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There’s no shortage of online courses these days. Some offer value, while others don’t.

And if you are running a business online, you know how important online courses can be.

If you are looking to enroll to an online course, try Fiverr Learn.

Fiverr Learn, or Learn from Fiverr, is an online course platform by Fiverr that hosts courses from some of the best instructors.

So what makes Fiverr Learn different?

Why should you go for it instead of any other such platforms like Udemy or Coursera?

In this detailed Fiverr Learn review, I will outline everything you need to know about Fiverr Learn and how it works.

In the end, you shall be able to figure out for yourself whether or not this is the best choice for you.

Sounds good? Great! Let’s begin!

What is Learn From Fiverr?

As I mentioned a little earlier, Fiverr Learn is an online course platform by Fiverr, which was launched in 2018.

If you do not know what Fiverr is, I did a comprehensive review of the platform here.

The long and short of it is that Fiverr is the largest freelance services marketplace in the world.

The site was built to link freelancers to potential buyers and buyers to quality work at affordable costs. 

What makes Fiverr Learn different from other course platforms?


Fiverr Learn Courses
Fiverr Learn Courses

Being a Fiverr product, Fiverr Learn is tailored specifically for business people like bloggers, graphic designers, writers, musicians etc

Therefore, while there are many online courses on skills like graphic design, web design, writing, editing, and music production, Fiverr Learn offers a collection of courses that teach people how to harness these skills and excel in today’s gig economy. 

The world’s labor market today is characterized by more and more short term contracts and freelance work, with a clear shortage of permanent jobs.

Because of this, Fiverr Learn has specifically been tailored to help these laborers be more effective, efficient, and earn more. 

Additionally, Fiverr Learn features only industry leaders as instructors.

This means that unlike the Fiverr marketplace where anyone can create and post a gig, instructors on Fiverr Learn are hand-picked out of a select group of people who are at the top of their respective fields. 

What kinds of courses are available? 

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of all the courses available on Fiverr Learn.

Currently, there are 30+ courses on Fiverr Learn from 20 instructors.

The courses on Fiverr Learn are divided into 2 categories: Creative Courses and Digital Marketing Courses.

The courses are in these categories:

1. Digital Marketing

2. Design and Branding

3. Adobe CC

4. Storytelling and voice over

5. Web and SEO

6. Digital Marketing

7. Social media marketing

8. Video and Photography

Every completed course earns you a badge.

The badge can make you even more marketable if you use the Fiverr platform.

You will notice that some of the courses have been bundled up into programs containing several related courses at a slightly discounted bundle price.

However, if you want to buy an individual course instead of the bundle, it is still possible to do so. 

Fiverr Learn Digital Marketing courses
Fiverr Learn Digital Marketing courses

How much do the courses Cost?

Before you can buy any Learn From Fiverr course, you need to have a standard Fiverr account.

If you do not have one, you can create one here.

You will then have to log in to the account to access Fiverr Learn. 

You need a standard Fiverr account to access Fiverr Learn courses
You need a standard Fiverr account to access Fiverr Learn courses

The process of buying the courses is pretty straightforward.

All you have to do is click the “Buy” button and check out. You will then get instant access to the course you want.

Fiverr supports all major credit cards and PayPal

Every course is priced differently. There is a FREE Essentials of Fiverr course (by Oren Ben-Ami) that you can try out to see how everything works.

However, generally, the course prices range from $15 to $115.

However, these prices change regularly, and you can also use coupons and promo codes to significantly bring down the cost of your course. 

There are no hidden fees with Fiverr Learn. You get exactly what you paid for with no extras or upsells shoved at your face once you make a purchase.

Plus, although there is no money-back guarantee, there is a refund policy in place.

If you buy a course and you do not finish it within 30 days, you can ask for a refund from Customer Support.

Your refund should be processed within 5 to 10 business days in most cases.

However, keep in mind that if you buy a bundle program with several courses inside, you will only get refunded for the incomplete courses. 

What I Liked About the Courses

1. When you sign up for a course, you get redirected to a very intuitive virtual classroom. It has the navigation on the left panel showing you completed sections.

