$5 meal plan review

Meal planning can be time-consuming, stressful, and quite frankly, rather boring. However, it is one of those things that someone in the family just has to do.

If you are reading this, chances are that “someone” is you. If you have been getting overwhelmed with planning meals, or coming up with meal planning ideas, $5 Meal Plan might be exactly what you need.

So, what exactly is $5 Meal Plan? What can it help you achieve and how does it work?

This $5 Meal Plan review will help you figure all this out and more. If you want to see a few $5 Meal Plan sample recipes, you’ll find that here, too.

In the end, you should be able to tell whether or not this product is worth your while. Sounds good? Let’s begin!

What is $5 Meal Plan?

$5 Meal Plan is a weekly meal planning service that aims to make meal planning a stress-free process.

It is a subscription program where for just $5 a month, 5 Dollar Meal Plan will send you delicious and budget-friendly meal planning recipes that’ll cost you as little as about $2 per person or less to prepare.

As a service, it has been designed to take away all the indecisiveness and stress that come with meal planning. With it, you’ll get one email a week with detailed plans for all your meals, right from breakfast to dinner.

Here’s what you’ll get in your email every week:

  • 5+ seasonally relevant dinner recipes
  • 2 bonus lunch, breakfast and dessert recipes
  • 2 side dishes or other recipes
  • A categorized shopping list

1. Recipes are easy to read and followThey don’t do the actual shopping for you
2. Well organized and detailed grocery lists
3. User friendly directions
4. Frugal recipes that taste really good
5. The meals are family friendly
6. You can customize your own menus
7. Wholesome meal planning ideas from expert meal planners

How does the $5 Meal Plan work?

To use $5 Meal Plan, the first thing you have to do is sign up for the program.

This will give you access to your free $5 Meal Plan 14-day trial.

While you can get started with the paid plan right away, I highly recommend trying things out first with the free trial.

This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect when you start paying your $5 monthly fee.

Once you’re signed up, you will immediately start receiving your weekly recipes and grocery lists directly into your email.

After the first week, meal plans will be delivered to your inbox every Friday morning.

This is great because it gives you the chance to do your grocery shopping over the weekend and get ready for the new work week.

The meal plans you get will be about 7 to 10 pages of high-quality PDF format. This is really convenient if you want to print them out and maybe customize them a bit into your very own cookbook.

Alternatively, if you can view the meal plans directly from the website without having to download anything.

All the meal plans are tailored for every week of the year. They are also seasonally relevant.

$5 Meal Plan Sample

Here are two $5 meal plan sample meal plan pages to show you what you can expect from this service.

If you want to download your own sample meal plan for one week, start your free trial here.

The first $5 meal planning recipe features a classic chicken taco bake. It takes a total of just 20 minutes to prepare, and this recipe serves 4.

At the end of the page, you’ll also find a few additional notes with extra tips and tricks to help you get even more out of this $5 meal planning recipe.

$5 meal plan sample

The second $5 meal plan sample recipe is a dessert. It also serves 4 and takes only 10 minutes to prepare.

However, it has a much longer cook time.

Meals like these do really well with refrigeration, which is why you should consider preparing big batches of them and saving any extras for later.

Every week, you’ll get several 20-minute or less meals, at least one freezer-friendly meal, and a slow-cooker meal.

Each recipe will also feature extra short-cuts, tips and tricks to help you get more done with less.

$5 meal plan sample

The $5 Meal Plan comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the service, you can cancel your subscription at any time. All the meal plans and the bonuses will be yours to keep.

This is another reason why I love this program. You have very little to lose by trying it out.

If you are on the fence about it, I recommend giving it a shot for two weeks with the free trial.

If you do not like what it has to offer, you can simply just cancel your subscription!

The $5 Meal Plan Recipes

How complicated are they?

From the $5 Meal Plan samples above, you probably already have a general idea of how complicated these meal plans are.

Spoiler alert: they aren’t.

Signing up for this service means that you probably want to save yourself some time, money, and the hassle of prepping shopping lists and creative recipes every day for your family.

You want delicious recipes that are easy to prepare and will take you a fraction of the time to get ready.

On average, $5 meal plan recipes will take you between 5 to 20 minutes to prepare.

You should be able to enjoy your meals within less than an hour from the time you start preparing them.

The recipes allow for 4 servings each. Depending on how many people you are preparing the meal for, you can tweak the ingredients to suit the number of people you’ll be serving.

So if you have friends or family over, tweak the numbers up. If the kids are at their grandparents and it’s just you and your partner at home, tweak the numbers down.

I also really like how easy the instructions are to follow. They come with lots of symbols that provide you with a lot of info at a glance.

I like how freezer-friendly meals are highlighted, as well as meals that you can start preparing earlier. I’ve found this really helpful in helping e decide when to start eating the meals ready in my own home.

The $5 Meal Plan Grocery List

To be honest, when I first signed up for the service, I did not expect it to come with a complete grocery list that complements the meals.

They didn’t have to do this at all, and the fact that they did just goes to show the level of attention to detail that went into designing the $5 Meal Plan.

