graphic designers to their clients.

You can choose one graphic designer to handle your project or open a contest where different designers present their projects then you choose the winning design.

As a 99designs affiliate, you earn your commission when a new customer you refer starts a project or launches a contest.

You can work your way up the commission ranks. Start as an associate affiliate, and rise through their commission tiers.

Associate affiliates earn $60 commission for every new contest customer they refer.

After you bring 25 sales or more, you will be promoted to an affiliate partner earning $80-commissions.

Bringing in more than 50-lifetime sales earns you the title of ‘official brand partner’ and hefty $100-commissions.

3. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is an online jobs portal. They offer job listings in various different categories.

Commissions are earned for job seeker referral especially to the FlexJobs premium account. You can get up to $15 for each referral that gets a paid subscription.

Affiliates are paid monthly for the commissions generated on the previous month

PayPal is their preferred payment platform.sho

They do not use cookies.

Sports Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

If you are a sports fanatic, you can turn your passion into an income.

There are many ways to make money online in the sports niche. You can recommend sports products from reputed companies on your website. You can also start a Shopify store and sell sports products.

This is a list of the best sports affiliate programs:

  • Fanatics– 10% commission, 7 days cookie duration
  • Fitbit– 10% commission, 45 days cookie duration
  • Soccer Garage – 10% commission, 60 days cookie duration
  • 12% commission, 30 days cookie duration
  • Eastern Mountain Sports- 9% commission, 60 days cookie duration
  • Baseball Rampage- 9% commission, 365 days cookie duration
  • FanDuel- $25-$35 commission 35% recurring commission for the first 2 years
  • TaylorMade Golf- 5% commission, 30 days cookie duration

Travel Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

The travel niche is another very lucrative niche. People book flights, hotels, accomodation, and vacations online.

Take advantage of this to promote travel related products.They include:

  • Agoda– 35%-60% commission
  • Skyscanner (great for checking flight prices)- $0.15-$0.25 per exit click
  • AirBnB- Referral Program– $95 per sign up, capped at $5,000 in travel credits.
  • Airbnb Associates program- 30% of the Airbnb service fee, 28 day cookie period
  • Travelpayouts- 80% commission, 30 days cookie period
  • Expedia- 2-6% commission, 7 days cookie period
  • 4% commission, 7 days cookie period
  • Hilton- 4% commission, 7 days cookie period
  • Hotwire- 2% commission, 7 days cookie duration

Fitness Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

The weight and fitness niche is another greatniche that has many opportunities to make money with affiliate marketing.

Recent data shows that the health and fitness industry generates about $ 80 billion US dollars a year.

If you want to capitalize on this market, check ou these affiliate programs.

  • Workout Warehouse – 8-11% commission
  • 24 Hour Fitness- $20 per sale
  • Wahoo– 7-10% commission
  • Horizon Fitness- 8% commission per sale
  • Tital Fitness- 5% commission
  • Lifeline Fitness- 10% commission
  • Evolve Fit Wear- 6% commission
  • 15% commission
  • TRX Training- 8% commission

Fashion, Beauty, and Makeup Affiliate Programs

If you are an influencer in any of these fields, then you should definitely join affiliate programs and make some money.

Nowadays people are obsessed with makeup tutorials. I can’t even begin to count how many I have watched.

You can promote these products on your blog , social media pages and YouTube.

Take a look’


Nordstrom– 3-20% commission

Zaful– 15-20% commission

Eddie Bauer– 5% commission

Newchic– 10-50% commission

H&M- 7% commission

J.McLaughlin– 15% commission

JNCO Jeans– 20% commission

Fashionmia- 15% commission

Lane Bryant- 5% commission

ModCloth- 7% commission

MVMT Watches- 10% commission

Stitch Fix- 4% commission

Warby Parker- 20% commission

True Religion- 7% commission

Beauty and Makeup

Sephora– 5-10% commission

e.l.f- 5% commission

Black Opal– 9% commission

XLASH– 15% commission

Madison Reed– $20 per sale

Sigma Beauty– 10% commission

BH Cosmetics– 8% commission

Avon- 10% commission

Benefit Cosmetics- 4-7% commission

Erno Laszlo- 10% commission

Beautytap- 7.5% commission

ULTA- 5-7% commission

Colorescience- 5% commission

Elizabeth Arden- 5% commission

ScentBird- $14 for each sale

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs for bloggers

Crypto is making a huge comeback since it slowed down in 2018. That’s why we came up with a list of Crypto and bitcoin affiliate programs for those who want to cash on it.

Take a look.

1. Binance

You earn 20% commission. This can be doubled if you hold 500NB on your wallet.

If you want more, you can join their 50% commission tier. It however has strict requirements.

Signup URL:

2. Coinbase

commission: You Receive 50% of your referrees’ trading fees for the first 3 months

Signup URL:

3. Ledger

Commission: 10% of every sale

Signup URL:

4. Coinmama

Commission: 15% of all referral purchases

Signup URL:

5. Changelly

Commission: You get 50% revenue share

Signup URL:

6. Trezor

Commission: 12-15% of every sale

Signup URL:

Home Improvement/Decor/ Furniture Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

1. Designer Living

Deals with all sorts of house items like furniture, bedding, bath, outdoor deco, etc.

You can sign up with them via Impact Radius.

Affiliate earn 12% commission on products sold

Signup URL:

2. Wayfair

Deals with all things home decor.

Commission: 7%, 7 days cookie duration

Signup URL:


Has one of the largest collections of home improvement and decor products.

Commission: 2-5%, 10 day cookie duration

Signup URL :


Has a huge selection of items from artisans. You can join their affiliate program through shareasale.

Commission: 10%

You can join their affiliate program through Shareasale.

5. Ted’s Woodworking

You get up to $125 in commissions for a single sale.

They give you 75% of ALL sales from the frontend to the back.

Sign up URL:

6. Houzz

They deal with all things remodeling and home design.

Affiliates get 5% commission on sales.

7. World Market

Everything home decor. From curtains, rugs, pillows, lighting, kitchen, outdoor etc

Commission: 6%

Signup URL:

8. Rug Source

Sells all types of rugs.

commission: 30%, 180 days cookie duration

9. Modern bathroom

One of the biggest bathroom remodeling retailer with a huge selection of sinks, bathtubs, storage items, faucets, vanites, etc.

Cimmission: 4-8%, 120 days cookie duration

Signup URL:

10. Home Living Style

Huge home decor store with decorating products.

Commission: 8%

11. Keetsa Mattresses

Sells unique mattresses

Commission: 10%, 120 days cookie duration

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