Each section is subdivided into smaller chunks, or units, which makes the experience less overwhelming.

Fiverr Learn Lessons
Fiverr Learn Lessons

2. Every unit has an accompanying video, and the sum of the lengths of the videos adds up to the length of the class.

After completing a section, there is a quiz that tests how well you have grasped the concepts taught in that section.

Fiverr Learn Quiz
Fiverr Learn Quiz

3. The courses on Fiverr Learn are taught by people who clearly know their stuff.

The instructors are all industry leaders, who bring a lot of knowledge and experience to the table. 

4. Every course is packed full of very useful information, enough to get you started on whatever skill you opt to learn about if you are a complete beginner. 

5. The courses are short and to the point, perfect for the freelancer who wants to market their skills. 

6. It is easy to identify the specific skill you would like to personally improve, take that course, and better that one aspect of your business within a few hours

7. All things considered, all the courses are very fairly priced.

You are getting instruction from industry leaders, with very detailed lessons that allow you to track your progress and all for a fraction of the price you would have otherwise paid for the same course at a university or college

8. Learning on the go. You do not have to go through the entire lesson in one sitting. You can start, learn, and stop at your own convenience. 

Fiverr Learn Pass Quiz and Rate
Fiverr Learn Pass Quiz and Rate

What I didn’t like about Learn from Fiverr

1. Interaction with the instructors is limited. You cannot ask questions, and there is no forum where students can interact with each other, for example.

So if you get stuck somewhere, you’ll either have to fire up Google or figure things out for yourself. 

2. Although most courses are very professionally recorded, some feel like they are of much lower quality.

For example, some instructors can be inaudible at times due to a poor choice of audio recording equipment. 

3. Some courses are very brief, being nowhere near enough to make you fully qualified to offer services in that industry. 

Comparison with other similar courses

There are several other places online where you can take online courses.

For the purposes of this review, I will compare Fiverr Learn to Udemy and Coursera, two other very popular online course platforms.

I will not talk about specialty platforms that teach courses for a very specific group of people, such as w3schools or SoloLearn.

Instead, I will stick to more general platforms.


1. Fiverr Learn vs Udemy

– Fiverr Learn is more niched down than Udemy. The focus is on finding success as a freelancer. 

– Courses on Fiverr Learn are taught by industry professionals while anyone can post a course on Udemy

– The most expensive course on Fiverr Learn is $115. The most expensive course on Udemy is $200

– Fiverr Learn has around 30 courses while Udemy has over 100,000 courses. 

2. Fiverr Learn vs Coursera

Fiverr Learn is more niched down than Coursera. The focus is on finding success as a freelancer. 

Courses in Fiverr Learn are taught by industry professionals while courses on Coursera are taught by college professors and top companies

– The most expensive course on Fiverr is $115. It is free to enroll on Coursera, but you will have to pay for your certificate, which ranges from $29 to $100. 

– There are around 30 courses on Fiverr Learn while there are over 2,700 courses on Coursera. 

As you can see, Fiverr Learn is a platform that is geared towards creatives and digital marketers.

Most other platforms are meant for professionals who want to take their skillsets to the next level, perhaps to land a new job or promotion.

Freelancers have little need for such courses, and this is the market that Fiverr Learn is catering to. 

If you prefer more in-depth courses that are basically like an online school, Udemy is hands down the best platform for that.

It has a lot of resources, with everything going into a lot more details.

Fiverr Learn barely skims the surface, giving you the opportunity to learn just enough to get started, so you can learn more on the job as you earn. 

Final Thoughts

Fiverr Learn is the first platform of its kind to focus on business owners and freelancers.

If you are trying to learn the basics of digital marketing, running an online business or freelancing as a creative, I think Fiverr Learn is a fantastic place to start.

However, if you are not a beginner anymore, there are lots of other places online where you can get more advanced courses in your chosen field, which will benefit you more than Fiverr Learn would. 

So what are your thoughts on Fiverr and Fiverr Learn?

Have you taken any courses on Fiverr Learn?

Let me know in the comments below! 

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