When you get your weekly meal planning template, the last two or so pages feature a complete grocery list.

It is beautifully laid out with everything you’ll need to buy to make all the meals for that week.

I think this couldn’t be more helpful.

All the ingredients are sorted into relevant categories: meats, pantry staples (like olive oil and honey), produce (fresh fruits and veggies, herbs), bread, bakery and starches, dairy/ frozen products, and other ingredients like your spices.

This level of organization makes grocery shopping go a whole lot faster:

As a member, you also get access to the 5 Dollar Meal Plan Builder. It is a drag and drop meal plan builder that will allow you to customize your weekly plan.

The $5 Meal Plan Builder also comes with an easy-to-use shopping list creator called the $5 Meal Plan Shopping List Creator.

It will quickly go through your chosen recipes and create a shopping list out of them.

It puts everything you need in one place and lays them out into intuitive categories to make sure that you never miss anything every time you head out to shop.

You can see how all these tools work seamlessly together in this short video:

Is $5 Meal Plan Expensive?

With everything it has to offer, $5 Meal Plan is surprisingly very cheap at only $5 a month.

I love the fact that you get exactly what you pay for with it. It does not come packed with lots of extra irrelevant features that only drive up the cost as most other meal planning programs do.

I think this is why it is one of the best such programs in the market today. It is simple, inexpensive, and gets the job done.

With $5 Meal Plan, you also get a lot of value for money.

$5 a month gets you all the recipes and lists that you need. In turn, you’ll be able to prepare meals that cost as little as only $2 per person, saving you money in the long run!

It is every frugal mom’s dream to feed their family on a budget, and this platform helps you do exactly that. Pls, you do not get to sacrifice the diversity of your menu, making it a win-win for everyone.

If this sounds like something you’d love to get on board with, $5 Meal Plan is available in different plans.

You can choose the $27 ($4.50 per month) option or the yearly option that goes for $48 ($4 per month).

Both these plans have exactly the same features. You only get to save more when you make a long-term commitment.

Is there anything for picky eaters?

$5 Meal Plan has lots of recipe options that will fit any lifestyle.

There are recipes for everyone, no matter what your preferences are. When you sign up, you get unlimited access to hundreds of creative, unique, and easy to prepare recipes.

Plus, every week’s recipes are different from the previous week’s, so you’ll always keep things fresh in the kitchen.

There are also Specialty meal plans that you can get at significant discounts. With this option, you get access to a six week themed specialty plan that is sent out to you all at once instead of once a week.

There are currently 4 Specialty Meal plans:

  • Slow-cooker meals
  • 30 minute meals
  • Paleo meals
  • Vegetarian meals.
$5 meal plan specialty plans

Here’s the best part: once you log in, you can search through all the recipes and create your very own custom menu that suits your family.

The recipes can be browsed by the type of meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner), cooking method, ingredients, and dietary preferences (gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free).

$5 Meal Plan Custom Menus

If you want to create your very own custom menu, you can do so by logging in on the $5 Meal Plan website.

When you find meals that you want to add to your custom menu, all you have to do is use the convenient drag and drop feature to place them into the special box on the right.

Clicking on any meal name will let you preview the recipe. If it is something that you like, select the “Add Recipe” option to add it to your meal plan. You can then save your custom menu.

Your custom menu will look exactly like every other menu on the $5 Meal Plan.

The only difference is that you get to pick out all the recipes you like yourself. It will automatically come with a printable PDF document with a corresponding shopping list of all the ingredients you need.

Are there any downsides of $5 Meal Plan?

Perhaps the only thing that would make this service better than it already is would be if they did the actual shopping for you.

While it reduces the amount of time you spend grocery shopping, some people need a little more.

It would be really cool if they went to the grocery store for you, shopped for everything you need for the week, then delivered it all to your doorstep.

On the bright side, there are services that can help you do exactly that. If you are pressed for time and need some assistance shopping for your groceries, I highly recommend getting Instacart.

It is a delivery service that will help you get all your groceries to your doorstep. Combine this with 5 dollar meal plan and you have a winning combo that will make your life a lot easier.

If you need some more information about Instacart, I have a detailed Instacart review here.

Final Thoughts

$5 Meal Plan is a budget-friendly way to provide your whole family with tasty, well-balanced meals every day.

If you have been looking for meal plans for weight loss, or are simply tired of coming up with meal planning ideas, you should give $5 Meal plans a try.

I absolutely love how this service practically holds your hand throughout the meal prep process, ensuring that you spend a lot less time searching for meal planning ideas, recipes, shopping for ingredients, and preparing the meals.

I highly recommend it for any mom who wants fewer headaches in the kitchen. If you enjoy trying out new recipes as much as I do, you’ll also absolutely love $5 meal plan. It’s just perfect for anyone who loves variety.

If you would like to sign up for $5 meal plan, click the link below for a free 14-day trial. It’s a great way to find out what this service is all about and to try it out for size without making any commitments.

Did you find this 5 dollar meal plan review helpful? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Also, if you know someone else who might need this info, please share it with them! It’d really help me (and them!) out a lot! 🙂

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